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Post by Mercy on Thu Jan 08, 2015 1:29 pm

Two in One-

There was an explosion down town. Everyone was talking about it. Off The Late Maroni's Italian Resturant that was run by his son who got caught in the fires and died with the store. They served good meatballs. "Two in one." The Dark Knight said as a manila folder flopped onto the plain stainless steel table, pictures and papers spilling out. Franko looked at the pictures of a dead body caught in flames. "Cute." He muttered as if human life was just a fly on the wall.

"You've been after Maroni's Son for years." The looming figure informed, "You kill his son and take out what was left of Sal. Want to convince me otherwise?" Batman asked, his figure hiding behind his cape. "Well let's see here. I've been here for the last eight years serving three life time sentences, and you've been out there doing who knows what, god knows where. They don't even give me the papers anymore cause they think I'm going to do something with the rubber bands. I ain't no MacGyver, but I don't think anyone can kill someone with a rubber band." The only Falcone left of their kingdom standing, sat back, leaning in his chair. "Who else could have done it?" Batman interrogated.

"Santy Clause, have you checked him out?" Franko asked, not missing a beat. "Can I get back to my cell now? I'm missing my show. Called the Sopranos. Ever heard of it?" Batman shot up from his chair and pounded on the table between them, it made Franko's cool composure break as he backed away, throwing his hands up in defense. "Give me a solid lead." He growed at the mobster.

"Look, Batman, you're wasting your time." Franko said recovering from his initial shock, "I don't know anything about this, the only thing you managed to do was to be the bearer of good news. So for that, I thank you."

Leaving empty handed was never a good option, but sometimes it was for the best to close out the obvious in a case like this. The Batman decided to revisit the old grounds. It was late, it was dark, moonlight beamed through the cracks and the collapsing roof. The fire had begun in the kitchen, crawled through behind the bar and exploded the wines and other assorted alcohol. It was a veritable death trap. No one saw the flames coming until it was too late. Thankfully, no one died. No one, except Maroni. Odd. Batman crouched down where Maroni had died, it was somewhere in the kitchen. If the fire had started in the kitchen wouldn't he have put the fire out before it could reach the bar? He rubbed his fingers across the ground, it was sticky, still warm, and it smelled like almonds. Could be anything. Could be everything.

He ran his hands down the grill, grease built up against the Dark Knight's gloves, it had been on when he died. That seemed to be the only normal thing. Was there a gas leak? Pulling the grill from out of the wall he inspected the piping. It did have charring and rust, but nothing suspicious. Batman looked back at where Maroni had died, skid marks from the heels of his shoes were somehow visible. Did he die next to the grill? Or was he dragged next to the grill? It was a set up for disaster. What other enemies does Maroni have? He had a hunch, but he didn't want to believe it. He had to visit Gordon first. Or at least his desk.

Inside of Gordon's office, Batman flipped through file cabnets looking for Maroni's name. Holding the flashlight between his teeth, he peered through the M cabnet. Mabuse, Madam Zodiac, Magpie, Maroni, Maxie Zeus... He picked at Maroni's profile and flipped it open, eyes scanning Maroni's informaiton, until something caught his eye. "There we go." He mumbled with the flashlight still in his mouth. Batman closed the file cabnet and held Maroni's file under his arm. He had several other places to visit before he could confirm all of his suspicions.

Inside the morgue of Leslie Thompkins, Batman took the liberty to pull out the burnt remains of the dead mob leader. He was the third illigitimate son of Sal Maroni, or so the tag seemed to say that was wrapped around his toe. Batman sniffed what was left of the body, the bittery almond smell was stronger. The clipboard outside the dead man's door had results and charts. Chemical balances, the entire autopsy was detailed out, as if Leslie had expected for him to show up without her knowing. He looked up to the camera and nodded to it, then zipped the bodybag back up and pushed the tray into the cell. He was sure to take a picture of Leslie's results before departing.

She was asleep, everyone in the manor was, comfortable, silent, tucked away. It was so late in the night, it was early, the sun was about half an hour to rise, but now was the time. The ominous figure stood over her, "Darleen Maroni." he said to her, the woman's eyes slowly opened up, still in a daze she wasn't sure what she was looking at. When her eyes had began coming to, and the shapes began to form, she almost screamed as she backed away and pulled the covers over her as if it'll make the man go away.

"Darleen. You killed your husband." Batman stated when the woman began to calm down, and collect her sense. Though, Batman wanted her to be scared. Her reaction was proper, and it would only advance his means. "Y-you don't have-.." She stuttered about when she was interrupted "On the contrary." He said pulling the files from under his cape.

"Property insurance. The entire restaurant is covered on everything. Fire damage, explosions, even rain and water. You knew you'd make a fortune off of it. Still, I had to wonder why you killed your husband. Then I looked through his files. Life insurance. He's probably more covered than the restaurant was seven fold, since his networth is probably one of the highest in Gotham's crime scene."

"I didn't kill him-.. the fire-..!"

"You tried to hide his poisoning with the fire. It was a two in one. If I hadn't been here you may have gotten away with it. Unfortunately for you, cyanide has a disticnt smell of bitter almonds when put under heat."

She looked at him as if to say 'how is this happening?' The look of regret had crushed her soul. It was proper, and he had seen this look a thousand times before.

"You could have lived a comfortable life. Now, you'll have to share one next to Falcone."

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