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Rules of Roleplay Empty Rules of Roleplay

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:39 pm

This will be the guideline of how we expect our members to roleplay here on our forums. I understand each forum is different when it comes to roleplays, so here is just a set of rules so the members understand how things work here. I'm trying to prevent a bloated amount of RP threads, and I believe this is the best way to do it.


1. No Multiple Accounts
Every character you play, all the activity you have out of character, in our chat box and on the forums will be designated to one account. This will be easier for you and the administration to search your activities and posts. This is only meant to keep things organized, so we don't guess which character belongs to who.

2. Character Assignment
No one is assigned a character for life, so if someone is playing the character you wanted to, it's alright. There is nothing stopping you from starting a roleplay in which you get to play the canon character you want. Just be sure to post your own character sheet for the new roleplay or refer to canon character rules.

3. Roleplay Discussion
When starting a roleplay involving multiple parties, you must first post a topic in the Roleplay Discussion Forum; e.g. "Gotham RP Discussion" in RP Discussion forum and "Gotham RP" in the RP thread. Post the premise, accept and decline character sheets, and general out of character discussion should be taken place in that designated thread. Each Roleplay should have it's own set of rules as well, if you allow certain things such as Original Characters or Calling Hits.

4. Character Sheets
When creating your character sheets, be detailed so there is little to question about your character, since this is an Original Character Friendly Forum. If the Game Master of the Roleplay is confused it is essentially their responsibility to point out issues they have with your character, but please make it easy on everyone so we know everything about your character and you don't pull something out of your sleeves that isn't on your character sheet. This is a service to all members you play with.

5. Game Masters
The Game Master or GM of any RP on the forum should have a set of rules, but as it stands, a GM is responsible for everything in their respective RP. If there is a problem with a member, report it to the Admins and we will take care of the issue. Otherwise, the RP is in your hands, and treat your players with respect.

Please refer to Original Character Sheets for Original Character Rules: link.


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