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The Future of Gotham Empty The Future of Gotham

Post by Mercy on Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:22 am

For what it's worth, this is where we discuss the future. As some of you know I already have plans for future roleplays, which I have been very vocal about, but I want to place them on the forums, just so we can look forward to something.

If you have ideas for roleplays, post them here! We might get around to an Earth-2 RP, or a Justice Society based in the 50's, or a No Man's Land, or even a Secret Six. Who knows? Let's talk here!

The Outsiders
Obviously, this is the one I've been talking about the most. Batman has left the Justice League because he believes their practices aren't Batman enough and he creates his own Justice League filled with misfits; The Outsiders!

Suicide Squad
Amanda Waller takes the most talented criminals in Blackgate and implants explosives in their necks and sends them out on suicide missions. Task Force X, takes on the most dangerous missions in the world, or dies.

Birds of Prey
Oracle and Black Canary have been working together for years, but it's only come to their attention that though, they can do a lot on their own, they can do more with a team.

All listed are at this point just thoughts floating around, I do have more ideas in mind, but for now these are just conversational topics. What are you most interested in? Have any ideas of your own? Let's talk about the Future of Gotham.

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