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Post by Mercy on Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:17 pm

Okay, so our administration is made up of several people. If anyone has questions or concerns bring it up here.

Admin: The Root Admin Account
No one is to touch that account, it's simply there for the sake of having a root administration. If something is to go terribly wrong with the forums, the Root Admin will be the account to handle such situations. If there needs to be improvements monetary wise it will fall on that account, and my own responsibility.

Mercy: Human Resources Department
If you have any problems, questions, or concerns regarding rules, or members, please come to me. I will be handling the forum's structure and hierarchy as well as being the final word for bans, permi-bans, and decisions between disputes between members.

DegenerateDog: Roleplay Moderator
Moderating all incoming member's original characters, coming up with rules and helping out with characters, DegenerateDog will be available to help your characters be acceptable for all our roleplays. If you need general help with coming up with a character's background, powers, or even character sheet, she will be available to help you.

DeathlyBrownie and T-Wrecks: Moderators
The moderators will be helping out the admins as much as possible in any way they can. If for whatever reason an admin is unavailable, seek out their help.

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