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Post by Mercy on Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:43 pm

The Last Resort was a bar off the East end of Gotham. The bad end of Gotham. It wasn't the most quiet of pubs, in fact it was probably one of the louder ones. Not a place to bring the family. This was the place where mob bosses got their pick of the litter. And since some people wanted other thugs moreso than others fights tended to break out. Well in the past anyway. Now it was more of a sign up sheet where you decided to put your alliance depended entirely on yourself.

Several big name Gotham villains were already sitting at their respective booths. There was Black Mask, Penguin, even Two-Face. None of them liked talking with each other, in fact if it was up to either one of them they'd kill them on sight. That's not how the Last Resort worked. There were rules here. Treaties were set in place.

Tonight was a night like most others. Bustling where the bartenders made too much and the all female staff of servers were tipped more than anyone in the East End.

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