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Name: Alice Mau
Alias: Valkyrie
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Physical Description:
Having a well built physique, Alice is a powerhouse when it comes to one to one combat. Showing no visible scars, she is only covered in the scars of training, and none from actual mistakes she had made. She has no means of super strength, so her body weight and size is practically the limit of what kind of people she can face off against and survive, as she knows when to run when she's outmatched physically or mentally.


A suit that hugs her skin, Alice wears a bullet resistant armor that utilizes Dragonskin plates; known for flexibility and hardening at impact. There is no such thing as bulletproof armor, as all armor has a breaking point, the closer you are when you fire a round at Alice the more damage is done to her. A .45 ACP or .38 special is enough to penetrate her armor in her hardest points. a .50 caliber will still rip off her limbs if fired at the right spot. The elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees are made of a Kevlar weave, (instead of plates) in order to allow better movement; they are weaker points in her armor and are even less bullet resistant, even knives could easily penetrate said points. She doesn't wear any metal or ceramic plates, because of this, Alice has comparatively low armor, as she favors more offense than defense. Alice does feel more of the brunt of an attack when she is hit. Because of the nature of her suit, she never goes out to battle fully equip, she has to pick and choose which weapons she brings before she deploys.

Dual MP5K:
Thirty round spray and prey 9mm submachine guns are used not for accurate long range attacks, rather they are more for defense to cover herself from actual gunfire. Using two of them in akimbo style, she lays down covering fire in order to move from one place to another. She only carries two extra magazines in order to allow faster less cumbersome movement. She has no attachment to her guns, so she will drop them if it means she can move more efficiently. They only hold a total of 30 rounds a piece which can go faster than one imagines. Her holsters are below her hips, wearing leg holsters. The submachine guns are not supplied with suppressors, so the shots are incredibly loud. They can rupture someone's ear drums in closed environments without proper protection.

Brass Knuckles:
Built into the suit's gloves, the knuckles are lined with a protective brass. The allow her to deliver stronger punches while keeping her hands padded to prevent breaking. There are several layers for added protection. The brass is concealed to hide the illusion that she isn't wearing anything deadly.

Beretta M82 Bolt Action Sniper with Silencer:
A .50 caliber sniper rifle with a silencer, this powerful weapon is not only enormous and cumbersome to carry around, but it requires assembly and holds 10 rounds. This is the main reason she doesn't bring it out to the field most often, it's used for special cases. She is by no means as good as a shot as someone like Deadshot, but she can hold her own as a marksman. The silencer is also used in mind, as it does dampen the damage Alice can inflict, and despite it being a silencer Alice still needs to wear ear protection before firing, meaning if someone is sneaking up on her in the middle of shooting, she won't be able to hear as effectively as she would without them.

Beretta M9 Handgun:
The M9 holds 15, 9mm rounds in the magazine, a lot for a handgun, yet it comes with it's own problems because of the size. Gun jams frequently, and it only takes a second to fix, but the one second could cost her life. In this event, Alice would rather discard the firearm rather than spend precious moments attempting to fix it. The firearm isn't supplied with a suppressor, so the shots are incredibly loud. They can rupture someone's ear drums in closed environments without proper ear protection.

Alice's outfit and gear always change, but one thing she always keeps on her is an emergency flashbang grenade. She has two, one on her left side of her hip, the other right behind her handgun's holster on the right side of her hip. The flashbang's effects blind and disorient oncoming foes, making them completely unaware of their surroundings. If she doesn't get away from it fast enough its blast radius will have the same affect on her. Blindness will last anywhere up to 10-30 seconds, your hearing won't come back for another minute. It has been known to make Ears bleed more often than not, induce vomit, or even make you paralyzed for a short moment; if you're hit by it, you're going down. The charge on a flashbang is two seconds before it goes off. So if Alice uses it, it's only when she needs to make a quick escape and she has the opening to run. The impact depends on distance, line of sight, and obstacles in the way. Anything that shields the flash or absorbs the shock will lessen the effect. The effect may be minimal if the factors are right.



Having spent her teen years as an espionage agent with several others as a scout, Alice has honed her skills in the art of clandestine. The ability to sneak around undetected is something she learned early on. Alice can lower her heart rate to better avoid heartbeat monitors, infiltrate a high level security building undetected, and ghost past and silently take down unsuspected guards. While she is good, Alice isn't perfect, one misstep could mean certain doom. Whenever she accepts a clandestine mission, it is always high risk, high reward. Alice avoids bringing firearms as they are not only a hazard to bring along, they are considered dead weight. If caught, she will be at a sever physical disadvantage.

Having been trained under the League of Assassin's all her life, Alice's prowess in killing is the one thing she takes pride in. She has the ability to kill a man twice her size with nothing but her fists. Flexible, fast, and furious, Alice's knowledge on assassination isn't only physical, but mental as well. Planting poison, setting traps, or even long distance marksmanship, her mind is molded and trained to murder in the most efficient of ways. She is a planner and a tactician, Alice doesn't fool around on the job. This can however result in several lone wolf tendencies, believing she could do more than she actually can on her own. She doesn't entirely trust anyone else to do what she can, and this often leads to her being big headed about her skills as a killer. Arrogant and pompous, the outcome has gotten her friendlies killed in the past.

Before, Alice was happy. She was cheerful, playful, and always picking on the rest of her class-men in the League of Assassins. Knowing that she was the top of her class gave her a pompous and proud attitude had it not been for any other student; the blonde was determined to grab hold the praise of her master Ra's Al Ghul. She wanted nothing more than to serve and have purpose. Alice delighted in the fact that she was his pawn in the greater scheme of things. Determined, Alice trained her body, mind, and soul into a perfect weapon to be used. She was given leadership roles in missions because of her skill, which made her already big head bigger. This would lead her entire squad to be murdered.

The blame and regret fell on her as an individual and her personality changed drastically because of it. Silenced by remorse, she keeps to herself and is cold, curt, and angry to anyone she speaks with. As aggression and hate filled her soul, Alice had begun to feel as if she deserved the punishment for her hubris. No longer being apart of the hive-mind in the League of Assassins, she feels lost, without direction and without purpose. The lone wolf no longer has the spirit, drive, or determination she once had. Alice is merely a shell of a person, a robot, no nonsense and above all hateful. Alice has a lust for revenge against the man who killed her friends and ended her life: Slade Wilson. Deathstroke: The Terminator.
Alice Mau was born to parents that were apart of the League of Assassins, growing up separately with other children of the League, they were trained young, in harsh conditions in order to serve the League better. Being taught that there was no greater honor other than to offer her loyalty to Ra’s Al Ghul. She like most of the children she grew up with, were just pawns in his greater plot. Alice reveled in this fact, and was happy to serve Ra's in anyway possible; despite never having met him personally.

Rising above the fold, she pleased Ra’s Al Ghul's commanders with her obedience and skill. She was a fast learner and a deadly killer in her teen years. Alice took apart of several small time missions in both Gotham and Metropolis, espionage scouting in order to send in stronger more developed assets. She learned the art of clandestine operations because of them. She was the top of her class, yet lacked true discipline, and was often rowdy and started fights within her group. Alice was tightly knit with her friends, and doing what she could to impress them, including humiliating underclassmen.

As Alice grew, she became more and more involved with the projects that Ra’s had for her group, joining the ranks in more physical attacks as she got older. Alice fought with those she grew up with, working in perfect conjunction with each other, their bond growing stronger as they themselves became more skilled with each accomplished task. All their backgrounds come from around the world, as the League saw no race, instead, they saw brute force and skill.

Alice was penned to lead an assassination on King Ajaruva of Uganda. He was brought into Kingship at the age of three after his father died, and ever since he had been ruining his country with poor decisions. Those choices affected Ra's and his plan. When Ajaruva visited Gotham for a World's Leaders conference, they took the opportunity to strike in his hotel. It was on this strike when her team encountered the World's Greatest Assassin: Deathstroke the Terminator. He managed to kill every single one of her brothers and sisters, and was told by his employer to single her out. Being fair skinned, blonde hair, and blue eyes Ajaruva had a lust for Alice. Wilson tied her up for his use and left him to use, as he left the room, she escaped the moment she had the chance. Alice had an ultimatum: she could go back and try to explain why her entire team has fallen except for her, or she could run from the League of Assassins. Seeing no other option for survival, she ran as best as she could.

Immediately regret set in, she began wishing she had died with her friends, thinking it would have been more honorable to do so. Having so much self-loathing, remorse, hate, and disappointment, Alice had attempted suicide by jumping in front of a train, however the impact didn't kill her, and she ended up in the closest hospital. Waking up full of rage and trapped in a body cast, having no relatives, no insurance, and no form of identification, the one who took her to the hospital assumed full responsibility. This was how Alice met Jamie, The Good Samaritan.

Jamie Grimes was a Gulf War Vet, he left that war stealing armament from the US military and stashing them in his home in the secluded parts of outter Gotham. He talked Alice out of killing herself, knowing too many of his own friends who took their lives, he didn't want to see anyone else do the same. He even offered to let her stay with him while she recovered. She suffered from a broken rib cage, head trauma, broken legs, arms, fingers and toes and a shattered femur. She spent half a year in recovery while she opened up to Jamie about her purpose, and her life. Understanding her plight, Jamie knows what kind of lust for revenge she suffered. Having fought his own demons, even having friends who had suffered the same sort of fate, he decided he was going to arm her with what she needed in order to fight back.

Now Alice is under the impression that The League of Assassins are after her, she seeks refuge in Gotham.


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