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Post by Shadow on Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:28 pm

Will post a picture**

Name: Nicole Falcone
Alias: N/A
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Weight: 140 (stocky build)
Hair: Jet black

Physical Description:
She has a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique. She has sharp features, especially in her face. Olive tan skin, full lips, and large round eyes with long eyelashes.  Her hair is medium-long and wears it usually clipped up.

Nicole isn't flashy in the least bit, she wears over-sized t-shirts, loose tank-tops revealing her sports-bra and likes to wear ripped jeans or leggings that are skin-tight. She wears black leather-combat boots laced up to her ankle.

Usually when it's cold she likes to wear long sleeves and a vest- so she can use her arms whenever she can in a situation. And she likes to wear scarfs at times because she wears the one's her mother made her.


Mixed Martial Arts: Nicole is a green belt  and has been in training with all her might. Her training consists  consist of Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and Taekwondo. She goes on a regular basis to practice with an  instructor she has come close to throughout the years.   She has yet been able to control her haste and anger, she is still in the age of young "seed" to process her emotions.

Speed: Due to her natural athletic body, she keeps herself in great health. She  has very strong legs and is able to run faster at a timed rate, but she easily loses her stamina. Because of her poor stamina she can't run, jump, or exert herself as long as others and has a hard time keeping up.

Strong Upper body: Due to her commitment to martial artist, she was able to developed a strong core and arms that she can carry herself. She is barely above average in her strength and cannot compare to some, but she sure can leave a bloody nose.

Nicole is a stubborn, hardhead, and tough girl. She has been in constant fights and is able to maintain herself from being  knocked out. She is not a quitter and will kill herself trying to prove herself. She resents  her  father for his actions and his lack of time with her. So she tries to gain his attention through her actions-to see if he could even spend a second of his life lecturing her. She has had a lonely life and doesn't care much either. However, she is easily let around in her emotions. Not only that she gains an angry attitude, but can hold a grudge. Nicole is a handful, but she has to overcome many difficulties by herself since her mother's death.

Nicole Falcone is one of many daughters of Carmine Falcone, she grew up with her family as a whole till she was eight years old and that's when her family was targeted and they  sent her away for her safety. She was sent to her aunt Carla to take care of her for the temporary, but Nicole's family was killed and Nicole stayed permanently. Her Aunt raised her with the principles of pride and toughness that was within the Falcone's bloodline, so out of the sake for Nicole's safety.

She enrolled her for defense and martial art classes, where Nicole excelled wonderfully. Her frustrations and anger was put through her fighting, but that was also that held her back. She fought with her heart and soul-that her constructor had to constantly remind her that her emotions need to be separate from her fighting. Nicole had a hard time growing up in school and constantly would get into fights because of her temper- so Carla took her for private tutoring. At the moment, she is pursuing to go to college for study as she lives with Aunt Carla.

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