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Post by Abby on Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:00 am


Name: Hyacinthe Isley
Alias: Foxglove
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Plant-Human Hybrid

Height: 5’5
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Physical Description:

In her human form, Hyacinthe is a petite young lady, with a sinewy strength about her. Her black hair falls just past her shoulders and is slightly wavy. Her skin is a light brown (a 28 on the Von Luschen scale) and her eyes a dark green.

When she relaxes to her natural, more plantlike appearance, her pupils disappear and the iris grows larger. Leafy, twining vines sprout from and wrap around her limbs, and her skin darkens. Individual light blue hyacinth bulbs appear in her hair, while blooming hyacinths flower in clusters on her torso.


When walking in her human form, she wears black leggings beneath a short olive-green skater skirt with short black boots. She wears a short sleeved gray blouse and a long wool green cardigan. On particularly cold days, she adds a black scarf and matching gloves. The goal of the outfit is to cover as much skin as possible so, should she falter and start to "sprout," she has to time to slip away unnoticed.

When in her relaxed appearance, Hyacinthe prefers to show skin and absorb what meager sunlight the downcast skies of Gotham has to offer. She tends to wear a gray tank top, dark green shorts and her black combat boots. The coloring helps her blend in to the shadows in Gotham City Central Park, while allowing her to move freely.

Hyacinthe cobbled together and dyed her costume through her own meager means. As Foxglove, Hyacinthe wears a white domino mask and a gray, square-necked, long-sleeved romper. The hem of her dress, the line of the neck, and the sleeves' inseam is dyed dark violet. She wears the same black combat boots as in her natural appearance. Leaves sprout from her limbs and hyacinths flower in her hair, which she ties up into a high ponytail.


Vine Belt
The belt Hyacinthe wears as Foxglove is an actual vine and can be used as a whip or rope, depending on her needs at the time. She can also harden it for use as a blunt weapon. At about four feet long and four inches wide, it cannot be extended or thickened. It is, as any regular vine, capable of being cut, burned, destroyed, etc.

Seed Bag
Hyacinthe keeps a small bag of seeds and roots on her at all times because of her inability to detect plantlife outside of a certain radius. She carries seeds for Ivy Vines, (the monstrously thick plants Poison Ivy often employs in her schemes, capable of sprouting thorns); rosary peas (fatal if consumed); Wisteria (can cause severe stomach upset if consumed; and Berberis julianae (thorny hedge bushes, often used to block pursuers and escape).



Shapeshifting Limbs
Due to her strange physiology, Hyacinthe's limbs are more plant tissue than human tissue and she can manipulate it into different shapes, most commonly a set of thin nettle-like branches for lock-picking or a sharpened point for stabbing in combat. She cannot manifest make her limbs any bigger or smaller, however, and some shapes are difficult for her to maintain. She is able to regenerate her limbs slowly over a few months if they are removed in combat, but is incapable of regenerating her torso or head in the same manner.

Hand to Hand Combat
Training with her mother has given Hyacinthe the basics in hand to hand combat. While she doesn't have outstanding strength, she makes up for it with agility. She tends to employ quick jabs and mild acrobatics to avoid attacks and whittle away at her opponent. She is no professional but can hold her own in a fist fight.


Through Poison Ivy's genes, Hyacinthe can control plantlife. This includes causing seeds and flowers to bloom, moving plants telepathically, and manipulating their shapes within restrictions of size. However, she is incapable of controlling plants outside of her personal radius of 500 yards and has yet to master controlling plants buried beneath her. With time her radius could expand but she has a lot of training to experience before that happens.

Toxic Flowers
The hyacinth flowers that naturally sprout from her are mild skin irritants. If the bulb is consumed, it can cause nausea and vomiting. In large doses it has the potential to be fatal, but she isn't capable of producing enough naturally to cause such a reaction without stockpiling them beforehand. A layer of clothing, such as protective gloves, is enough to protect against the flowers.

Partial Toxic Immunity
Her unique physiology means she cannot be affected by toxins. She is still vulnerable to viruses and bacteria but recovers from illnesses faster than most.

Sweet nearly to a fault, Hyacinthe is warm, friendly and inviting. She is enthusiastic about meeting new people and curious about the world around her, thanks to her sheltered upraising. She values the thoughts and feelings of others above logic when making decisions. Under pressure, her relaxed nature helps her keep her cool and she is prone to improvising over planning. Somewhat impatient and sensitive about her state of humanity (or lack thereof), she can quickly turn into a cold, passive-aggressive pain when rubbed the wrong way.

Her upbringing has blessed her with a boundless, and at times inappropriate, sense of humor, but she is adept at adapting to conversations and, like her mother, can read emotions very well. She has no qualms about injuring those who are deemed "bad guys" but is beginning to understand the gray areas.




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