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Mame  Thriftymouse-wandering-hobo-thug

Name: Auguste McCormick
Alias: Mame
Age: 16 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 99lbs
Hair: Platinum blonde and choppily cut. Her bangs hang down shoulder length along the right side and the back is cut up short.
Eyes: Grey Blue.
Physical Description: Thin and small, Mame is by no means a impressive physical dynamo. Long legged, pale and spry; other than her piercing eyes and messy hair there is not much outstandingly unusual about her physically.
Gear/Clothes: Mame wears very little clothes, which seems to be equal parts detriment and distraction, as she is usually always cold. Her shorts are inappropriately small, while her upper half is covered with a thick, two-sizes-too-big jacket cobbled together from old Blackgate prisoner uniforms. Her face is most always concealed by her hood, and a skeletal print bandanna.  This aids in hiding her identity from the people she barters information from.



Eidetic Memory- Mame has the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects by memory after only a few instances of exposure. With high precision for some time after exposure, without using mnemonics. She utilizes this skill by remembering facts and intel about various Gotham Underworld people and events. She knows the locations of hide outs and underground gambling rings. Phone numbers and aliases. This has made her a bit of a target for people who may not want that sort of sensitive information floating around.

Charisma- While she boasts no fighting skills or metahuman abilities, Mame is overflowing with charismatic allure. Using her keen intellect and sharp wit, she can charm or overwhelm most, and merely out think the others that she can't sway to her side. This easy manner in which Mame carries herself can often times see her through situations she probably shouldn't have come out of unscathed. But it can get her into trouble just as easily.

While she is a master at pretending to be charming and enticing, the ability is just that; a facade. If she deems something unworthy of her effort, or someone stupid or ignorant; all that charisma will fade away to reveal the blunt, foul-mouthed person that she really is.

Genius Level Intellect- On the Coluan (Brainiac’s species) numerical scale of levels of intelligence; Brainiac ranks a Twelve; Lex Luthor Ranks a Ten, the average human ranks a One. Mame ranks a Five. She has this ability naturally, as many of the Genius Intellect do, and it offers her a greater level of obtaining, maintaining and utilizing the knowledge she learns. Her intellect coupled with her Eidetic memory allows her to treat her brain like a bottomless information storage system.


Kinesthetics- One way in which Mame’s advanced intellect manifests, is through her ability to learn physical skills quickly. She is very aware of how her body works and how she needs to move and react in order to get the desired effect. Her small size and lack of training and strength will diminish the advantage this ability offers her, she would need more in depth training before this is worth much in real combat situations.

Personality: Arrogant, self-serving and abrasive. Mame is by no means a pleasant person, but she has a sort of confidence that has endeared her to the scummier members of humanity. She thrives on the danger and independence her lifestyle offers, Mame is a little bit of an adrenaline junkie and loves interacting with dangerous men and women.

Despite her age and sometimes ridiculous actions, Mame is very mature in many ways. She has been self-sufficient for most of her life, relying on her wit and determination to get her through the harshness of Gotham’s homeless life.

If a person can muscle through her awful personality, and Mame becomes comfortable with them; they might be able to indulge in the benefits of being her acquaintance. Which is all she has, as friends willing to deal with her are hard to come by and not something she actively seeks.

Mame was born into the foster system, her parents are unknown and she grew up being shuffled from temporary home to temporary home. She was always a problem child, as she was too smart to be penned by her Foster Parents and was returned like an unwanted dog back to the St. Mary’s Home for Girls when it was determined that she could not be handled.

St. Mary’s Home for Girls was also a Catholic Church, and happened to be one of Gotham’s largest, and had a congregation of mostly Italian immigrants. All of which were employed by the East End’s local Don, Tomaso Panessa. It was here that Mame began her collection of intel, starting by merely eavesdropping on the various thugs and mobsters who would meet up Sunday morning for Mass.

Her first big score was at the age of eleven, where she overheard two men talking about a dead drop that was mere blocks away from St. Mary’s. The margin for error was very thin, the dead drop would be planted a mere twenty minutes before an Enforcer was set to pick it up, enough time if she was quick, but if she was caught that would be it for her.

Mame snuck out of the Church two nights later, hours before the dead drop was planned and made her way down to the location. She arrived in time to see a Panessa family Soldati place a polished briefcase just inside the doorway of a local deli. There were a few gut wrenching moments where Mame believed that the Soldati was determined to meet the pick up man in person, but left soon enough to give her a small ten minute opportunity to swipe the case.

She got away with $35,000 that day, stowing it away in some forgotten corner of the Church’s attic, leaving it there for a good four years before she opted to leave St. Mary’s for life on the streets. A much more savory prospect as she had heard rumors about children being assaulted by members of the clergy, her foul personality seemed to have kept those sorts at bay, but unwilling to risk it she took her money (and her birth records) and ran.

With enough cash on her, she bought a fake I.D and managed to rent out a crappy loft near Gotham Bay where more of the nefarious activities of the City took place. Mame knew that without a steady source of income she would eventually run out of cash and be forced to resort to a demeaning profession, so she opted to continue building her network and intel cache.

Circumstances eventually led to her being found out, her money taken, and a hefty beating; which was humbling as she received this hiccup in fate by mere wandering thugs. Battered and broke, Mame moved out to the streets, tenaciously pursuing her vision of being a Capo or even a Don.

She currently resides in East End, working the odd gopher jobs for the residing Gang’s that have influence there.


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