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Luna Matsuda  (complete waiting for approval) Empty Luna Matsuda (complete waiting for approval)

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Luna Matsuda
Luna Matsuda  (complete waiting for approval) 33ee015b-a11d-4d1f-b3f5-fab1bcf6943c_zpsctqwfigl

Name:Luna Matsuda
Gender: Female
Species:Half Human Half Homo Magi

Hair:Light blue
Physical Description:
She wears a black full body suit and a a long aqua-blue cardigan reaching to her elbows. She wears tall boots up to her thighs and adorns herself with many gem-based jewelry.



Energy Manipulation: she can release and use energy to attack and use a variety of forms: Energy beams, blasts, etc. She gains this ability with one of her magical rings, so it has a limitation to recharge.
Force fields: Along with her spells she is able to cast shields for a limited amount of time.
Spell casting: She casts some of her magic through spells such as healing, etc.
Summoning spirits: Luna has been only to summon one being and is her familiar: Maru. He is a serpent being able to take a human form.
Magic Aura/detection: She can surround herself in matter of her own magic and able to detect faint sense of magical energies
Healing: Luna is in basic level and able to heal cuts, light burns, and bruises, but she is still developing her magic to be able to cue damaged organs and cannot resurrect people recently deaths. (Healing kiss, energy through fingertips)
Magical rings: She wears a few rings that contain magical properties.


  • Fragile/weak: She doesn't have any training in physical abilities
    She is still learning different magic material and carries her spell book (it contains a seal to prevent it from ruining) along with her
    Her ability to sympathize so easily can allow people to take advantage of her and use her for their own use.
    She is not street's smart

She is a very quiet, shy, and to herself person. She is easily manipulated and pretty naive. Her isolation from Earth and growing up in a society with no technology she is very new to everything and is easily fascinated. She does experience nervous breakdowns and is very clumsy due to her anxiety. However, she has a strong willpower to continue forward and does have a temper, which involves insulting her height and strength. She is very forgiving and easily can sympathize in situations.


Known as a "Homo magi," Luna is from a sub-race of natural wielding humans. She is a civilian from the Gemworld and lived within the moonstone kingdom. Her human mother left her father to return to the Earth and Luna was left with her jobless dad; Zilean. All inhabitants of the world are born with powers such as Luna and raised using stones in a medieval-like technology. Luna practiced her magic with a few older sages to work on her skills and when she was seven she was able to summon her own familiar; Maru. It was a great accomplishment for her age, since she wanted to focus on something else-other than her misery at home. She grew up working for the house and paying off many people for loans and tabs that her father has issued. Luna was depended on greatly by her father and many of the citizens have talked about the shame within her household. One day her father was involved in a hassled situation, so he became in debt to the wrong people ran away leaving Luna to be burdened.  She was kicked of her home, and forced to leave her home. She went to Earth to search for her mother since she wanted to know she was and why she left her with her immoral father. It was the only way she believed, she'd be able to find herself peace. She is dirt poor and currently walking around Gotham in search of her mother, whom she has no idea is or looks like.

Current Associates:

Maru: Her serpent familar. He takes a regular form of a snake, but can turn into a larger form 15ftish. He is controlled by Luna and is his duty to protect her. He is able to call upon spirits for aid and has enhance abilities of sight and movement.

Other Relationships:

Tatsu Yamashiro AKA Katana: Luna's mother is a samurai who wields a sword that absorbs evil souls.


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