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Name: Maru
Alias: Maru
Age: Unknown
Gender: male
Species: Reticulated Snake/Familiar

Height: 4 ft long.
Weight: 4-5lbs
Eyes:Yellow/slit pupil
Physical Description:
(Pretty much how i visulaize him )
He has a series of irregular diamond shapes are that repeated along the
back, usually flanked with smaller markings which have light centers. He

Physical Description:
He grows a pair of wings along his spine and his scales thickened. Within his spine develops spikes and physically grows up to 10 feet.  


Enhanced senses/Infrared Receptors: He can sense movements, heat, and sorts of vibrations, but lacks to see .

Camouflage: Due to being a snake- it is in his nature to being able to fade into certain scenes due to his pattern and color

Flexibility: Snakes skeletal system being flexible and lacking certain insertions-that restrict the movement of body.

Constricting force: He wraps loops of his body around a prey- to restrain into a point it suffocates and is unable to escape.

Enhance/Grant Master’s Spells: As a familiar- he helps with Luna’s spells and may add strength to them.

Grant Control/Traits: He is able to pass some of his abilities to Luna- such as his Infrared vision and also can let her see through his eyes.

Shapeshifting: Maru has another form he takes on-which he grows up to 10 Feet and his physical abilities are slightly enhanced. He also develops a pair of wings.

Empathy: Whatever Luna feels, Maru will also feel it himself (vice versa)..

Telepathy: He has a special bond between himself and Luna and can communicate through mentally. He can expand his reach to others, but only keeps it between himself and Luna .

Maru is patient, well rational, and has quite a temper with Luna’s naivety. He takes his job as a Familiar very seriously and does not break any boundaries. He has been with great wizards before his time with Luna and has great experiences. However, despite his strict personality-he does have a soft side which he only shows with Luna in very few times. He is wise and tries to teach Luna morality and psychology of man.
Maru returned into a spirit form after his Master has died- he was free from the contract and was left at ease for years not being bound. However, that was until Luna Matsuda summoned him towards another miserable contract. He was bounded to the young girl and was often cold to her- since she was so young and naive- to be able to think she’d be able to summon a spirit as himself. He took the form of a serpent as he approached her- she was afraid of him and it only gave him another reason to detest her.. But, He began to understand her and within time he became kinder. He tutored her and aided her within her struggles. He sympathize her situation with her father, although he saw her mother. Between the her mother and himself-he kept it a secret from Luna.

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