Infinity [WIP, updated January 13, ready for review]

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Infinity [WIP, updated January 13, ready for review] Empty Infinity [WIP, updated January 13, ready for review]

Post by redeagle321 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:21 am


Name: Alex Roper
Alias: Infinity
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 5’9
Weight: 150
Hair: sandy brown
Eyes: Red
Physical Description: Hair always a mess, comes to just above his shoulders. Tall but reasonably toned- not ripped but not scrawny either. Sports a slightly darken skin tone from previous incarnations. By all outward appearances, he seems to be a healthy young man. HOWEVER, if one were to look at his brain –with any number different types of scans and procedures that can do that- they would find a white- hot mess of scar tissue, a result of his powers spiking beyond his physical limitations before.

Gear/Clothes: At this point, little more then a collection of various and assorted clothes and fabrics he’s managed to cobble together that resembles a uniform of some kind- a dark grey, tight shirt, under a dark blue trench coat. Worn but rugged black pants and boots. Wears beat up fingerless gloves. Also wears a pair of thick grey, laboratory style goggles. Unlike in previous incarnations, the goggles are purely for aesthetics- his eyes are perfectly healthy- but they do offer his eyes some protection against powder, sand and such. When working or out and about, he usually wears unremarkable street clothes- t-shirts, jeans and the like.


Physical: In good shape but not a powerhouse. Reasonably athletic and with good stamina levels but not on the same levels as other professionals out there in Gotham. He can hold his own in a fistfight with the average goon if he has to but he prefers to avoid a hand-to-hand conflict if he can due to having no martial arts training.

Meta: Infinity is a formidable psychic, and like Zero lacks in the ability to fully control his powers. But whereas Zero uses his powers more for defense, Infinity has manifested a more aggressive power set- for example, he lacks the suppression field ability but gains more effective force blasts and telekinesis.

Like Zero, Infinity possess the ability of Telekinesis. Unlike Zero, however, his upward limit is 500 pounds instead of 400. However, the draw to this is that he can only lift one object at a time, whereas zero can lift multiple (as long as the combined weight is equal to 400 pounds). And, also like Zero, he has the potential to increase how powerful this skill is over time.

Force bolt: To compensate for the lack of suppression field, Infinity’s force bolts are far more effective. While they pack the same punch- roughly the effect of a flying brick- they have some boosts to them. For instance, the range is greater, 100- 125 feet being the range where they usually peter out. Also, they seem to run far hotter- at closer range, they can ignite flammable materials. They aren’t hot enough to cause permanently damaging burns to flesh though, that is without repeated exposure. Fully energized, he can produce about twenty shots before depleting himself, and it takes him five minutes to build up energy for another shot. Like other abilities the range, number of shots and effectiveness of those shots can be increased with time.

Not true flight, Infinity is capable of slowing long falls and a limited ability to hover in place. However, at current he can only levitate himself upwards only about ten or so feet from his current elevation before he ceases to go upward, having to wait several seconds before ascending again for a few more feet. Yet again, this has the potential to evolve into full fledged flight with enough work.

Like Zero, Infinity runs the risk of spiking. It also cuts him just as effectively- the devastating effect of having that kind of power course through his veins can cause injury- possibly permanent- to his body and mind. When spiking, his telekinesis ability and force bolts are FAR more effective, and his levitation is catapulted into full- fledged flight. Unlike Zero, Infinity seems to embrace the extra power, and will actively hurry along the process if he feels a spike in the works, uncaring of the detrimental effects on his person. Like Zero he could train to diminish the threat of spiking, but he would be unlikely to attempt to do so.

Zero: Like Zero, Infinity must deal with the constant nagging of Zero in the back of his mind, attempting to coax him into merciful and compassionate actions. However, once Infinity has surfaced, he will try his level best to avoid returning the reigns to Zero, not wanting to be hauled into his dark box again…

Whereas Zero is compassionate, patient, and calculating, Infinity is cruel, impatient and impulsive. Violent, lustful, deceitful, and an all around jackass to boot, he lacks almost any form of moral restraint, and enjoys indulging his own selfish wants and desires above the needs of others. However, he is not COMPLETELY irredeemable, and in the rare occasion you find yourself in his good graces, he’ll slaughter anything in your path for you- he's just that kind of guy.

A constant force lurking in Zero’s mind like a snake in a hole, Infinity is a result of Matthew’s splintered mind manifesting everything he never wanted to be. Selfish, mean, and at times just outright cruel, he first manifested during Zero’s biggest spike ever, where he lashed out angrily at the thought of being sent off, and in his outrage ignited a gas pipe that obliterated the family home. Wandering aimlessly, he was pulled to Gotham, a dark city where a guilty person could feel at home. However, in his complacency he left an opening for Matthew to re- emerge, and he has been the dominant personality ever since, which leaves Infinity to prowl restlessly for his next chance to emerge…

When he is the dominant individual, he even adopts the alternate name of Alex Roper, to further distance himself from his disgustingly merciful alter ego.


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