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Cassius [WIP, Updated January 26, minor corrections] Empty Cassius [WIP, Updated January 26, minor corrections]

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Name: Cassandra Roper (Formerly known as Cassandra DeLamb)
Alias: Cassius
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 5’10
Weight: 150
Hair: sandy brown
Eyes: dark blue
Physical Description: Tall and muscularly built. Her hair is cut short and is usually a mess, much like her son. Her skin is light and is positively covered in tattoos of various design and meaning. On her back was the brand of the Phoenix, but she has defaced this with a razor blade, leaving a significant scar. She speaks with a very light European accent. Always has a confident attitude and upbeat posture, very seldom is she not acting like she’s in control of a situation.
Gear/Clothes: On the streets, keeps it casual- tank tops, cargo pants, so forth and so on. HOWEVER, in combat, dons a mighty set of power armor.

The Armor carries a seven hour charge (only six are usable due to emergency power settings) and the consumption of the charge is increased or decreased depending on the abilities used. These include;

Strength enhancement
On basic settings, the suit can easily toss around one ton of weight with ease. However, this setting can be nerfed down to only what the user could naturally carry (the suit’s motors would still nullify the added weight it bears though) in order to reduce power consumption by about an hour’s worth of time (on a full charge) Also, the strength factor can be INCREASED by a factor of 2, 5, and 10. HOWEVER, the suit’s power consumption goes up at the same rate- on a 10x power boost, the suit’s charge would barely last more then thirty minutes before going into emergency power settings, and that’s assuming no other abilities are used.

EMP cannon
The big ol’ cannon. A single shot from this weapon can drop all but the heartiest opponents into a slobbering mass, but a single shot won’t cause permanent damage to a perfectly healthy target. However, repeated exposure in a short amount of time to the blast can cause permanent nerve damage and other internal injuries. The burst will also wreak havoc on unprotected electrical systems. Each blast consumes twenty minutes worth of charge.

In case of emergency, the suit can dump its charge into a powerful outpouring of electricity, striking multiple foes with a powerful charged wave. Despite its effectiveness, there is the draw of it using an hour’s worth of power per release, making it a seldom used technique.

Emergency power
After six hours of charge are consumed, the final hour will de- activate all strength boosts and reduce it to the lowest possible level (normal operator strength) Neither the cannon nor shockwave will operate on emergency settings, and strength boosts cannot be engaged. This mode is to warn the user that the suit will run out of power soon and therefore the user must either get out of danger and/or recharge the suit. While this CAN be overridden in order to provide another hour worth of charge, it is seldom a good idea- once the emergency power has been depleted, the suit will collapse and be immobile, largely a fancy paperweight, and must be brought to a charging station in order to be re- energized.

Superior protection
The suit is GREAT at protecting the user against firearms, bludgeoning, slashing, and other hazards. The suit also contains a breathing filter, but the air supply is not sealed- the suit cannot operate under water or in a vacuum without modification, and substances such as smoke can still saturate the suit’s filters.



Hand to hand combat
A fistfight with Cassius is, frankly, a waste of time for all but the most confident of fighters. Phoenix trained Cassandra in countless fighting styles, including Kickboxing, tae kwon do, and Muai Thai. Even without the suit, she is extremely skilled and only the skilled- or stupid- should bother confronting her in close quarters.

Physical conditioning
Cassandra is in excellent physical shape, and works out rigorously to keep it that way. She is of good strength, agility, and stamina. She is not exceptionally fast though.

Personality: Confident, upbeat, and never without a sarcastic quip or comment. Sometimes, her best piece in her armory is a weapon’s grade mouth, as she frequently tries to goad targets into making careless or foolish moves. Secretly, she does battle demons- she knows she is fighting the clock when it comes to her children, and has not totally made peace with herself over her past with Phoenix. It is not uncommon for those VERY close to her to catch her in private moments of self doubt.

Born Cassandra DeLamb, the granddaughter of Baron Bedlam. The DeLambs once ruled the Country of Markovia during WWII, where the Nazis supplied the family and helped them overthrow the ruling Markovs. However the DeLambs themselves were over- thrown and the nation liberated by the Markovs and several other superheroes, causing the DeLambs to go into exile. Taking what few resources they could muster, the DeLambs saw the tyrannical Nazi rule collapse, and used what remaining influence and rescources they had to craft a new legacy for themselves; the mighty Phoenix Corps, which they would use to enact vengeance upon the superhuman ‘freaks’ that helped overthrow the DeLambs, and other Metahumans, aliens and the like the world over.

Treated like something of a princess in the Phoenix Hierarchy, Cassandra was given special privileges and special training, becoming an accomplished field agent at an exceptionally young age, operating under the code name of “Red Eagle” and making herself very popular, due to her then total devotion and high level of accomplishment.

However, everything changed when she met Donovan Rashid, a skilled and handsome military man. The two formed a close bond almost immediately, and after some time together, conceived twin children, Matthew and Sarah. However, Matthew manifested metahuman abilities as an infant, and Cassandra knew that she was obligated to bring the child to Phoenix…

But she wouldn’t. finally seeing that her family’s legacy would tear her baby boy from her, like they had- like SHE had- so many others, Cassandra, Donovan, and the twins fled Markovia and Phoenix, both taking the new surname Roper, and using almost every contact and favor they had to start a new life together.

Happy ending, right?

Sadly, the bliss was not to last- Young Mathew’s powers began to get out of control. Spiking and the like constantly was a financial and emotional strain on the household, and when the boy manifested his alter- ego Infinity for the first time, he accidentally blew a gas line in the family home and destroyed everything the family had in an explosion.

Infinity/Zero was nowhere to be found. Sarah was severely crippled, and Donovan was presumed killed. Although a body was never found, the odds of him surviving the explosion were considered too slim to count on. Cassandra only managed to get away unscathed by being out of the house at the time of the explosion. Feeling guilt, believing she might have been able to prevent the catastrophe, she took it upon herself to make everything right- find her son, and come across the financial means to afford the expensive surgeries to make her daughter functional again.

Knowing the surgeries to make her daughter whole again would be expensive, and that she had no chance of earning the money legitimately, she opted to gather the money using the gifts of her previous life as a phoenix operative. Retaining her armor, she cleaned off the phoenix red and covered it with a smooth, cobalt blue. Knowing that Gotham was rife with the stink of crime, and that she was QUITE good at dragging people to an unpleasant fate, she molded herself into a bounty hunter, hauling in criminals and the like for the highest buyer, and swiftly earned a reputation for her high rate of success. She is on the fast track to earning her bottom lone, but knows that being as active as she is will draw out shadows from her past sooner or later....


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