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Black Mask Gcrpsi11
“I get it. You’re unpredictable. I can work with that.”

-Roman Sionis

Name: Roman Sionis
Alias: Black Mask.
Age: 29 years old

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Physical Description: Roman Sionis is a tall, muscular man with a broad chest and shoulders, long powerful legs and the arms of a boxer. He is a physical threat and it shows in the none too subtle condition of his body. Other than being moderately good-looking there is nothing outstanding about his physical appearance.



Formal Attire- Roman can most often be found wearing three-piece suits and formal attire that would be expected of a CEO of a successful company. The colors ranger from black to blue and often times are pinstriped. You will never see him in public without a nice pair of expensive black shoes and black, leather gloves.

Casual Attire- This doesn’t often times vary too much from his formal attire. A button up shirt and black slacks paired with suspenders are the norm but on occasion Roman will wear a very loud, flamboyant shirt for the sake of expressing his ‘artistic’ side.


Janus Mask: A heavy black mask made of dense wood, carved from Roman’s father’s coffin. It is thick and cumbersome, but protects his head from falls and punches. It has no other use than to hide his identity.

5.11 Tactical Vest: Black and heavily plated, this bullet-proof vest is worn under Roman’s Black Mask get up while he is running his False Face Society. It is fitted with NSN ceramic plating in the chest, belly and back. As well as having heavy padding on the shoulders. It is waterproof but only has one pocket for storage.

Shoulder Holsters: Hearty, brown leather straps with two gun holsters for easy and convenient carrying.  This is also for concealing his weapons though if he were to be searched it would not be difficult to locate his weapons. There is a small sling on the harness for a knife but often times this goes unused.

Two Glock 22s: Two 40. Glock 22s. These 15 ounce handguns are used throughout the world by the police and criminals as reliable and efficient firearms. Neither gun has any aftermarket features and is capable of firing 15 rounds per mag. In Roman’s experience; these guns are also rather good at bashing in skulls.



Fighters Physique: Roman is in peak physical condition and has benefitted greatly from years of training in boxing. He can’t lift a car over his head or rip someone limb to limb, but in a fight he can can kill a man with his bare hands and has done so in the past. He has no prior conditions that might render him physically vulnerable. Years of physical activity and his own raging temper have rendered Roman a force to be reckoned with. His youth and excellent health allow him to heal from and endure far more pain and injury than your average human.

Pain Resistant: While he has yet to endure the events that would truly transform him into the Black Mask of the future, he is highly resistant to pain. Able to endure a flurry of punches, broken bones, cuts, gunshot wounds (non fatal); being injured is more of an inconvenience for Roman than it is a hazard to his health.

Master Marksman: Roman is an amazing shot and relies on rapid fire and efficiency to get the job done when using any sort of firearm. Be it a handgun, rifle or even a bazooka; he knows his way around it and is capable of picking up any firearm of the street and using it correctly and with dangerous accuracy.

Torture Hobbyist: What the Black Mask is truly known for is his sadistic methods of torture. Enthusiastic and inventive, Roman enjoys pushing his victims to the brink of madness to get what he wants out of them. This has earned him fear from his enemies and his own thugs, and often times he can be found getting his hands dirty when it comes to interrogating people.

Not only is he capable of driving his victims insane from physical pain, he is also capable of mental torture that has shattered lesser men and women; leaving them broken, empty husks.

Criminal Mastermind: It is still too early in his criminal career, but Roman Sionis is capable of extremely effective and impressive strategy and has organized a successful Gang; the False Face Society, from scratch all the while running his family company. His strategic mind is on par with the best of the best and it is not hard to believe that one day he will be the first Mobster in twenty years to rule all the Crime in Gotham.

Personality: Hot Headed. Arrogant. Dangerous. These are mere words and do not truly express the depths of depravity and instability that make up Roman ‘Black Mask’ Sionis. Though his arrogance is his most outstanding trait, it is not unfounded as he is a criminal genius and has no trouble reminding others of that; not only through his acts but from bragging as well. Roman thinks very highly of himself and very little of others unless they’ve proven themselves otherwise.

While he is not prone to too many tantrums, when he becomes angry it is an unstoppable rage that consumes him until he tires himself out. Killing people to slake his blood lust is one of the many ways he has found to achieve this.

Oddly enough, Roman Sionis is a romantic at heart; but not in any traditional sense of the word. He can become obsessed quite easily and fixates on the object of his affection to the point of it becoming physically unhealthy. For him AND the woman. He has no problem using women as he sees fit and is happy to flirt and hook-up with willing girls; but if a person truly catches his eye he will forego these other distractions and dedicate his every waking moment to claiming that person.

Roman is also quite hateful and vengeful. If he feels he is wronged or crossed in any way he will utilize that passionate anger of his to destroy that person in any way he can. He can hold a grudge for years and will do just about anything to achieve his goals of revenge. It is wise not to cross him.


Roman Sionis was born to a very wealthy Gotham family, in the same social cast as the Wayne Family. His parents cared far more about their social status than they did their own child, proven by the lack of a lawsuit when he was dropped on his head by the doctor who helped birth him. His mother’s reason was that she did not want to deface their good name by getting involved in a common lawsuit.

Most of Roman’s life was a mixture of pretense and luxury, his parents would often times show one side of themselves to society while in reality they behaved in another way completely. This was the seed for Roman’s resentment towards them as they would insist he do the same.

At the age of twelve, Roman went on his first camping trip. Sheltered and uneducated, the boy wandered off and was attacked by a rabid raccoon. He survived the infection but suffered horrible pain and hallucinations that would be the true start of his mask obsession. For he would later compare himself to that animal; a thing ‘trapped in a lifelong mask’ like he believed himself to be.

At the age of twenty-one, Roman was hired in a low level position at his family’s company. It would take him a month to raise to the top as vice president. Not long after he fell in love with a model, stage named Circe; who was looking to get hired in his fathers cosmetics department. His parents forbade him from associating with a woman so under his class and for once in his life he managed to put up the mask his parents had always told him to.

A few months later both of them died in a mysterious fire.

Roman took over as CEO of Sionis Industries after this, though his obsession would soon drive his company into the ground. He threw large quantities of money at a cosmetic endeavor that saw zero success on the market as well as wasting funds on his growing mask collection and Circe.

Desperate to gain back his lost funds, Roman threw what little money his company had at his Research and Development departments; pressuring them to come up with something unique and original. What they came up with was a completely water proof makeup that Roman marketed to the public aggressively. This proved a bad idea; as in his rush to get the product out to the public he skipped on important testing that would have shown the make up to be a highly dangerous toxin. This toxin disfigured several hundred Gotham consumers.

Now besieged by lawsuits and on the brink of bankruptcy, Sionis was forced to sell out his company to Bruce Wayne; who offered to bail him out if he gave up control of the company to Wayne Industries. During this debacle, Circe left Roman for opportunities at a more promising Cosmetic company.

Unhinged more so than ever, Roman went into hiding; traveling to his parents crypt where he stayed for several days. Stewing in his misery and impotent anger, Roman eventually snapped and smashed his father’s coffin to pieces; crafting from the wreckage a mask. This event put him through a mental transformation that would see him emerge from his parents crypt as the Black Mask.

Gathering what precious belongings he could from his family home, Roman began the semi-cult group known as the False Face Society. A small but growing Gang that has been killing, stealing and absorbing smaller street gangs for the last eight months.

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