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Black Canary

"The only way out of here is through me. I hope you're stupid enough to try."
-Dinah Lance

Black Canary Tumblr_lya0oy6PYo1qbujox

Name: Dinah Lance
Alias: Black Canary
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Dyed blonde hair, formerly black
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Affiliation Justice Society of America

Physical Description:
Dinah stands taller than most women her height, she has an athletic build, proper posture, and usually wears a look that isn't as friendly as most Justice Leaguers would find. She wears all black, and looks like the kind of person who wouldn't have a sense of humor; though getting to know her would bring out a brighter side of Dinah others wouldn't expect to see.

Not really a costume as it is biker getup. She wears fishnet stockings, a leather jacket, and a leather zip up unitard. Combat boots that buckle down rather than tying up (to prevent it from being loosened), and gloves with brass knuckles infused at the end to offer protection rather than damage.

Body Armor
underneath Dinah's unitard is a thin layer of shock absorbent body armor. The kevlar build can withstand small caliber rounds at close range, but only covers her chest and torso. Dinah will experience penetration from a round any bigger than a 9mm. The rest of Dinah's legs, arms, and head are completely exposed, no protection is offered anywhere else, as Dinah prefers to be more offensive, move faster, and allow better mobility. She is for the most part empty handed.

A 2012 Suzuki 750 motorcycle, a two passenger speeder, the motorcycle can drive up to 90mph on it; which is her usual speed down the crowded roads and sometimes sidewalks of Gotham City. It's colored in a matte black finish with carbon fiber rims, for a lighter and faster drive. It's xenon blue headlight offers a brighter road than standard halogen lights. It comes with custom bullet resistant tires.



World’s Greatest Martial Artist:

Where Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective, Canary has spent an equal amount of time and effort in mastering every single form of martial arts. She has been known to take on and defeat the deadliest martial artists. Dinah grew up in a family of crime fighters; her father Leonard—a police officer—believing that she should learn at a young age, while her mother only agreed for self defense purposes.

She wasn’t really trained in a rigorous regiment until she decided to become a crime fighter at the age of nineteen and was under strict training from Ted Grant, also known as Wildcat. She was also trained by Richard Dragon and Wonder Woman in kung fu and Amazonian Martial Arts, respectively. Her knowledge includes but isn’t exclusive to aikio, boxing, capoeira, kung fu, hapkido, judo, jujutsu, krav maga, muay thai, savate, sae kwon do, and wing chun. While she possesses no superhuman level strength, she has been known to take down Kryptonians in sparring matches, and beat Amazons with weapons she's unfamiliar with.

Her mind is fully focused on the physical aspect, her devotion to mind and body to the art of fighting is on another level of understanding. Her mixed martial arts in itself is almost a new way of fighting, taking the best aspects of each technique and dropping useless movements. Dinah's reflexes are all with purpose, fast and precise; she wastes nothing, not even her breathing, on how hard or soft she delivers her attacks.

Dinah could be a professional racer if she decided to enter a competition. Her accuracy of her technique in fighting translates to that whenever she's behind the wheel of her 750cc motorcycle. The hero constantly pushes her bike to its limit, often resulting in getting a new one after handling it so ruggedly. She doesn't only know how to operate her cycle, but she can also purposefully drive cars, boats, aerial vehicles, and has been known to operate alien technology.

Being no stranger to jumping buildings, Dinah can flip in the air, balance herself, and contort her body for the best field advantage. She has been known to jump out of moving vehicles, including her own bike, helicopters, planes, and cars, as well as catch up with speeding trains and jump from car to car on the speeding highway. Her coordination is as sharp as the human mind could bend.

Lance has seen enough crime scenes that she naturally picked up on several things to look out for. Her skills in detective work are not as honed or practiced as Batman or Red Robin's, but she still has an above average mind when it comes to the investigation process.

Interpersonal Skills:
On top of pushing herself to the absolute limit, she is often looked up to and consulted on personal matters. Again, this isn't a skill she practiced, rather something she picked up on. She is good with human relations, if not sometimes unaware of some basic emotions; she can help bridge the gap if there is trouble between parties. Dinah is easy to talk to, even if she knows she uses her good looks to her advantage.

Though she does have a lot of pride and it can get in the way of her personal abilities. Underestimating opponents, often gets her in situations that require others to help her get out of the trouble she usually finds herself getting into. She relies heavily on her allies when such situations come up in order to get rescued.

Tactical Analysis:
Being a strong leader is one of Dinah’s strong suits. Being elected chairwoman of the JLA, as well as being one of its founding members, she also leads the Birds of Prey’s ground force agents. Dinah understands military advantages to a tactical level. Her leadership skills are unprecedented and unmatched, as they come to her naturally.

She also put life back into her mother's old team the Justice Society of America after the death of Sandman (Wesley Dodds.) Though her ultimate downfall would be her anger. Sometimes Dinah could lose control of herself, even her powers when she gets too angry. It's not hard to tip her over the edge and she could accidentally let out a Canary Cry. This is what lead to standing down as the leader of the JSA and JLA.


Canary Cry:
The Supersonic Metagene she had since she was born is her most powerful and deadly attack. If focused it has the ability to not only shatter skulls, but vibrate at such a powerful rate that it can deconstruct and obliterate solid titanium. She has been known to destroy large buildings with a single screech, flip moving semi-trucks, disintegrate an exploding meteor heading straight to Earth, and stop Superman in his tracks. While she is capable of such great feats, she usually never goes past 120 decibels (the human threshold for pain in sound,) as 160 ruptures ear drums, and at 200 decibels she can mix and mash your innards.

Dinah is strong willed, she is hard headed, and above all, she's tough. Other than her Canary she is just a normal human with normal human strength, but her no nonsense attitude, she can achieve anything. As a teenager she climbed Mt. Everest by herself, when she was an adult her first team she helped form was none other than the Justice League of America, where she spearheaded the team as their chairwoman. Canary can be a hot head, sometimes shooting first and asking questions later; she would often rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission. She also butts heads with anyone who disagrees with her, even in the face of danger, and even when she knows she's wrong, she will dig her heels into the ground, right or wrong.

Confident in herself. Confident in her abilities. Dinah is proud of her achievements and her capabilities, she doesn't feel like she has anything to prove; instead she feels like she keeps raising the bar for people to aspire to. Canary takes control of every situation a human could possibly take. She may be naive when it comes to computers and electronics, but it doesn't stop her from completing her job. Dinah is loyal, forgiving, and will do anything to keep her friends out of harm's way, including compromising her own safety. In short, she isn't afraid of taking chances. She is straightforward, never subtle, and always speaks her mind.

Despite her will to and thirst for the knowledge of fighting, she hates hurting people, breaking bones, and sending people in body casts. She has taken out her anger on people in the past with her first, but she only does what is necessary. It's part of the reason she never deafens, nor kills people with her Canary Cry. Dinah has a strict code when it comes to getting into a fight.


Dinah Lance was born in a crime fighting family. A father as a cop and a mother as a certified hero who worked with The Justice Society as the first Black Canary. Dinah's father Larry Lance died and her mother retired from the industry because of the trauma, so she was surrounded with all of her mother's work friends. Dinah then knew what she wanted at a young age, taking risks, taking chances. She decided to utilize her surroundings in order to begin, but she knew for a fact that she couldn't do this on her own. She needed a mentor. Her first teacher was Ted Grant, the Wildcat.

He was rough on her, but she was determined to replace her mother on the team (unbeknownst to Grant.) The two became almost inseparable, as learning from Wildcat is considered an honor; as he taught the likes of big name heroes Superman as well as Batman in several forms of martial arts. It wasn't long after she completed her training, decided to travel the world to continue what Ted couldn't teach her. Lance went to China, climbed Mount Everest by herself, backpacked through Europe, and learned from one of the greatest martial artists at the time: Richard Dragon.

After a few years of worldly travels, and learning by doing, Dinah returned to Gotham, fresh faced, and full of determination. Already a big name in the industry, Dinah had entered the crime fighting syndicate with both feet forward, and replacing her mother as Black Canary even against her mother's wishes. She felt the need to more than ever since several members other than her mother have stepped down from their position in the Justice Society, or have fallen during her time away. Not only seeing the need arise, but feeling the JSA calling to her, she soon rose in the ranks and had proven to be an excellent leader, becoming apart of the recruitment drive for a new generation of heroes.

Dinah still has goes out on city alerts, The Batman isn't the only game in Gotham. She fights along side other Justice Society members, Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Spectre, and several other newcomers such as Stargirl, Atom, the new Mr. Terrific, Red Tornado and close friend Zatanna Zatara. The recruitment drive is ongoing, and Dinah holds the interviews with other founding members, so new members are added to the list of Justice Society Members all time time.


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