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Poison Ivy

“I know you can’t resist me. No man can…”
-Pamela Isley

Poison Ivy Poison-Ivy

Name: Pamela Isley
Alias: Poison Ivy
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Physical Description:
Seductively curvy, Poison Ivy’s long red hair rolls off her shoulders and down her back. She wears very little, opting to show off as much of her green tinted  skin as possible to further seduce weak minded men with her naturally producing pheromones. Her sharp eyes seem to pierce everyone who she casts her gaze at.

Not particularly wearing any clothes unless forced to by Asylum rules, Pam prefers to sport leaves that grow from her body to cover herself. She contains no other weapons as she mainly relies on her control over her plants as defense and offense. Often seen barefoot,  Pam prefers feeling her plants as much as possible, as she is one with nature.



Basic Hand to Hand:
Poison Ivy is by no means a fighter, but since she has been in the criminal underworld for a long time, she picked up on basic fighting techniques. She was never trained, but she can hold her own in a fist fight between random thugs. Pam does prefer using her powers, and will most likely lose if she doesn’t.

Always having a fascination with plants, even before she was experimented on, Pamela’s career in the study of plant life gave her exponential knowledge on how plants work. Her specialty was toxicology, making perfumes, make-up, and the like. She now experiments in creating snares, thorny vines, and poisonous spores.


A connection to the plant world through a force known as the Green, she can control and communicate with plans with her mind. She can overdose a plant with toxins that make it deadly to the touch, as well as force a plant to release toxins into the air. Ivy can also enhance the growth of a plant, accelerating it to the point where you can physically see it grow in size. She does however need a proper amount of sunlight in order to do this. Zero sunlight will result in her weakening all around.

Pheromone Control:
To the weak minded or those who have never experienced the heightened level of pheromones that Ivy naturally produces, she can control men and women alike to do her bidding. Often leaving the victim paralyzed, and absent of thought or mental cognition. However those who are of strong willpower have the ability to negate the affects of her control. Ivy’s power is weakened with the absence of sunlight.

Controlling to the point where her actual personality is poisonous, Pamela must feel like she has absolute control in any given situation. It is also noted that she is an unstable psychopath. She sees herself as the hand of Mother Nature. If Mother Nature were "God," then Ivy would be her "Jesus." She defends the defenseless nature of the world and truly believes in her cause. Maiming, mauling, and mutilating are extreme measures, but it's nothing compared to what humanity's done to the world of nature. Ivy always sees the greater good as she punishes those who deserve it.

Her insanity at points knows no bounds. She is petty and will kill anyone if they even pick fruit off a tree in her garden. Pam is a ball of utter hate and pain, best expressing herself when she has her vines wrapped around the neck of unsuspected prey until their eyes pop out of their skulls and their neck snaps, separating their head from their spinal cord.

She does work with other villains in cooperation as long as it furthers her cause. Paying no attention to who she hurts in order to achieve whatever goal she sets out. Pam has been known to show a side of humanity, saving those in need, and sacrificing in order to protect those that she cares about, whether it be plants, Harley, or in the extreme case of the Earthquake of Gotham, a handful of abandoned orphans. As Poison Ivy, she lost the ability to bare children, and has since then treated plans as her babies, as she affectionately calls them.


Growing up in wealth, yet with neglectful parents, Pamela was for the most part kept to herself as a child. She spent her days in the lavish garden, growing plants, reading books, and studying them with an unusual fascination. In collage, she majored in botany and toxicology. Her professor who taught both classes, Dr. Jason Woodrue seduced her in the hopes to convince her to take part in human experiments.

Pam underwent torturous experiments in the school’s lab, having nearly died several times and getting hospitalized for half a year. These experiments left her barren and she now refers her plans as her children. Woodrue ran and hid in Gotham. In the name of revenge with her newfound powers Poison Ivy threatened to release suffocating spores in the air unless the city met her demands. Batman had put a stop to her and she was sent to Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane.

At Arkham she met others who could relate to her and her lust for revenge. She was hired by Carmine Falcone after breaking out of Arkham with Bane to control Bruce Wayne’s mind, seducing him into allowing Falcone’s money to transfer into the Gotham City banks, she was stopped abruptly by Catwoman. Her nefarious deeds brought her more wealth from the crimelord as she comleted her job. She purchased a botanical garden with the money she received, conducting tests and creating different poisons, plants, and monstrosities that have the capabilities to swallow a full grown man and melt them down with acids.

She currently is working on more deadly forms of plant life such as traps and toxins.


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