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"Competent? Competent?! That's an insult you ol' bag of gas! I'm not just competent! I'm as good as it gets!"

-Waylon Jones, Batman The Animated Series

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Name: Waylon Jones
Alias: Killer Croc
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Physical Description: Killer Croc is aptly named, as he is a hulking, saurian monstrosity. He stands larger than any average human and is covered head to toe in greenish, thick scales. His skeletal structure is mutated beyond recognition, and resembles that of a crocodiles. Croc's muscles are thick and defined, his hands adorned with thick claws and his mouth a horror show of sharp, dripping teeth. He resembles the terrors of urban myth, an anthropomorphic mess of genetic disarray.

Gear/Clothes: Killer Croc is a minimalist at best, usually only sporting a pair of ratty jeans and a off-white raggedy wife beater. On occasion he can be seen boasting a large tan trench coat and some sort of heavy hat to obscure his gruesome features, but even with these hefty trappings it is hard for him to hide what he is. He rarely wears shoes, but is the proud owner of a very strapping three piece suit that he uses when he takes jobs of a more 'civilized' nature.



Fighting experience:

Jones was a professional street brawler and wrestler. On top of his professional experience as a fighter he has also been enduring beatings and winning brawls most of his childhood. He knows where to hit to make it hurt the most and which way to twist or pull a limb to cause the most damage.


Super Strength and Speed
Croc is a massive man, with muscles stacked upon muscles. A life of trials and tribulations has led to his beyond extraordinary physical prowess. He can tear through wood and rock with relative ease, metal is a bit more troublesome but he is capable of destroying cars or metal doors without too much trouble. He can’t lift a tank over his head but he could flip a car. With this in mind, the damage he could do to a person would be devastating.

While he is no Flash, Jones has a above human speed and reaction time. He can run faster than any average human and swim even faster; able to keep up with a motor boat for extended periods of time when submerged.

Metahuman Healing:
The strange disease that gives Jones his gruesome appearance (close in some aspects to epidermolytic hyperkeratosis) also gifts him with a metahuman healing factors that allows him to quickly heal from; at times, fatal injuries. Such as missing limbs and spinal damage. While not immune to bullets he can take more of them and recover fully from the wounds than any normal human.

Natural Born Tracker:
He has super senses that allow him to scent and track people across long distances, almost able to follow a victim indefinitely if he so chooses. He also has attuned hearing and sight, that allow him to gain approximate knowledge of the whereabouts of living things in the dark or under water ( this is limited to a thirty yard radius around his person). He is the perfect mutant predator, and occasionally that feral nature takes hold, turning this thug into a brutish monster.

Harsh, brutish and a merciless thug; Waylon Jones is a product of the cruel life that bore him to the present. He was abandoned by his father after his mother died during childbirth, and the alcoholic Aunt who raised him never let him forget it.

He was abused by her constantly and even made to shave off his growing scales to try and appease her tantrums. This planted the seed of hatred he felt toward people, a seed that was only nurtured by the cruel bullying he endured inside  and outside of his home life.

Seemingly unfeeling towards the plight of others, this is merely a self-defense mechanism due to the hurt he has been dealt. He is harsh  and sociopathic; viewing people as evil, manipulative back stabbers. He has never had an experience where this was not the case and has been scorned and burned too many times to ever truly trust another person.

His aggression is only limited to his temper, which is short and boundless. Tantrums are the norm for Waylon, destructive and brutal; it matters little to him what or who gets in his way.

Despite how his affliction affected his social life and childhood, Waylon doesn’t actually suffer from low-self esteem. He views his unique condition as positive, something that only augments who and what he is; which is often why he is usually so hurt and angered by people treating his condition otherwise.

Waylon Jones was born in a Tampa , Florida slum. His mother died giving birth to him, his father abandoned him with his maternal aunt not long after. Waylon was born with a rare and extensive condition that left the boy with scale-y, reptilian skin and sharp teeth and claws. Bullied and hated it wasn’t long before this caused the child to snap, when Jones was eight he nearly killed a fellow student in a fit of rage.

He was sent to reform school afterwards, which might have been a good thing; as he was separated from his abusive aunt, but this proved to be traumatic and only solidified Waylons growing contempt for humanity.

His mutations developed into a monstrous body as inhuman and cold as any true reptile, these constant changes left him ridiculed and hated by his fellow students and even teachers. These events compiled and supplemented his growing hatred and anger and would be the fuel that fed the catalyst of his young life.

On his eighteenth birthday, he committed his first murder; another student at his reform school decided to play a cruel joke on Jones that ended with him snapping the boys neck in a fit of rage. He served twenty-one years for this crime and there he learned just how lucrative a life of crime could be. Emboldened and educated  by men who found his appearance and abilities more useful than worthy of ridicule.

Upon emerging from prison; Jones joined a traveling circus; where he performed as an alligator wrestler and act in the freak show. It was during these six months that he began to call himself Killer Croc. He moonlighted in minor robbery, getting a taste for easy money and crime; it wasn’t long until the Circus had to shut down and disbanded.

Deciding it was time to begin his real criminal career his ambitions brought him to Gotham where he would attempt to set  up shop. He began taking out low-profile mobsters, but a mistake lead him into the path of the GCPD who caught him during a arms-deal bust; brutally murdering the gangsters they were set to arrest. Jones managed to escape the ensuing manhunt, slipping into the sewers and finding a old, abandoned sewer system under East, Gotham City that leads to the Gotham City dockyard.

Other than the GCPD, who only know the basics of his criminal records and the victims he has amassed since arriving in Gotham (a mere six months ago), little is known about him by the public or most of the Gotham Underground. He is making plans to change that. Currently, he has not resorted to cannibalism; but is desperate enough to rely on Gotham's stray animal population for food.


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