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Two Face

“Two shots in the head. If you ask me, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.”

-Harvey Dent, Batman: The Long Halloween

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Name: Harvey Dent
Alias: Two-Face
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 6’
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Physical Description:

Tall. Muscular. Messed up in the face. Or half of it at least. Harvey Dent’s shadow is intimidating. A bulging eye on the left side of his face with white hair, apart of him was sent to the grave one day during a trial against Sal Maroni. The right side of his profile is the handsome, elusive, and determined Harvey Dent that everyone used to know. If anything, it is a reminder to Gotham of the once great man that stood against crime, and what could happen to anyone in a city of thieves.


Usually sporting a two-toned suit, Harvey is always dressed like a 1950’s gangster, when robbing a bank was an event for the whole town to experience. The only caveat is the symbolism in his dress, expressing his duality, and allowing his signature coin. Both heads, with the exception of one side being crossed out.

Dual Handguns
Carrying two Bursa Thunder handguns, the long range .22 caliber rounds is less powerful than most other handguns, but they are small and can be easily concealed. After all, the first rule of going to a gunfight is to have a gun, and like any gun, it is deadly.

One is black the other is silver. The ejection is on the side of the handgun instead of the top, so there is no issue of hot shells landing on his hands. Each gun holds ten rounds, plus one in the chamber, equating to a total of 22 rounds. Dent carries two extra magazines for each handgun on his person.



Criminal Mastermind
Having chased criminal masterminds and obsessing over it for years on end, he not only understands what it takes to pull a major hit, but he’s brilliant at it. The only problem is that he becomes predictable, using a common theme of two’s, duality, and doubles.

Above Average Strength
Even before Harvey had acid thrown in his face, he had a constant workout regime, even having weights in his office. Not just dumbbells, but a bench press as well. His health and strength was important to him, as he has been seen putting his nose into places district attorneys shouldn’t be investigating, and having a regular run in with mobster thugs.

Since then, Two-Face works out to keep up with police pressure and the Dark Knight. Working cardio and muscle mass, he hides his physic underneath his two toned suit, which can actually restrict his movement.


One of the most complicated personalities in the DC Universe, Two-Face has many interpretations because of the duality of his inner self, none of them being entirely wrong, in and of itself. His dissociative identity disorder (or more commonly known as multiple personality disorder,) has defined Harvey, often battling with himself. This resulted in letting the coin his father gave him on his 30th birthday choose the fate of his every choice from now on. Life, death, good, and evil, he doesn’t even choose coffee without the flip of his coin.

Harvey has been shown to acknowledge that he is insane, even offering his humanity, sacrificing his own wants, desires, and inhibitions for the sake of what is right, just, or good. He does show sentiment towards Bruce and even Jim Gordon, not wanting them to get involved when he commits crimes. He does submit to the coin, and when it lands clean side up, Harvey’s goodness comes out, even his voice changing, in a genuine tone of his former self.

Don’t mistake him for a softie though, when the coin says death, he stays true to the verdict. Whether it’s beating a thirteen year old to death with a bat, dropping an immobile woman into a vat of flesh eating acid, or simply just shooting a man twice in the head and making a joke about it later, Two-Face is brutal and relentless. His rage is unparallel, vengeful, spiteful, and yet always trying to find a balance.

All in all, the only thing that Harvey needs is to be shown humanity. To be touched with his good side, to be reasoned with. He is sensitive though, he could suspect if you’re being nice to him it’s only a ruse to be ridiculed.


Growing up in the lower class, Harvey was the victim of abuse by his father who mocked him by saying if his double headed coin landed tails he wouldn’t beat him. This cruelty infested in a deeply repressed mental illness of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. His situation made him wary of the higher class citizens. Dent had a hard work ethic, creating everything for himself. Becoming a lawyer and then eventually a District Attorney, he forged a relationship with the vigilante known simply by the media as The Batman.

Together the incarcerated multiple criminal factions, though their coup de gras being Carmine “The Roman” Falcone; possibly the most untouchable crime lord of Gotham. Falcone’s power bought out cops, judges, politicians, banks, he practically owned Gotham. They made several attacks on him, though ultimately going nowhere; spying, breaking in, threats of vengeance, driving his car into the river, etc. They decided if they were going to take down “The Roman” they needed to bring in help of the police. Captain James Gordon joins their ranks in taking down Carmine, but they now had to do it by the books. Bending the rules, but not breaking them.

It was the night of Halloween when his Falcone’s nephew Johnny Viti was murdered in his own house. The spiraled a series of holiday homicides known as The Long Halloween. A hit was put on Dent and his house; Falcone succumbed to bringing in the likes of Poison Ivy and The Riddler to work for him during the ordeal.  Joker broke into Harvey’s house on Christmas in an attempt to find out who the Holiday Killer was, while Batman did his own research, interviewing Calendar Man who seems to be doing nothing but throwing him off.

Sal Maroni who is the main suspect of the one organizing the hits on Falcone’s family is convicted and put on trail. During the court case, Maroni throws acid in Harvey’s face. He’s immediately hospitalized, and when he awakens, he breaks out, the bandages still wrapped around his tender face. Having felt like he lost everything, he decides to ally himself with the rest of Gotham’s underworld, almost immediately befriending the beast who can’t speak; Solomon Grundy.

Dawning the criminal alias, Two-Face, Harvey gathers all the freaks of Gotham, breaks into Falcone’s penthouse and shoots him twice in the head before Batman could stop him. Dent later turns himself in to Gordon and Batman. He is then incarcerated to Arkham Asylum, where he currently resides today.


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