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The Eel

“That’s good for us! Them Syndicate guys probably don’t even know we exist!”
-Patrick O'Brian

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Name: Patrick O’Brian
Alias: The Eel
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Physical Description:
Tall, not at all built, rather lanky and to be described by his fellow peers, slimy. He always looks like he’s up to no good, and that would be an excellent assumption. He is possibly the skinniest man in the criminal underworld and he could crawl through nearly any nook or cranny.

Usually in a suit to keep up with the fashion of his criminal boss Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, the Eel wears a black two piece suit and a pinstripe tie. He carries a small 9mm underneath his coat and his pockets hold magazines in case things get dicey, as things usually do.



When it comes to abilities, Patrick is practically a one trick pony, but his ability is valuable in the eyes of the underworld. Patrick’s uncanny ability to escape has proven effective in nearly any situation where he and his crew end up caught. He can slip out of handcuffs, prison cells, grappling locks, he can even evade the escape from the Batman’s grasp. Not only is he excellent at escaping, but one of the greatest safe crackers in Gotham’s history. He knows safes and locks like it’s no one’s business.

A jokester at heart, O’Brian is known for having a short temper. For this other thugs around him are unsure if they like him or not. They simply know him as best in his area. He’s not a particularly good shot, but he’s needed to be on whichever squad they believe to be dangerous. In the end, Patrick is tired of being the world’s play toy, constantly pushing him and being mocked. It’s high time to start pushing back.

The dark tone he has doesn't properly portray his inner self. Patrick isn't sure if it's how he actually is now, or if he wants to push his peers away from him to guard himself from being too attached to his work. Since he's never felt like he ever belonged anywhere else, he doesn't want to seem like he's too involved, lest he be mocked yet again for seeming to care too much.

Growing up as a kid, Patrick was the skinniest kid on the block and was often made fun of his boney frame, and because of this he wore baggy clothing to hide himself from the school children. He was given the nickname Eel because he could hide away in hard to get places. Patrick began stealing from vending machines because he was the only one who could reach his long arms through it, and was able to make some friends because of it.

Unfortunately, he was orphaned at the age of 10; being left alone in the world, not even having the will to steal for kids anymore, his friends vanished when he needed them most.  Patrick attempted to fix himself, trying to make an honest living, working hard and doing the right thing. He attained a job as a banker for Gotham National, when on his first day a bank robbery was held by a few common thugs. They held him at gunpoint as he frantically stashed thousands of dollars then watched the criminals get away. He was fired a week later when he couldn’t pull himself together.

O’Brian then found himself not being able to keep a job for the next full year until he remembered just how much money he held the day Gotham National was robbed. He turned to crime, on the cusp of The Long Halloween. Joining multiple gangs and experiencing what it was like to be apart of something for the first time, Patrick felt at home. Then along came the freaks of Gotham, terrorizing the citizens in ways unforeseen. He joined up with Two-Face with the promise of escape plans.


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