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The Joker

"Here's to crime."
-Joker, Batman: The Killing Joke

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Name: Unknown
Alias: The Joker
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 6’5”
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Green
Eyes: Green

Physical Description:
With his facial nerves paralyzed, The Joker looks as if he’s perpetually smiling, an expression called a risus sardonicus, or “rictus grin.” Green hair, eyes, and nails, the Joker also has abnormally pale white skin from the chemical bath he found himself swimming in the night he found his new identity. He’s a rather bony villain but also surprisingly tall.


A purple suit and a flower that squirts acid, the classic look of Joker is known world wide. He wears white gloves, and at times a green bow tie. Joker also sports lipstick plastered on as an intimidation tactic.

Smith and Wesson 500
A comically large, yet incredibly dangerous revolver, the S&W 500 is penned as one of the most powerful handguns in the world. The gun is a six-shooter, so it doesn’t carry a lot of ammo, but each bullet packs the punch of a .50 caliber round.

Hydrofluoric Acid
The kind of acid that can melt through concrete in time, instead of making flesh a gooey substance, it pretty much cuts through flesh. No acid melts through instantly, but it’s a smart idea to get it off as soon as possible. He keeps it stored in a protective pouch in his vest pocket, connected to his squirting gag flower.

Grenades, C4, and other highly explosive components, Joker seems to have unending access to them, whether it is made as a homebrew, making it harder to track where the components came from, or military grade explosives, which he seems to have easy access to. He can set charges, timed explosives, or by impact.

Joker Toxin
With multiple toxins levels; slow acting or fast acting, Joker has different ways of distributing his deadly poison. Mixing it with a drink, stabbing someone with a poison tipped pin, or even just spraying it in a victim’s face, getting hit with Joker’s toxin is a fate worse than death. The fun never ends.



Whether it’s dumb luck or careful planning, no one really knows, but it appears that Joker knows what he’s doing. It’s possible he has a wealth of backup plans and goes with whichever seems to work best at the time, but of course, he’s absolutely unpredictable in strategy. You don’t know if he’s about to make a joke or the headline news for a bank full of dead tellers. This is what makes Joker one of Gotham’s most terrifying criminals.

It is thought that the Joker was a chemist in a past life, as he seems to understand and test chemical compounds to create poisons or explosives. It is truly unknown if he knows what he’s doing or not.


The truly unpredictable nature of the Joker is chaotic in nature. One thing is certain though; he doesn’t much care for human life. Often using them as test subjects for experiments, trying to see how far one person can go before they’re just as crazy as him, the Joker will do anything out of pure curiosity, or if he thinks something is funny. He doesn’t have a point to prove, he simply is. A nihilist, an existentialist, mixed with an apathetic cosmicism, Joker does what he wills, and damn those who try to stop him.

He once used a toxic chemical to place his trademark grin on every fish in America, and then proceeds to demand to get paid for the use of his likeness. When they refuse he begins to murder those at the copyright commission until Batman finally corners him. There’s literally no method to his madness.


Joker doesn’t remember much before his gig in the Red Hood gang. He was being pursued by the Batman in ACE Chemicals, and he fell into an enormous tank of toxic waste, getting washed out into the Gotham River. Sometimes he remembers it one way, other times he remembers it another. He likes to think of it as multiple-choice.

As a young boy, he was terribly mistreated by his abusive father who would come home drunk and beat him; yet the young soon to be Joker was violent as ever. He formed a young boy’s school gang to beat up others during lunch for money. Joker went into comedy and joined the army to perform for the enemy soldiers during Vietnam. He was soon approached by the President of the United States to join film action hero Harrison Ford to be the first men on Mars. During the space mission, the engine blew out and they had to divert their power back to Earth. Sadly, Ford didn’t make it out alive. Depressed and confused, Joker decided to take his business of selling cakes and flowers to widows to the city of Gotham, where he fell in love with Paris Hilton.

Hilton wanted to keep her relationship with the handsome young Joker a secret, as the affair would destroy her reputation as she professed in the world of blowing up balloons with her farts. It was because of this that Joker joined his local bar, and made several friends. All famous. And good looking. Like the Joker. They bet him that he couldn’t dawn the Red Hood outfit and break into ACE Chemicals. Did he show them or what? Unfortunately the bet went awry when the Bat showed up. He smelled of gym shorts and has a big stupid head, and he threw Joker into the chemicals, turning him into the man he is today.


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