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Name: Andromadea
Alias: N/A
Age: 42 (Appears 21)
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Amazonian

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 152lbs
Hair: Long, thick chocolate brown. Goes down to just pass the shoulder blades and curls every which way at the ends.
Eyes: Blue

Physical Description: Andromadea is tall and muscular, standing a full head over any average human. She appears as a interloper from Grecian past, stepping right out of the pages of the Iliad or Odyssey, beautiful and out of place. Her skin is tanned and marred with various thin white scars, healed years ago, a testament to the rigorous training she underwent as a child. Her hair is long and wild, though not unclean and her eyes are an icy, piercing blue.

Clothes: A band of gilded olive leaves crown her head. A faded, tan shawl is wrapped about her neck and shoulders; it is thick but made of a softer material. This is used more for protection against the elements than any actually attack. Androdamea is fitted with mostly brown, hard leather. The main piece of protective leather is a girdle that acts as the majority of her clothing.

The hard leather fits much as a one piece swim suit would, though it dips down in a V-shape connecting to a bright red fabric that is fitted tightly over her bosom, held in place by a tight, black band that is sewn into the leather at the sides and back. This leaves a large amount bare. For modesty’s sake a small pleated skirt is tied at her right hip, the fabric is connected by a hard knot, her right thigh exposed as the skirt does not come all the way around. Her legs are covered with more brown leather thigh high boots. The ankles of these boots are fitted with strong, metal anklets that are for stability as well as protection.

A leather strap is wrapped high on her left thigh, this is for holding any knives she might wish to store on her person, easy access and a safe place for a small blade. Both hands are fitted with tight black fabric, the ring and pinky finger are bare.


Sword of Themis- Andromadea possesses a sturdy kopis sword. This is a favored weapon of ancient Greek warriors, it is thick and curved mid blade, with a curved grip. This weapon is used for swift thrusting and stabbing and 25 inches in blade length. In Amazonian society, some individuals gain favor from gods by proving themselves exemplary or talented in certain fields. Andromadea’s stern and truthful personality, as well as her bravery gained her favor from Themis, the goddess of divine order, justice and customs.

Themis imbued the kopis blade with durability, making it capable of withstanding not only the strength of the Amazonian using the blade but also whatever force her enemy might inflict upon it. On top of this the blade seems to thrum and ache whenever it is near those who wish to do evil. When brandished to fight a foe, if that foe is truly wicked or has done some sort of great injustice in their life the blade seems to be drawn to them, almost like a dowsing rod.

Amazonian Bracers- Andromadea excelled at the bracer training all Amazonians must undergo. Her bracers are hard and durable, though her’s are not the magical ones gifted to Wonder Woman. They are used for blocking projectiles though she has never used them against bullets, she can move swift enough to block them, along with anything else, but because they are simple bracers they are prone to injuring her wrists if she uses them too often. These are a last resort/defense against bullets, arrows or any other small bits of harmful debris cast her way.



Themyscirian Combat Expert- Each day on Themyscira is dedicated to the bettering of one’s self, be it academically or in combat training. Androdamea has spent her whole life training both her mind and body. She is trained in the ways of armed and unarmed combat, all which were developed over centuries by the Amazons that have come before her. She is a terrifying force to be confronted with unarmed, brutal and resourceful. With her sword of Themis she is even more terrifying, a war machine capable of taking out groups of people in a slew of devastating blows. Her willingness to kill (with purpose) puts her on the same playing field as the less reputable members of Gotham Society.

Themyscirian Bracer Training- Like all Amazons; Androdamea is trained in the ways of blocking projectiles with special bracers. These bracers are given to amazon’s who have completed the training for them. Some are even blessed by various gods or goddesses who favor that individual amazon. Her braces can boast no such magic, but they are made out of a special material that seems to have the same effect as kevlar. Using momentum, the durability of her braces and the angle of said bracers, Andromadea can deflect bullets and projectiles. High powered guns will not break the bracers but can break the bones underneath.


Half-Amazonian- Themyscirian Amazons have varied degrees of superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. They have extraordinarily acute senses which were gifts bestowed upon them by their gods. Adrodamea is capable of breaking apart steel and concrete with her bare hands. Blessed as well with a high durability factor, enhanced healing, and the ability to absorb and process a vast amount of knowledge in a short period of time. Though Adrodamea possess all these traits they are lessened to a degree due to her not being a full blooded Amazon.

She can lift well over a ton, but anything beyond that becomes difficult, and her ability to sustain a hold on that object or person dwindles. Her ability to heal rapidly is limited to non-fatal injuries, and broken or dislocated limbs must be set properly or they will heal wrong.



Andromadea was born on Themyscira to a native of the island; Prothoe. The Amazon had left Themyscira as a means of self-exploration. Over the course of the next few years, Prothoe explored the world of man much like Princess Diana did and found the love of a man. Though happy with the modern world and the man she had chosen to be with, Prothoe fled back to Themyscira after she became with child. Wanting to raise it in the safety of the Amazonian homeland.

Andromadea was born into culture of the Amazonians, growing up there, she was nurtured and raised by Prothoe and the women of Themyscira. Pledging her life to the protection of the queen Hippolyta and the island itself. Despite this, Andromadea seemed to struggle more so than a pure Amazonian. She was not as strong or as fast, and she aged faster than all of them, though still less than a normal human. Frustration was the norm for the young woman, who found herself always outdone by her peers.

Prothoe assured her that the mortal blood within her was not something to be ashamed of, but like most young, impetuous forty year old Amazons, Andromadea wanted to prove herself. She begged her mother to let her go forth, she was strong and the world was not so alien to their people anymore. Prothoe did not want her to go but the strong willed girl insisted until finally her mother caved.

Prothoe would give Andromadea a day to explore the world. to a coastal place in the States and experience ‘Man’s world’ together. Reluctant but happy to get her way, Andromadea agreed and together they set out to visit the city where Prothoe met Andromeda’s father. Bludhaven.


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