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Post by Mercy on Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:08 pm

When creating your roleplay, you can either roleplay with the entire forum, or roleplay with an individual or closed set of members.

Open Roleplays
When you create an roleplay for anyone to join, you must post a roleplay discussion where members can post links to their character sheets. This is called an Open roleplay. Next to the discussion thread bracket the word [Open] to allow members to jump in. From here you can accept or deny any character, as you are considered the Game Master for your Roleplay. Make sure you establish your rules. As for the vets of the forum, this is your basic RP, what we've done on our previous forum.

Closed Roleplays
If you want to have a one on one roleplay with someone we would prefer you to post a discussion thread so you and your roleplay partner's planning is laid out. We like for you to show your work! PM (Personal Messages) Roleplays are NOT considered to the timeline. Anything that you want to be added to the timeline and your respective character sheet, MUST HAVE A ROLEPLAY where the admins and other members have access to. We will make it a goal to read every roleplay so we're up to date with everyone that is apart of the forum. If something has happened and you can't point to proof that it happened to your character on the forum, whatever happened in PM is not considered canon. You can add as many players to your roleplay as you like.

Finished Roleplays
If your roleplay has finished, the GM must edit the first post to add the status [Finished]. An admin will then move your roleplay to the Finished Roleplay section, where anyone can review it.

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