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Harvey Bullock

"This may not be a great time to say it, kid -- but you're under arrest."
-Harvey Bullock, to Lonnie Machin

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Name: Harvey Bullock
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 250lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Physical Description:
With unkempt features wafting around his general person, his facial hair is usually patchy and looks for the most part, he’s sloppy. Bullock isn’t usually seen without a cigar in his mouth or a bottle of liquor in hand, even when he’s on the job. Dark stains are from either sweat or grease that cling to his clothes. Some say he looks like Eddie Valiant from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” got hit by a party bus and he just woke up.

Wearing a fedora and an overcoat, Harvey reluctantly puts on a tie every day at work. Some in his precinct like to guess what kind of breakfast he had on his way in to work by figuring out what stains are on his drab dress shirt. Strapped around him at all times is a shoulder holster that carries a police issued .38 special six shooter.

Colt Detective Special
A J frame, with a wooden handle and bobbed hammer, it is double action only; this handgun was given to him the day he made it to detective. It’s 21oz. and is only 6in. long with a 2in. barrel, so it’s fairly light and not very big. It fits in his hand easily and can drop someone if need be. It’s made for concealment.



Detective Skills
Harvey has the observation, investigative and cognitive abilities of an advanced detective. Despite his almost horrifying and lazy demeanor, underneath his exterior is a rather sharp mind. It’s possible that he could have rose through the ranks through bribes and favors, but as far as Jim Gordon is concerned, he is good at what he does.

Heavy Weight Fighter
Bullock has learned to use his weight when it comes to taking down an adversary in a fist fight. He uses what little skills he learned in the academy, but otherwise has minimal fighting experience. Most brawls with the common crooks are enough for Bullock to take; he’s well aware of how much he can or can’t handle, and would back out if things look too dicey.


He's a jerk. Everyone in the MCU knows that, but they're not brave enough to say it to his face. He's not missing molars because of his smoking habit. Your average Gothamite, he's born and raised by the harsh conditions of his surroundings, and it shows. Bullock takes advantage of his position as a city official constantly, whether it be cutting in line at the deli, taking a box of doughnuts after waving his badge, or even talking down to the beat cops; almost as karmic revenge when he was once a beat cop taking orders from corrupt detectives.

Harvey is very opinionated, hard headed, and doesn't really care who knows it. He does however listen very well to authority figures. He has been known to kiss butt and partake in favors in order to please those in charge. He has never been one to lead, but he sure does know how to follow.


Harvey Bullock knew one thing about Gotham as a young boy; cops have it made in Gotham. Working as a beat cop, he was the partner of a more determined officer of the law. By comparison, it looked as if he didn't work a day in his life, and possibly by some stretch of the means, he hasn't. Bullock did however hate the constant orders from detectives who weren't even his boss, but simply outranked him. Suddenly, he had a goal.

Knowing the power behind the detective aspect, he decided he was going to aim to earn the status. He began to hone his observation skills slowly, until he deemed it too hard and began pulling in some favors from the higher ups. Bribes and exchange of hands occurred, before he knew it, Bullock was a detective. Despite this, it could either be out of fear, or just plain honesty, people in his precinct swear up and down that he's a good clean cop. Clean in the metaphorical sense.

Bullock was saddled with a partner, the only other good detective, Renee Montoya; the only other good detective that Captain James Gordon trusted. They became apart of Gordon's task force, a the select group of people to access and operate the bat signal atop the building of the MCU. Harvey doesn't firmly believe in operating with Gotham's Dark Knight, in fact he believes they should put him in Arkham with the rest of the looneys they take in. However, Gordon always denies his comments, and whatever quarrel he has with him usually ends the moment it begins, because of his passive nature towards authority figures.


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