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Post by Mercy on Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:41 am

What is Derpverse you may ask. Well, this is what we affectionately call our roots of roleplaying. Back in the year 2010, a roleplay kicked off a forum into popularity among its members. Over twenty different members were involved in a single roleplay, pages of posts would go by in a single night, some would call it bunny posting. The point was, everyone involved had a good time, we bonded over these roleplays. This was the first time most of the members had begun roleplaying in their lives, and it all started on a Teen Titan's forum.

The goal of derpverse is the same as the forum, to have fun. Even so, we need rules so that nothing goes haywire.


1. Canon
Nothing in Derpverse is Canon. Not the characters, the events, or even at times, the places. The development of one character in Derpverse has no consequence to the main forum's RP.

2. Structure
While Derpverse is more free from our main RP's rules, structure and order are imperative to any roleplay. Discussion threads will be for conversation out of character for plots, questions, and characters (and their sheets). Actual Derpverse RP will be done in their designated threads. No Godmodding is still an active rule for every roleplay.

3. Game Master
The Universe in which any roleplay takes place is up to the GM to create. You can mix the comics with the cartoons, or the movies with the kids books. Anything goes as long as the GM has a fleshed out world. As long as it makes sense you can from pool as many sources as you like. If you want to make a world where Superman stayed dead after Doomsday, you have that flexibility. If you want to insert your original characters into the 2011 Green Lantern film, nothing is stopping you aside from the fact that 2011's Green Lantern was akin to the director placing his butt cheeks on your eyes, and giving you a face full of fart.

Disclaimer: Due to the lackadaisical approach to rules and their enforcement within the Derpverse section (i.e no character sheets required, amalgam universes ect ect..), everyone will be expected to take everything with a grain of salt. If someone's character, canon or OC, does or says something you don't think is correct--talk with the other player respectfully and with an open mind. Give a person a chance to explain their actions, but also be open to criticism from others.

As we've stated, this is all about having fun and creating unique worlds/characters. Derpverse is a privilege not a right. If you as a player are not comfortable RPing with characters that have no clear and concise info, perhaps Derpverse is not the right venue for you.

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