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 Character Sheet Template Empty Character Sheet Template

Post by DegenerateDog on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:51 pm

The following template is the basic skeleton for the Canon/OC sheets that will be used on this forum. Visual variations are acceptable as long as all the information below is given, this is a grocery list of what the GMs expect to see and will need to determine the compatibility between their RP Threads and your Character.

DO NOT post your character sheets on this Thread. All Canon character sheets should be posted in the discussion thread of the RP you are applying for. OCs will have their own threads that will be placed in the Accepted Characters sub section when they are reviewed and accepted by the Admins. A link to said OC ref sheet can be posted in the RP Discussion Thread you are seeking to join.

Another good place to put your OC character links is in your signature. That way a person may click on any one of these links for easy access to the already accepted character.

Name: This is self explanatory. This is the section for what your character will respond/write/introduce themselves as/to.

Alias: This section will be where your characters secret identity or other monikers will go.

Age: Also self explanatory. If your charactetrs species has a different life span than the average human (which will be the base stats you will be going off of) then please give the human equivalent as well.

Gender: Male. Female. Trans. Other. Any gender is acceptable. If your Character is biologically one gender but identifies as another please specify that here.

Species: This is where you put the species of your character, any species will be accepted but keep in mind that this is a Gotham City based RP. A GM will be less likely to accept your character in their RP (even if as a character sheet it is placed under the Accepted characters category). It takes away the fun for the none-super powered characters; especially the Cannon villains, if they are getting easily thwarted by a Superman.

Height/Weight/Hair/Eyes: This is the basic descriptions for the listed traits. Keep in mind, if you want to have oddly colored eyes/hair that aren't natural for the species you've chosen a reason might be required.

Physical Description: This section is where you will write about your characters body type and any other unique qualities (i.e. scars, piercings, tattoos or mutations). Keep in mind that this is only for physical mutations, if your physical mutations are the source of your metahuman powers, write their abilities in the follow sections; not here.

Gear/Clothes: This section is for the physical description and abilities of your clothes/armor/weapons/equipment. Clothes are fairly simple, but all armor or equipment abilities need to be written here; try to keep this section organized.  For each piece of Gear give one paragraph of description minimum.

Try to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to the abilities of your armor and equipment/weapons/vehicles. If something seems too overpowered or too vague you will be asked to explain and change it if it is deemed inappropriate. Ask the GMs or Admins any questions you might have BEFORE posting a character sheet if you are unsure about any Gear you come up with. It saves time.

Abilities: The section below is where you will list out all your characters abilities; be they magical, physical or metaphysical.

Magical Abilities: If you use anything that taps into a force of the mystical realms. Be they the reality altering powers of Order and Chaos. The infernal powers of Hell or the celestial abilities of Heaven. Backwards magic. Anything that is considered magic must be expanded upon and listed out below. One paragraph minimum is required per ability.

Physical Abilities: This section is for any form of Martial Art, military training with firearms or weapons and any physical mutations. If your character has super strength/endurance ect ect put it here. One Paragraph minimum per abilitiy.

Metahuman Abilities: This section is for any ability your character is naturally born with that is not considering a natural trait for your species. One paragraph minimum per ability.

Personality: Who is your character? How do they respond to life-threatening situations? Are they stoic? Happy Go-lucky? Evil-as-hell? What drives them to do what they do? What are their morals? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself.

Place the basics of your characters personality traits in this section. Give us a glimpse into the person this character is. We would like two paragraphs minimum for this section. You can only explain so much, RP is the best place to showcase who your character is but a general idea into the mind of this Character will help other Players (though not their characters) understand who they are trying to interact with.

History: This is the section most people will be spending many grueling hours on. Not gonna lie. History is a nightmare to write most of the time. But it is important to know where your character has come from in order to see where they are going.

Please try to refrain from having your OC have too many connections with Cannon characters, . We don't want to see any long lost brothers of Batman or the Scarecrows wife. Try to be original and expand on the origins of your OC. We would like to see three paragraphs minimum in this section.

When it comes to Cannon characters, keep in mind the Era the RP is taking place in. If the thread takes place in Pre-Batman Gotham, Two-Face isn't going to be Two-Face; he's going to be Harvey Dent. Your history WILL be double-checked and corrections might need to be made if the History is not accurate to the RP.

Roleplays: This section is for pure organization purposes. In a spoiler tag please place a list of the RPs you are involved in with this specific character and whether or not that RP is Completed or In Progress. Or if you are active in that RP or inactive.  Include a link to the RP to make it easier for other Players to reference and research your character.



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 Character Sheet Template Empty Re: Character Sheet Template

Post by DegenerateDog on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:52 pm

The Template you will expected to follow is below. Copy and Paste this into a document and fill out the required fields.

[b]Character Name Here[/b]

(Image of character goes here. This is not required)


[b]Physical Description:[/b]








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