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Post by redeagle321 on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:43 pm

Hiya! This is the spot for your character sheets. As with the main site, they will be reviewed and given observations and critique by myself or one of the admins prior to approval, if it is necessary. Just follow the main site's CS template and guidelines, linked below;


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TT: Beyond Character sheets! Empty Re: TT: Beyond Character sheets!

Post by DegenerateDog on Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:49 pm

Octa Oom:

"Don't worry Miss. Muffet. I don't bite."
TT: Beyond Character sheets! Thriftymouse-songs-to-watch-boys-to

Name: Octa Oom
Alias: Ichor
Age: 19 years old
Species: Metahuman

Height: 5’0”
Weight: 95lbs
Hair: Blonde to Firetruck Red ombre, smooth and straight chin length inverted bob.
Eyes: Two sets of two; four total. Large, round and black.

Clothes: Octa wears a black, tight, sleeveless turtle-neck, that has had two extra holes cut out down either side to allow her secondary and Tertiary arms to poke out, it stops at her midriff . She wears black full length leggings and a golden necklace that seems to possess some value to her. She wears no shoes.

Octa does wear a full length trench coat that is two sizes too big for her when she has to go outside of the slums. It prevents the hassle open discrimination brings.



Venomous Bite: Octa has 32 razor sharp teeth, two of which are larger than the rest and are syringe like in nature. These lead to venom producing glands hidden within her nasal system that produces an organic toxin. A average person might survive a bite, as Octa can choose how much venom is released, but if a person is allergic they could go into Anaphylaxis. The toxin causes: severe pain, redness, itching, seepage from the bite. Infection is likely.


High Jump: Due to the nature of her splicing, Octa can jump up to 30 feet from a standing position and has clocked herself at about 70 feet from a running position. She is light and agile, allowing her freedom of mobility to contort mid air and aim for a specific landing spot.

Silk Spitter: Concealed in the slender column of Octa’s throat, two glands sit on either side, mixed in with her lymph nodes and eustachian tubes. These glands produce a thick, webbing that can hold up to 500 pounds of weight/pressure. These thick, white strands replenish themselves over the course of one week, so the substance must be rationed.

Hawk-Eyed: Octa has two sets of eyes, a large primary set and a smaller secondary set. These eyes are very special, adjusting to daylight and the dark depending on the exposure to either. She can see in almost any setting, and from great distances. Due to her lack of additional eyes, she does not have the 360 degree vision that the true jumping spider boasts.

Exoskeleton: Octa’s dermis is a mixture of hard, exoskeletal plates and softer, more pliable plates. On her back, outer arms, outer thighs and calves, the back of her neck and the tops of her feet, these dense, exoskeletal plates can deflect knifes and can even break fingers if they were to punch too hard. This is all covered with a soft, fuzzy outer epidermis, that almost feels like human skin.


Delicate: While Octa can boast a great many skills, much like the creatures that granted her, her unique abilities, she gained one great weakness. She is a glass cannon of sorts, a fall from even a height that would not greatly harm a human, might damage her enough to be fatal. She cannot take hits from superhuman punches or even cars. Her carapace can split, and it takes a long time for her to heal when it does.

Dietary Requirements: Octa is an obligate carnivore, she can only properly digest meat. Because of this, she has allergic reactions to most dairy products, refined sugars and grains. She can eat some fruit (in moderation) and leafy greens. But these upset her stomach and she can become ill from ingesting too much.

Substances Vulnerability: She is highly susceptible to any kind of chemical. She cannot take medications, drink alcohol or indulge in smoking of any kind. She is easy to poison, as even the most mundane form of chemical can affect her ten times as much as it would a normal human being.

Personality: Octa Oom is a good person, despite her harsh beginnings. She loves her community, always going out of her way to help in even the most mundane tasks. It truly was the kindness of the people who she lives around who helped her develop into the well-adjusted persona that she is.

She is laid back about her appearance and has made the choice to never hate herself for it, she believes that her genetic alteration is something she had no say in and shouldn’t be held accountable for. People’s views or judgement of her will never get to her, but she is considerate of the sensitivity of others.


Dr. Abel Cuvier was a geneticist who introduced a method of combining animal and human DNA together, a fad called ‘Splicing’ that was outlawed after the nefarious intentions behind it were exposed and proof that it incited aggressive behavior in it’s victims was proven.

Before it was outlawed and Cuvier, himself, turned into a horrific amalgam; he sought ways to change the game of splicing. He sought to make it a lifestyle, and as he had a vast following of people who would do just about anything for him, he had many lives at his disposal. One such person was Yuna Oom, a young Indonesian immigrant who desperately wanted to fit in.

Convinced to not only to let Dr Cuvier impregnate her, but to also let him experiment on her unborn child, Yuna was one of only a few successes. She carried the child to term without problem, even the birth was easy as the tampering had calcified the amniotic sac into a smooth, football sized egg. Small and easy to pass.

The egg however, needed time and Dr.Cuvier was (presumably) killed in a confrontation with Batman. Yuna took her child and moved to a different city, far away from the trouble she faced in Gotham, fearful that her child would be taken away. She incubated the egg to completion and little Octa was born, a soft shelled, happy mutant.

Yuna loved her child, raising her in the safety of her home, educating herself and Octa. Though she lived in the slums, the people around the pair supported them and kept them safe. Yuna built a family of the elderly folk and tight knit group who understood hardship and wished it on no one.

Octa grew up happy and loved, and eventually her mother put herself through nursing school, making enough money to buy a good house outside of the slums. Octa was sixteen at the time and made the decision to stay with her community, visiting her mother often and begrudgingly accepting small chunks of money from Yuna. To put her mother’s mind at ease.

She lives alone in the slums of Metropolis now, an outstanding and beloved member of the community. Poor but happy. Always ready to help someone in need, and waiting for fate to take her in hand.

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TT: Beyond Character sheets! Empty Re: TT: Beyond Character sheets!

Post by Mercy on Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:16 pm

Aqua Girl:

“The Waters are where Body unites with Spirit.”

TT: Beyond Character sheets! Aquagirl_by_ma6-da6ismx

Name: Rhode Reagan
Alias: Aqua Girl
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Long Red
Skin: White
Eyes: Ice Blue
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: Atlantis Pacific Front, Birds of Prey
Attire: Atlantean armor  
Race: Atlantean

Good-bye for now and be put to sea.


Rhode is an angry, no nonsense, never-give-up Atlantean who doesn't give in to anyone. She has a strong sense of morality which her hardheadedness gives in to. She will pursue her cause no matter what or die trying. She is a patriot, almost to the point where she could even be labeled as a chauvinist towards Atlantis.

An extreme advocate for independence, she is one of very few women in the Atlantis National Army, and the only woman in the Atlantis Pacific Front, Rhode had always felt the need to prove herself. The one way she felt was appropriate was to percolate independence. She often refuses help, or even basic assistance. It has made her stronger, but it also distances her from her troops.


Superhuman Durability
Rhode's skin is resistant to sharp objects, bullets, and any physical harm if she is hydrated with water mixed with a high concentration of sodium to maintain homeostasis in her unique Atlantean body.

Superhuman Equilibrium
Because of her amphibious physiology, Rhode has an acute sense of balance. This includes balance in normal levels in the air, if there is a hint of alcohol, if someone cleaned up a room with chemicals, or if someone recently smoked, she can sense it.

Superhuman Stamina
Rhode is able to withstand an incredible amount of strain to her body as long as she stays hydrated. She can run for hours, swim miles at top speeds before she needs a break, and endure more punishment than the average human being.

Superhuman Strength
She has the ability to lift and/or press volumes of mass far in excess to that normally possible for a normal human being. In addition to this, thanks to her toned legs from constantly swimming she can leap over buildings in a single bound because of her increased strength, as well as sprint up to 80 mph on land.

Rhode can communicate telepathically to all creatures, including sea creatures. While she cannot hold a conversation with a fish, she can telepathically urge them to do her bidding.

Rhode has the ability to control and manipulate water through Atlantis' Military Magic. She briefly trained in Hydrokenisis, and various other magic arts, but water manipulation had always been her strongpoint. She can even extract the water from a subject or control the water in her body to levitate. Due to her water dependency though, she cannot levitate for long; not without an abundant source or body of water.

Not so alien like, just as a lizard can grow its tail back, it is possible for Rhode to regrow a limb if it was severed. In addition to this, she has a fast regeneration as long as she is well hydrated. Though serious injuries such as stabs, bleed outs, and severed limbs do require medical attention before her regenerative properties can take into affect.  

Leadership skills
From the militant training in Atlantis, Rhode is a born leader. She commands the Pacific Armies of the Seven Seas, granted access from Aquaman himself. She leads an Atlantean Battalion to preserve peace in the Pacific Waters.

Rhode commands the Architeuthis, she has exclusive control over him, but can only call upon him when the conditions of his appearance are met. The sun must not be in the sky, rain must be constant, and she cannot call upon him more than once in the same month. It does take a while depending on her location for his appearance. Architeuthis is a colossal squid, that's measures 80 feet long, and considered a super predator. It can swallow a great white whole.


Atlantean Spear
The spear that Aquagirl fashions is more that it seems. The tip can shoot out for offensive purposes or used as a grapnel. The string in which the tip is connected to is extremely thin, yet stronger than steel so it can coil into the staff of the spear. The Spear can extend and release explosive shocks of electricity to incapacitate hostiles.

Atlantis Captain Armor
Forged from titanium links, Rhode wears a chainmail underneath a fitted breastplate shell. She also wields a reinforced brace gauntlet on her left arm, that doubles her strength in that arm, which she often makes use of, since she is left handed. Her right arm has a segment of a black tentacle cut from Architeuthis, which allows Rhode personal control of the beast. It is literally infused with her skin, and also serves as minor armor against blades if struck against. Her right arm packs a vambrace which utilizes magic to increase her metaphysical abilities; including telepathy, regeneration, and Hydrokenisis. Rhode's skirt is made of scales of many fish infused with an iron and titanium alloy to increase the amount of punishment it can take. Her leggings are the same chainmail on her chest as well. The boots are designed with fins to allow faster swimming and has pockets to allow hidden blades. If Rhode pounds her left heel to the ground it releases the Voyager. Her right heel shoots a hidden blade at the tip of her boot.

The Voyager
An elongated knife with a serrated edge, used to cut rope and stored in her boot's ankle. It is made of a non-galvanized black titanium infused with a passive layer of chromium to prevent rust. Rhode's father, a scientist, had developed the blade in his lab specifically for her journeys in the Pacific, and was a parting gift. The sharpness and durability of The Voyager is incomparable to modern landwalker science.

Rhode was born and raised in Poseidonis, the Capital of Atlantis; she felt the innate need to visit the surface frequently. She envied her King, Arthur Curry, that he was usually above water, interacting with the men and women above. But unlike her king, she is full Atlantean and can’t last above water for too long. She spent her time trying to get close to Arthur, so she enlisted in the Atlantis Special Defense Force, where she learned that she was an excellent leader. She learned hand-to-hand combat, squad-based combat, and predatory combat. Rhode excelled in her field, so much so that she was drafted to the pacific seas the Atlantis Pacific Front.

There she proved to be a valuable asset and was quickly promoted to Captain, where she commanded a Battalion comprised of three Lieutenants and their underlings. For years, she commanded posts, and outfits. She stopped a fleet of pirates from overthrowing ships, aided in stopping oil spills, and stunted development in crimes against Atlantis.

Rhode now patrols the Pacific with her Battalion and a fleet of Tiger Sharks.

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