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Post by redeagle321 on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:46 pm

This is the section where i'll be pinning up the history, layout, setting and so forth of the RP, with a post at LEAST once every few days (I would LIKE to promise one every other day, but you know how life gets) until i've completely emptied my noggin out on here!

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Post by redeagle321 on Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:15 pm

Infodump; The Titans!

It’s a safe bet most of us are familiar with the Teen Titans, and this new incarnation of the team isn’t so different, at the core of it- young, gifted individuals fighting for truth, justice, blah blah blah. However, there are subtle differences with this version- Notice that they’re just the Titans- the age limit isn’t specified to allow flexibility with future recruits.

As mentioned, the team is FAR larger then just five- the team size actually hovers closer to ten- eleven members, possibly even more with the passage of time. However, ten+ super powered fighters bearing down on a single criminal would be lunacy, so the team is split when being sent on missions. Often, the team is split into a group of three to five members, whilst the rest of the team is kept at the tower in reserve to continue their training, respond to possible simultaneous crises, or act as backup should the current team require it.

Team selection is spread pretty evenly, unless you’re an obviously superior choice for the mission at hand- for instance, if you’re an expert on advanced engineering and some maniac is sabotaging industrial equipment to go nutty- you may be asked to perform in adjacent missions. However, this is rare. More likely then not, if you were in the last mission, you probably won’t be on this one. The teams are often paired up based on how well they work together, but it’s not uncommon for Tim to decide to mix things up and cause dissimilar teammates to work together as well, to make sure the team can work together in various lineups and be familiar with each other’s styles outside of their personal comfort zone.

Tim Drake, the team’s leader and mentor, seldom takes to the field himself- his primary goal is to see to it that the team is capable of acting on their own with limited intervention on his behalf and will assume the role of Oracle, providing the team with Intel and tech support most times. However, if the situation is particularly dangerous or his explicit help is required he WILL intervene.

After the defeat of Blight and Bruce Wayne’s return to active leadership of Wayne- Powers, he noticed the decaying situation with Metahuman relationships with the public. After the disappearance of the Justice league, he knew that things would get worse without intervention, and that the problems would be major ones.

He branched out to SHARP, the Super Human Abuse Resistance Program, and together they formulated the idea that would become the Titans. Investigation his resources, Wayne discovered that Derek Powers had once purchased a rather large Penthouse in Metropolis, in the state-of-the-art Solar Tower Spacescraper. The size was huge, and came quipped with a jet ramp and hovercar housing- everything they needed. Wayne provided the space- Powers surely wasn’t in a position to object-  And together with SHARP provided the toys. A state of the art computer setup with powerful fiber- optic net access, advanced internal security systems, the Pressure Chamber, and vehicles for the team to use akin to those once used by the Jump City Titans. [the next infodump will be about the team’s resources and allies, so don’t fret about this segment being vague]

With public opinion of metas in a freefall, it’s going to take something impressive to cause the public to improve its stance. Bearing this in mind, Wayne and SHARP knew that bringing in a new incarnation of the Teen Titans- a well reputed and fondly remembered team of gifted individuals of different looks, backgrounds and abilities- would be a step in the right direction. With the city of Metropolis no longer under the protection of the JLU, this seemed like the ideal location. With time and effort, it is the hope that the team can overcome the rapidly rising prejudice and remind the world that not all Metas are harbingers of destruction.

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Post by redeagle321 on Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:06 pm

The team has several resources at their disposal thanks to the collaborations of SHARP and Wayne, and these are the most evident ones. After all, what’s a superhero team without some cool toys?!

-The S-Car
S-Car is the team’s answer to the T-Car or Batmobile. A fast hovercar, it can very easily break the sound barrier when pushed to it’s most powerful flight settings, boasts sturdy yet lightweight plating capable of shrugging off anything short of a sonic missile strike, and looks stylish to boot. It is normaly capable of comfortably seating five passengers but capable of cramming more in, should it be deemed necessary. It has the following tools and tech;
-Ion boosters, capable of reaching speeds of about Mach 2
-Holocom, allowing the team to communicate with the tower and vice versa clearly, as well as directly link with teammates in the field.
-Autopilot and auto recall- using a special comm. Device issued to whomever is in command of the active team, the vehicle can be called to the team in an emergency and can autopilot to the Tower should the passengers be incapable of piloting. Any issues given by the Tower’s main computer will override any commands issued in the field.
-Megnetic grapple, capable of towing several tons safely. The cable can also have a charge sent through it, should the need arise.
-Multi- purpose pods, capable of carrying up to four units of tear gas, flashbangs, or whatever the situation calls for
-EMP Pulse cannon, similar to the non- lethal weapon type used by SHARP. Most enemies will be stunned by the burst, and un- insulated electronics will be fried.
-The on- board computer, while not nearly as powerful as the mainframe, can still acess radio signals, run a signifigant radar system, and give the basic status of active teammembers in the field and be used for limited hacking operations.
-Video and recording equipment
-The efficient Ion Batteries are capably of powering the vehicle for several days on a single charge.

The Fast Locating Armored Rescue and Emergency vehicle is the S-Car’s big brother and their answer to the T-Sub/Batwing. Capable of withstanding the crushing depths of the ocean and limited spaceflight on it’s own powerful Ion engines, it is an impressive vehicle. However, it is far larger and prolific then the S-car, making it unfeasible for day- to- day missions. As the name implies, it is for missions in either far more dangerous or in more inaccessible locations then the S-car, or for when one team using the S-car is distressed and needs backup or extraction ASAP. It can comfortably fit six members but in a squeeze can accommodate more. It possesses the following capabilities;

-It can hit speeds of about Mach 5
-Can comfortably handle up to 30,000 psi of pressure- more then the pressure at the deepest parts of the ocean- without loosing any maneuverability power, and can maneuver in the upper atmosphere and in orbit as easily as the ocean depths. However, it lacks the ability to exit the solar system- it simply can’t carry an Ion charge that long unaided.  
-Carries six multi- purpose pods instead of four
-Possesses an Ion battery capable of holding a seven day charge. Naturally, this charge can be consumed more quickly if the vehicle is pushed [repeated use of pulse cannons or pushed on it’s highest speed for a long time]
-Otherwise, possesses the same tools at the S-car, such as grapple, a pulse cannon, etc.

-A-Comm (Aural Communicator)
Psh, who uses a big, bulky, brightly colored communicator any more? The modern equivalent is a FAR smaller device that usually is attached to the earlobe via special adhesives. It is capable of receiving and sending out transmissions, as well as gathering basic vitals, such as heart rate, and functions as a GPS device for locating missing members. A single tap to the device allows the user to speak and transmit whereas a second one with end their transmission. The channel being used by all A-Comms can be changed at the mainframe computer. Pressing down on the device for five seconds` activates a distress beacon that can be detected at the mainframe, allowing Tim or whoever is coordinating the Tower to see the immediate location of the distressed individual. The only one who doesn’t usually wear an A-comm is Rex, who has his comm. Patched into his helmet.

-The Mainframe
A highly powerful and sophisticated computer, similar in power to Bruce Wayne’s own setup in the Batcave, if the teammates are the heart of the team, then the mainframe is the nervous system and its operator is the brain. With a profoundly fast connection to the city network, powerful hacking programs, holo projectors, analysis tools, and a connection to the team vehicles and A-comms, it is a critical piece of the team’s arsenal in the 50’s digital era.

-The Pressure Chamber
The ultimate collaboration of the best modern technology can offer, it’s the area of the tower devoted to training and education. With holograms, re- position-able walls, a fully equipped gym, and a nigh- endless number of different possible configurations that can simulate millions of different possible scenarios, the bulk of the team’s time is spent here when not in the field. In addition to the physical work, it also has a library equipped with dozens of holobooks to further the team’s home-school- style education they receive from Tim. Hey, even superheroes need an education! The Mainframe has a master kill-switch for the entirety of the PC, in case of a malfunction.

It wields the affectionate nickname ‘The Pressure Cooker’ thanks to Rex, due to the often intense training and education regiments the team sometimes undergoes within.

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Post by redeagle321 on Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:21 pm

Infodump: Skyboarding!

What is a future world without at least one futuristic sport?! If you’re a hot- blooded sports enthusiast, you’ve probably hopped on a hoverboard. But the professional sport, Skyboarding, is a whooooole ‘nuther thing. Fast, dangerous, and the ultimate way to experience the thrill of getting off the ground. Skyboards on their own are capable of flight close to 50 MPH, but a professional and/or someone who’s done some modifications can easily push a board past that. Boards have a low- power protective field around them, protecting the rider from the effects of traveling at fast speeds or higher altitudes without much discomfort as well as an anti collision detector that can quickly re- direct the board in an emergency.

The pros, however, compete much like skateboarders and the like- it’s whoever can pull off the biggest, flashiest, most daring techniques and wow the judges the best, be it on an obstacle course or in a flat field to prove your creativity. A professional Skyboarding game is considered one of the most spectacular modern events- seeing flyers pull off bold moves, watching brightly colored Ion steams arc across the sky, has few equals in the 50’s sporting world.

These are some common tricks and techniques unique to Skyboarding, but it is FAR from a complete list- it is limited by only the imagination of the boarder;

-Ion Painting= Using the Ion trail left by the board to make an image. However, an Ion trail only lingers for roughly 10 seconds, making time and speed of the essence. Boards can have a lens placed over the back to color the ion stream differently. This doesn’t impact the board’s performance but can loan itself to some varied and impressive feats of Ion painting.
-Cloud Carving= Similar to Ion Painting, it is using the force of the speed of the board to forcibly change the shape of a cloud. This is FAR more difficult as one must account the size and type of cloud, the wind, the angle at which the cloud is affected, and so forth. However this, combined with Ion Painting, can create BREATHTAKING imagery when the pros do it.
-Sky Dropping= An EXTREMELY dangerous technique, the user plows STRAIGHT down on their board, using the anti- collision safety to pull up at the last second and shoot forward at incredible speed, far surpassing what the board can do on it’s own power. But this technique requires COMPLETELY accurate timing, and pulling up a fraction of a second too late can cause the anti- collision to be overwhelmed, unable to deflect the impact and smear board and boarder on the ground.

Of course, EVERYONE wants to compete for something big, and the one- to- beat is the national championship, held every other year in Metropolis. The best boarding teams from around the country gather to compete in the show, and to the victor goes the coveted Ion medal- a crystal with a glowing ion burn trapped in it, giving it a constant light. It is not only beautiful, but a highly coveted trophy to anyone who’s ever competed in the sport.

Metropolis has a professional team of Boarders, the Metropolis Monarchs, Which includes the following members;
[Trivia; they are all based on minor characters that have all held the title of Robin. I promise more descriptive renditions of the characters in future infodumps!]
Richard Keys [Based on Ricky from Batman 3000]
Robert Chang [Based on Robert Chang from Batman: Digital Justice]
Caroline Kelly [Based on Carrie Kelly from The Dark Knight Returns]

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Post by redeagle321 on Sun Mar 27, 2016 11:48 pm

Infodump: Ion Technology

Fossil fuels? Tch, SO twenty- teens! Hydrogen- Ion cells are the current vessel of power production in the 2050’s. To operate, an Ion cell is given an initial charge, depleted of is material and can be re- fueled/ re charged at a special station or small ion batteries can be re- charged in the home via a standard wall outlet and charger. Almost all Ion utilizing technology lasts far longer then a conventional counterpart, unless the device is impaired or otherwise.

A large Ion cell- such as that in a vehicle- can burn cleanly for a long time before being re- energized. However, although Ion’s only real by- product is water vapor, it DOES give off a distinct smell akin to the aftermath of a lightning bolt, an ozone- like tang.

Smaller Ion- utilizing appliances such as a Skyboard or Izzy’s pulse sword all use Ion batteries instead. Re- chargeable and biodegradable, they are less common in favor of the old fashioned cell battery due to the price. Ion batteries give off an off- silver or very light red light discharge when utilized, making them unpopular for most household uses. However, this can give a welcome aesthetic effect when it’s a desired result, such as a skyboard’s ion trail or the faint red light trail Izzy’s sword briefly leaves when swung in its energized state.

Ion reactors are, as one might imagine, the largest form of Ion energy output. A large vehicle such as a naval vessel or a city power plant could run for years on end cleanly, assuming proper upkeep and caution were taken. A single Ion plant could power the city of Metropolis cleanly for a long time on Ion fuel, and with power to spare.

A bright side of it is that it burns very cleanly- it leaves only harmless vapor as it’s by- product. Despite the off- putting smell from the Ion consumption in larger devices, it is far safer to breathe then the fumes given off by the consumption of fossil fuels and is much more environmentally friendly then Nuclear power in reactors.

Sadly, it is not without drawbacks. While Ion devices are only somewhat more expensive then the traditional counterpart, the nature of Hydrogen means it explodes quite spectacularly when mishandled in its state as fuel.

Hydrogen recharge stations for cars and the like have largely replaced gas stations, but there are still a few here and there for those who prefer a vintage ride, albeit even those are beginning to fade out as well.

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Post by redeagle321 on Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:33 pm

Infodump: Biots!

Biot- short for Biological Robot- is a new concept in science. With the advent of advanced scientific breakthroughs with the likes of splicing, cloning, and genetic manipulation of various forms, coupled with hyper life-like technology and substances, science provides the ability now to create purely artificial humans, ones with no genetic ‘parents’ and an artificial genome sequence built around the most advanced, lifelike technology.

Now, of course, the idea of Biots was largely met with eye- rolling at first- sequencing artificial human genomes would surely be enough, no need to complicate this by marrying it with pseudo- organic machinery. But one Doctor Guildenstern challenged this mentality.

He was a pioneer in genetic research, and was the first to code an artificial human genome. But that wasn’t enough for him. To validate his research, he put himself to the ultimate test of his abilities. By utilizing and implanting cutting edge machinery with lab- made artificial tissues, he created the first Biot. She was capable of carrying out even the most mundane of organic functions, such as eating, sleeping, and so forth. However, his project was touted about as a trophy, and she only held the name ‘Biot’ until the established scientific community at large caught on. The Biot’s creation was considered in the same category as machinery to skirt cloning laws, but he was largely disliked by his peers for being an insufferably smug asshole. Hearing of his achievement, jealous researchers framed him for violating several scientific laws and had Guildenstern arrested and his research- and the Biot- confiscated.

The Biot Guildenstern created led an empty life, passed around from laboratory to laboratory and experienced many strange manifestations of underlying psychic powers- not only had Guildenstern cracked artificial genome sequencing and creating fully functional artificial bodies, he had accidentally created a metahuman Biot. The Biot, passed around and experiencing little real human contact or affection, eventually found her way into the possession of Phoenix with just the right payoffs and favors, where she became the template for the monstrous Litmus incident [To be covered in the future] which was shut down by SHARP as Sarah Roper’s first major victory as the new head of said organization. The Biot was, sadly, biopsied and disassembled at a genetic level so that Phoenix could replicate Guildenstern’s work of mapping artificial genomes. While they succeeded, the research was confiscated by SHARP and put to better use, as the codes and notes provided valuable insight into genetic anomalies and brain patters, allowing SHARP to expertly tune their methods of assisting troubled psychics. As a result, the Biot- dubbed ‘Eve’- did not die in vain.

Guildenstern has since been released from prison, and has been all but printing new Biots out for some new clients- some of them quite questionable clients- that provide him the capital to further his work and hone his process to be able to intentionally create Biots with or without metaphysical abilities.

In public, a Biot is difficult to discern from the average person if one doesn’t know what to look for. The easiest way to tell is blood color- a Biot’s ‘blood’ is a shiny silver color, identical to Mercury. Their bodily tissues, and open areas of the body such as the mouth, are usually a much more muted shade of red/pink then in a normal human, almost appearing as white/very faint pink. However, a Biot is usually made to order, and looks such as skin, hair and eye shape/color will vary widely from Biot to Biot, much like a real human.

Biots have very robust immune systems, and unless deliberately infected in a lab or via a bioweapon or something, they will almost never catch a cold or get sick.

While a Biot IS capable of reproducing with a human (unless designed to be sterile) an offspring between the two would be fraught with health problems due to the intermixing of artificial and natural genetic material.

A biot often will age on a crawl compared to a human- they are built already looking their very early 20’s/very late teens (unless otherwise requested by the client) but the upward limit of their age is untested, estimated to be at least a few hundred years if taken care of well and will show little sign of aging. However, it is possible for a Biot to be designed to grow old and age like a human or be modified to do so.

While on the whole a Biot is usually a mentally functional entity, their artificial nature means that they can be designed to fulfill certain roles, and Doctor Guildenstern has made more then a handful that fulfill combat roles and other less savory roles in society.

You WILL encounter several Biots over the course of the story. A small handful will be valuable allies to the team, but the more will be in antagonistic roles.

Then you are more then welcome to do so! Just keep in mind;
-You oc was DEFINITELY created by Doctor Guildenstern for a client.
-The CAUSE of said character’s creation, however, is up to you- whether it be made as an assassin or made to be a replacement for someone's murdered child, as long as the story isn’t too wacky I won’t protest too hard.
-A Biot can have metaphysical abilities, but NOT magic based ones due to their artificial nature

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Post by redeagle321 on Thu Apr 07, 2016 4:39 pm

Infodump: Cannon Characters (Good guys)

Over the course of the RP, we’ll meet lots of cannon characters, both young and old! This list is FLEXIBLE and is ALWAYS subject to change. The majority of these characters are available to use if you want them, save for those with [brackets], which I have other uses for. Keep in mind, just because a character is not listed here doesn’t mean they are unwelcome- if there’s a cannon character THAT IS APPROPRIATE TO THE SETTING that you wish to bring in, I am more than willing to accommodate.

Information in GOLD is information that relates to our RPs- otherwise the information provided originates from a cannon source. This information is, admittedly, brief- it’ll be in the timetable [upcoming] that a majority of them will have major events in their lives displayed. I will also include some links at the bottom for some more information on less well known characters. If I were to do a full multi- paragraph description of each character, then this list would’ve taken a very long time.

Characters with an asterisk* by them will (probably) not make an appearance but will do/have done something to impact the story in some manner. The contributions or appearance of a character may not occur until some time has passed in the course of the RP.

=I give credit to Abby for helping me with some of the elements on this list=

Bruce Wayne
The original Batman, he was retired for quite some time after a heart attack. He has since come out of retirement, training the newest Batman and becoming more involved in his company and the world at large again.

He is also one of the benefactors of the Titans, providing them with Intel, resources, and their current central location in Solar Tower.

Terry McGinnis*
The Current Batman, he took up the mantle to bring the man responsible for his father’s murder to justice. Since then he has brought the name Batman back into minds far and wide.

(She has a full fledged CS to come at a future date)
The daughter of Richard ‘Dick’ Greyson, she was a troublemaker after the death of her mother, who died young due to illness. Her relationship with her father his distant at best.

Her attitude drew in the attention of SHARP, whom she has worked loosely with. Director Roper is trying to help her find better outlets for her destructive tendencies.

Richard Greyson*
The first Robin and the original Nightwing, and once even briefly Batman. He led a successful career against crime, later being a founding member of Batman Inc., but it was cut short when he received a crippling injury when on a mission with Batman (Bruce Wayne)

He leads a relatively peaceful life now as a stock worker, but his relationship with the aging Bruce is strained at best.

[Timothy Drake]
(a full fledged CS is in works for this one due to his importance to the core story)
The third Robin, later adopting the name Red Robin and, in time, the title Eagle. He is a close ally of Bruce Wayne, but after his retirement, Wayne dropped out of touch. Despite his best efforts, Tim was unable to keep their relationship afloat and in time went solo with his wife Cassandra Cain after Batman Inc. fell apart.

Tim was the first one to investigate the disappearance of the Justice League, but despite his and Cassandra’s considerable abilities he was unable to dig up anything- it was as though they had vanished without a trace.

In the aftermath, he noticed the sorry state of affairs in Metropolis with the League’s absence, and when Bruce Wayne came out of retirement he worked closely with him and SHARP to form the New incarnation of the Titans.

[Jason Todd]
The second Robin, and father to Titan Israel ‘Izzy’ Wilson. He was brutally murdered by the first Joker as Robin, but intervention from the league of shadows resurrected him, where he led a bloody crusade afterwards against the lawless in Gotham, leading to many confrontations with Batman.

He once had a brief fling with Rose Wilson that ultimately resulted in Izzy.

Cassandra Cain
The second Batgirl, and the daughter to assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva. Even after passing the mantle of Batgirl to Stephanie Brown, she continued to work closely with Batman Inc. until it’s collapse. She ultimately married Timothy Drake, and the two investigated the disappearance of the JLU and other missing figures. Recently, she has dropped out of touch with Tim during her continued investigation, but this probably isn’t call for concern since she’s constantly undercover and whatnot…


This character needs very little description, right? The head of the JLU, he suddenly vanished along with the rest of the league and hasn’t been seen in quite some time.

Rose Wilson*
The Mother of Izzy and the Daughter of Slade Wilson. Shortly after Izzy’s birth, she went away on a mission and never came back. Given the dangerous nature of her mission, it’s highly likely she was killed but this is unconfirmed…

A member of the original Teen Titans. She tragically died young due to complications of breathing in an alien world’s air for too long.

Beast Boy*
A member of the original Teen Titans. He travels extensively in order to do his best where and when he can. He has kept close contact with his best friend, Cyborg.

A member of the original Teen Titans. He occupies his time with STAR Labs, helping to rehabilitate young recipients of cybernetic body parts. He has kept close contact with his best friend, Beast Boy.

A member of the original Teen Titans. She returned to Azarath, which she helped rebuild and is seen as an authority figure in her realm.

A member of the JLU and the son of Hawkgirl and Green Lantern (John Stewart)
He is aggressive, strong, and wields an advanced Nth Metal flight suit. He disappeared along with the rest of the JLU

The daughter of Aquaman and a member of the JLU. She is calm, good natured, and easy to get along with. She disappeared along with the rest of the JLU.

Kai- Ro*
The current green lantern of earth. Very Zen and slow to show any emotion beyond complete focus and ease of mind towards the subject at hand. Disapeared along with the rest of the JLU.

An Apocalyptian warrior. She is tall, powerful, and quick to start- and finish- a fight. Vanished with the rest of the JLU.

Upbeat and good humored, possessed the ability to shrink or enlarge his body. Vanished with the rest of the JLU.

Some helpful links;

The JLU;


Again, I MUST insert the reminder that, as a D-Verse RP, cannon for these characters may not be followed 100% or they may incorporate elements from multiple continuities, with Nightstar being a prominent example. I apologize again if any of this section is vauge, but the upcoming timeline ought to address any major issues. Keep in mind that the majority of the characters on this list are going to be in supporting roles at BEST, with the exceptions of Tim Drake and Nightstar, who will be playing larger roles.

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Post by redeagle321 on Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:30 pm

Infodump: Villains

Cannon Heroes mean only one thing- Cannon Villains! This list won’t be as lengthy as the heroes list, but hopefully more descriptive!

Same rules apply, GOLD for information that isn’t from a cannon scource, [Brackets] for a character whose use is reserved, and an asterisk* for a character that will most likely be mentioned only, unless you claim the character and come up with a plausible way for them to be in the sory.

Derek Powers*
Aka Blight. He was the former CEO of Wayne-Powers, and also secretly the supervillain Blight. After Batman (Terry McGinnis) ousted his secret identity and ran him off, he lost his company to Bruce Wayne, who came out of retirement. He wasn’t seen after his final confrontation with Terry, but you know how long a villain stays down in the superhero world…

During his time as CEO of Wayne Powers, he purchased a large suite in the Solar Tower block of Metropolis. Wayne had no use for the space, and it now houses the Titans.

A master psychologist, he uses cutting edge technology to manipulate people’s feelings and make them do his bidding. He has been released from prison thanks to the efforts of the illusive Phoenix Organization…

A powerful, advanced life form whose purpose was to absorb the technology and knowledge of advanced civilizations then destroy them. In a cataclysmic battle with Superman, he was finally defeated and shattered apart, the majority of his smitten ruin destroyed and cast into the sun.

What little of him that remained was kept by the government and vaulted away. Or at least that’s the rumor.

The original Joker was the first clown prince of crime, and made the name famous. Sadly, he made it a habit of pissing of Cassius, who lacked Batman’s aversion to killing people.


Rumor has it that before his reduction to a greasy smear,
he was working on some surprisingly high- tech DNA coding technology, but this has not been- and likely never will be- confirmed…

Joker II*
The second Joker was darker than the original and every bit as sadistic. It was him taking the mantle up that inspired countless others to do so, inevitably paving the way for the Jokerz gang. His current fate and whereabouts are unknown, and he hasn’t been heard from in decades. [I included the second Joker here due to him being based on a cannon incarnation of the Joker]

Doctor Cuvier*
A leading geneticist, he pioneered DNA splicing and tried to push for a movement to make it something of a fad or fashion statement. In a final fight with Batman, he was last seen at the epicenter of an explosion and hasn’t been seen nor heard from since. After his defeat, the practice of splicing was outlawed and the Chimera institute was shut down.

Mad Stan
The government is EVERYWHERE, man! Listening in on your holo calls, tracking your activity, they’re WATCHING EVERYONE LIKE A CRIMINAL, MAN!!!!!


The answer? I’ll TELL you the answer! BLOW IT ALL TO KINGDOM COME!!!!! Stan can make one helluva bomb, and it only helps him get MAD!!!!! He’s worse than mad- he’s MAD STAN! Just you WAIT until he finds out about the DEBAUCHERY in Metropolis!

Formerly, Parasite was a living organism bonded to a lowly janitor that was capable of draining the powers and very life out of those he touched. The organism has since been removed and confined for years, but how long do you think it’ll be before someone gets their grubby hands on him?

The cyborg known as Metallo was a Kryptonite Powered killing machine, and responsible for the death of James Gordon. After Batgirl avenged her father by killing Metallo, Zero found himself at odds with Batman (Richard Greyson) sweeping it under the rug and it put something of a wedge between the two.

Lex Luthor
Wrote the BOOK on being a rich, entitled Supervillain asshole. He devoted a good portion of his life to using his wealth and control to create power for himself and trouble for many costumed heroes, ESPECIALLY Superman, and then using that same wealth and power to get away with it. What’s he up to in his old age? He retired to a tropical island and is lounging out the rest of his elderly days in luxury.


His Grandson, Alex Luthor III, has taken over the company and is mighty damn chummy with Phoenix…

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Post by redeagle321 on Mon May 09, 2016 10:52 pm

Welcome aboard, my name is Red and I will be your guide today on our tour of The Monarch City, Metropolis! Please, keep all limbs and possessions inside of the vehicle at all times, and please, no smoking in the vehicle.

Let’s begin, shall we?


TT: Beyond World Lore and layout Latest?cb=20080610031227
First off, we’ll begin our tour in the beating heart of Metropolis, New Troy! The major urban center of Metropolis, some of the largest businesses in the world have presence here. From the Lexcorp spacescrappers to the Wayne- Powers tower, it seems as though the skyline is holding up the clouds above them! But easily, the most impressive feature is the updated Daily Planet building, the holographic globe atop the building being an icon recognized worldwide!

In the highest levels of the city, come and take a swing on by the most upscale and world famous Businesses, hotels, and restaurants in the worlds, such as the main offices for Lexcorp, branch offices for Wayne- Powers, and STAR labs’ metropolis branch.

Or maybe you could come and take a swing by the newest Spacescrapper in town, the Solar Tower! This massive building is actually powered by thousands of micro- solar panels in the windows, giving the building it’s unique golden hue and earns it the distinction of being one of the most energy efficient buildings in the city! Housing, small business operations, and more spaces for rent are available!

When you’re done with a long days’ worth of business, however, take a hover taxi down the skyway and come and visit the exciting Middle city! Clubs, stores, eateries and more await you here! Visit the latest in the popular chain of Black Swan bars, recently built by Gotham’s millionaire tycoon Ernesto ‘Ernie’ Sanchez, or maybe charge your nightlife batteries at club Ghost, hosted by DJ Aurora! And you’re always welcomed by a friendly face at the Naked Snake lounge!

And in the heart of all of this energy, it’s nice to come and unwind at Centennial park, a lush green recreational area to come and escape the city from for a while! And this year, Metropolis holds the honor of hosting the fifteenth annual National Sky boarding competition! Be sure to come out in December and root for our very own team, the Metropolis Monarchs!

And, last but certainly not least on our tour of the New Troy are is the Watchtower! The super high- tech facility used by the Justice League, it houses monitoring equipment, training facilities, and satellite up-links unlike those seen anywhere else in the world! The building has been sitting dormant since the departure of the league, but rest assured that Metropolis City’s own Science Police have been keeping a constant eye on the facility in order to prevent the miss-use of the facilities in question as we wait for news on the status or return the league!

Now, are there any questions out there before we move on to Hell’s Gate and Saint Martin Island?

=Wookiepedia is credited with the origin of the image used=

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Post by redeagle321 on Sun May 15, 2016 1:31 am

No no, you may NOT stalk the science police, Mrs. Smith, no matter how shiny their armor is.

Where were we? Ah yes!

Perhaps the big city is just a little bit too overwhelming at times? Well then, head south of New Troy and come down to…


TT: Beyond World Lore and layout 005-008_9

Don’t let the foreboding name fool you now, the Gate is a beautiful sub- urban borough along the bridges to- and- from New Troy. Here, you can find the world’s famous Metro Mall, one of the largest malls in America, even containing a mini amusement park and hundreds of stores!

But perhaps you just want to get away from it all? Well in the Gate you can find that too! With biking routes, hiking trails, and scenic routes up the mountains dotting the coast, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and beyond! With fishing, camping, and scenic housing for those who just want to get away from the high energy of the city, it’s the ultimate ‘aaaah’ spot in Metropolis!

But perhaps you need to see the truly intellectual, brain powered side of the city? Well then, let’s take a little trip to the north of New Troy instead this time and visit


TT: Beyond World Lore and layout FerrisWheel_V1_460x285

While famously home to some of the wealthiest citizens in all of Metropolis, this borough is also home to Metropolis University, which can boast such famous Alma Matter as Clark Kent, Ivan Guildenstern, Sonia Tarkan.

Despite such high profile graduates, one of the most impressive features of the University- and indeed St. Martin’s Island as a whole- is the Ark, a massive floating Aquarium and research station just offshore from the University that is open to the public to learn and explore about the critical research and care being put into preserving our oceans! Please visit the University’s holoweb page for more information and business hours.

But the university, working with a close partnership with STAR labs, is always hosting fun events, fundraisers, lab tours and opportunities to meet some of our highly skilled and accomplished faculty, staff and students!

And, our last stop on St. Martin’s island, is the brand new Metropolis center for Metahuman Rehabilitation, or simply MetroMeta. A facility operated by the federal organization known as SHARP- the Super Human Abuse Resistance Program- the hard working staff focuses on re- habilitating former ‘supervillains’ into society, or providing help to other superhuman individuals who have been abused for their gifts, misguided, or are simply in need of a helping hand. The facility has the resources to provide medical, psychological, and legal help to those who need them, and operates under a strict and diligent code of ethics, closely monitored and taken well care of to ensure a top level of care.

Now, any questions before we embark on the final leg of the tour?

[The pictures are of Hell's Gate Bridge and Staten Island in NYC, respectively. As usual, I credit D. Dog with providing me with the Lion's share of this information.]

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Post by redeagle321 on Mon May 23, 2016 12:22 am

Mrs. Smith! Stop defecating on Snapper Carr’s lawn right this instant!!

*er-hem* sorry about that folks, let’s engage the last leg of our tour!

TT: Beyond World Lore and layout Al-wakrah_1717346i

What major city is complete without the thrill of sports?! Whatever you want, you can find it in Queensland park! Football, professional Skyboarding- with the exception of the nationals in Centennial Park- Hockey, Lightball, Flashrunning, you name it, it’s here! Metropolis, Sportsman, Shuster, Magnus and Olympus stadiums constantly have games and events going all year long, be sure to check your local ticket desk for a full list of events. Local schools practice on smaller fields in the area, and apartments near Queensland park are a hot commodity for when major games are in town!


TT: Beyond World Lore and layout Article-2412201-1BA0D421000005DC-671_634x356
As we pass through the suburban boroughs of Midvale and Bakerline, you might see the glistening Spaceport of Park Ridge. Once a simple suburban borough in the historical district, the final confrontation between Superman and Brainicac left this area of town largely in poor condition. However, with the efforts of Lex Luthor, the now largely vacant area was used as a construction site for the world’s largest spaceport!

Constant shuttles, both commercial and industrial, can be seen coming to and from the Lunar, Martian, and Venusian colonies. With the ease and affordability of modern spaceflight and the excitement of living on one of the off world colonies, the once sleepy Park Ridge has turned into a major industrial center, bristling with all kinds of shipping, fueling, and of course corporate facilities, and has earned the nickname of ‘Little Troy’ from the locals due to it’s rapidly rising business structure.

Well ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Red Eagle tours, thank you for your time to come and visit our beautiful city of Metropolis! Be sure to gather your belongings, and direct any questions to our helpful staff! And as always, be it for business or pleasure, please, enjoy your stay!


TT: Beyond World Lore and layout Slums

An addition to the section of New Troy, the third, unmentioned section of the district is the seedy Undercity, which includes the modern, crime- ridden district known as suicide slum. Largely, this is where the lower classes, criminally inclined and socially unadjusted individuals tend to call home. It is frequently in a poor state, be it either from negligence or vandalism- it’s not easy to tell.

It’s not a place you really want to go after nightfall, is what I’m trying to convey.

And, going even FURTHER down, there’s the sewers and water piping in the underground levels. Even the bravest- or dumbest- individuals seldom venture down here. Whereas Gotham boasts cults and underground communities, the deepest, lowest parts of Metropolis bear the Mutants. Be they horrific results of splicing gone very, very wrong, escaped Cadmus experiments, or other such individuals, they congregate in the darkest parts of the lower city, where they seem united in a loose knit community, albeit one that is openly hostile to any that dare enter their territory. They speak in hushed whispers of a new alpha leader going by the name Chitin, but information is scarce at the moment…

[The images used for Queensland Park and Park Ridge are concept art of the 2022 fifa cup stadium and the concept art of Houston Spaceport, respectively. The image used for the undercitywas found on photobucket at this link; ]

[As usual, I take no credit for the images and thank D. Dog for her help with this session]

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Post by redeagle321 on Mon Jun 13, 2016 4:33 pm

Heroes and Villains; NPCs!

Here is an overlay and brief description of some of the NPCs in Metropolis that will help- or possibly hinder- our heroes!

Uptight and on a short fuse, she takes her job very seriously and has little tolerance for troublemakers in her city. As a result, she has put a significant amount of time and resources into making sure the Metropolis Science Police is the best equipped and trained police department in the world, and a foremost authority on dealing with superpowered incidents. Her heart is in the right place

But she’s kind of a bitch.

The weary aide to mayor Tarkan, she has a hard time keeping up with her high strung boss and has to work hard to keep her boss’s schedule- and attitude- in check. Ariel is calm and cool, and always acts with a high degree of professionalism. But with that boss of hers, boy does she need a vacation.

The Commissioner of Metropolis is an approachable man, easy to deal with civily but when the time comes for him to get to work, he’s a decorated and well respected member of the police force. However, he secretly grows weary of constantly cleaning up messes left by costumed superheroes, but he bears no apparent ill will and goes about his job professionally, regardless of the case.

A captain in the Science Police and Commissioner Lasgo’s right hand, she is openly supportive of costumed heroism, and would be the most approachable ally for any do- gooder in the city of Metropolis. Easy going and fun loving but more than capable of getting results, and in uniform has done her badge proud on multiple occasions.

A detective for the Metropolis Science Police, he is the opposite of Captain DeLamb- he frankly wishes that superheroes would pack up their tights and take all of their rainbow- colored villains with them, as he is a long serving member of the MSP and has had to deal with a few too many messy superhero cases for one career. Despite his whiny attitude and sometimes uncooperative nature with costumed entities, he is highly skilled at his job and is Commissioner Lasgo’s left hand.

The eager young rookie, he frequently tails Captain DeLamb and Detective Spears on their cases to learn from them. While there’s loads of potential there, he’s only a rookie and doesn’t quite have all of the experience quite yet to keep up with the greats. Yet.

The District Attorney of Metropolis, he is a fair man and well versed in law, as one would expect. He is careful and analytical, but sometimes this means he can seem reluctant to take decisive action. However, once he has come to a decision, it’d take a hundred men with chains to drag him to a different course of action.

A frequent patron of the Black Swan bar, he is an agent working for Binary, a large network of information brokers. He is a bit gruff and tough, but if you need information, he can almost definitely procure it- for a price, often sensitive information that Binary would find valuable as well. But it’s hard to tell what that’ll be sometimes- the Two Faces that lead Binary can be a genuine Riddle at times.

*Keep in mind this is simply a list of the most noteworthy NPCs, and is not meant to be all- inclusive as there will assuredly be other minor characters popping up here and there. These are just the most important ones. (sheets for Villains and other major entities will follow in good time)

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