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A prequel to Teen Titans: Beyond, this RP will follow the newest incarnation of the Birds of Prey, an all- female team, as they fight crime and begin to realize that not all is as well as it seems in the Monarch city, Metropolis. Set two years before Teen Titans: Beyond, engage in high flying adventure and dive deep into mystery with....


Feel free to put your CSs up right here- no separate thread this time.

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(NOTHIG I did would make the image not appear sideways, sorry folks x_x)
Birds of Prey: Beyond Img_0010

Name: Has taken the name Xue [pronounced shoo- A]
Alias: Multiple aliases have been used by her in the past but she doesn’t officially associate with a particular one.
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 5’4
Weight: 135
Hair: Black
Eyes: brown
Physical Description: Athletic, toned, and in peak physical condition. Hair kept up in a bun held together with a pair of hair needles, with her bangs parted to either side of her face.  She has several telltale scars on her body from her line of work, such as a slight one under her left eye, but modern medicine allows them to be hardly noticeable- which is beneficial, as noticeable scarring would make her more recognizable in a crowd.

She rarely indulges in regular attire, but is not above doing so to suit a situation. She is familiar with the concept of donning disguises and ‘playing a role’, and is capable of adapting to various situations she needs to costume herself for to get a job done. However, she only utilizes this as a necessity- she prefers to be in her assassin gear when she can, as she is accustomed to the mentality of being ready to go at any given moment.

Her suit is a skintight, dark blue- nearly black- set of tights. They’re specially designed with materials meant to dissipate energy across the surface, limiting the effectiveness of firearms on her. [remember, modern weapons rarely incorporate physical bullets in favor of laser weaponry] The inside of the suit also has a special thermal weaving, masking her body heat from traditional methods of detection such as infrared or animals/individuals with the capacity to detect body heat organically. Over this she wears a ragged grey cropped shirt, with an eye- like emblem on its back, a utility belt, and a pair of combat style boots, specially cushioned to reduce the noise of her footsteps. To finish the look, she wears a mask over the bottom of her face. She also carries a select few pieces of gear;

The closest thing to true invisibility out there, the cloaking generator is an effective and deadly tool for an assasin. The entire body is enveloped in a special field that renders them invisible to a direct onlooker. Because of the way the field bends light, the user will not case a shadow either. But it is not foolproof- the device does not make the user intangible nor does it mask their noise- the user must be sure to be silent and out of direct reach, even with the field engaged. The field can work uninterrupted for two hours before needing a recharge.

Xue’s sword is made of a special lightweight material that is controlled by powerful magnets in the hilt. Xue can, with a set of controls on the hilt, order the blade to collapse entirely, the magnets causing the metal to fully compress into the hollow hilt. This functionality makes is easy for the blade to be concealed while undercover. Additionally, she can use the controls to adjust the length of the blade, the minimum being a six-inch dagger and the maximum being a three-foot-long blade. However, she cannot change the SHAPE of the blade. Xue also possess enough talent to use the blade to deflect incoming shots.

Xue carries several needles, all coated in a neurotoxin that could drop a fully grown man into a numb, tingling mess, in a pouch on her belt with only two or three needle’s worth of exposure- exposure to a single needle’s worth of poison would surely slow down reaction times and limit mobility but wouldn’t be strong enough to KO a target instantly. They can be used for stabbing at close quarters, or be thrown with significant effectiveness. On average she carries about ten needles with her. They are not special beyond being poisoned and cannot pierce body armor.

Like how Terry has a grapple hook embedded into the wrist of his Batsuit, Xue has a similar system in her own wrists. East wrist has its own grapple, activated when the fingers are very specifically positioned and flexed. They are effective for reaching inaccessible locations or tripping up/disarming targets, but Xue does not directly use them as weaponry. The cable is slender but strong, and each grapple carries about 100 feet of cord.



Trained by the Society of Assasins, Xue is a dangerous combatant in close quarters- familiar with dozens of styles of fencing and martial arts. She is a talented athlete, with high levels of stamina and capable of pulling off sophisticated acrobatics. She is exceptionally patent and disciplined, and can maintain a position or cover for hours with no complaints or hesitation, if necessary. She is highly tolerant of pain, and highly resistant to torture and interrogation techniques. However, she is especially talented with being stealthy and getting close to a target, as her forte is being an ambush predator- draw close, and hit the target with a swift, debilitating attack while they’re unaware, usually with deadly effect. However, if caught, she is more than capable of fighting it out with a target or targets. However, as her specialty is quick, lethal strikes, she does falter slightly in long, drawn out battles.

A near vital talent for any assassin is the ability to put on a good act! Xue can impersonate and fulfill dozens of roles and personas, such as the flirt, the business professional, the airhead, and so forth. Coupled with a clever disguise or outfit, she can dupe most targets effectively- that is, until they have a knife between their ribs.

Xue is more than familiar with the concept of being injured and the need to get back on her feet quickly, and as such is capable of treating basic injuries, being her own or those of others if she has to. She is also capable of performing CPR and other basic medical skills. Again though, these are only the basics and would require a doctor for any serious injury.

While far from being in Oracle’s league, Xue is familiar enough with computers and how they operate to disable basic security systems, hack an electronic lock and extract and download files from a computer system if necessary.

Has no Magic Based abilities or education.

Has no metaphysical abilities.

Silent, severe and quick to the cut. Xue wastes little time on being sociable, seeing bonds a liability that others could exploit or use against her. As such, she is next to impossible to catch on the social scene.

Despite her lack of sociability and cold-as-ice attitude, she does adhere by a strict code. She will devote herself to the job she was hired for with the entirety of her body, mind, and soul, without regard for herself or the risks. The reason? The punishment in the Society of Assassins for failure is death, no questions asked. As such, this works the other way- if she were to ever happen upon a failure from the society, she would be honor bound to kill them on the spot without hesitation or mercy.

Additionally, she will keep to her contract very explicitly- if it is not part of her contract, she won’t do a task unless it somehow will ultimately benefit her work, so no unnecessary destruction or distractions. She has few qualms about the terms of her contract either- she has done work as menial as keeping a wealthy family safe for a few hours to work as vital as assassinating world leaders. Like the rest of the league, she has a high level of success- the fact that she has lived this long means she has never failed a contract, something she takes no pride in but, in fact, sees simply as her job and something she MUST do.


The girl known as Xue never discusses her early life- it’s all pointless fluff to her, and nobody alive today knows it anyways.

But, at the earliest she’ll bother to talk about, she was brought into the society of assassins as a pre- teen, due to her unsuspecting role in helping an assassin save face and kill a target in Beijing, preventing him from failure and thus execution from the society’s members. Her role was surprisingly simple- she pointed out to the man the direction in which his target had fled moments before. In gratitude however, the assassin offered to sponsor her to be trained in the league, an offer she accepted. She set her birth name aside and adopted the name Xue- a surname that translated to ‘the learner’.

She was trained well in all areas- fighting, fencing, throwing, the art of stealth, the art of disguise, computer skills, and others. And, in time, she too began to make a name for herself, her first job being to track down and take out a business rival for Derek Powers, and other victories began to follow.

For a time, it seemed as though Xue had found her niche, and served the society well for years. However, it was not to last- when the assassin known as Curare failed a mission to kill the DA of Gotham city several times, the Society was obligated to hunt her down and take her out. But Curare turned the tables on the Society with a chemical weapon, capable of completely eradicating the memories of anyone exposed to it. As member after member began to go dark, the Master knew he had to act fast, and ordered Xue and several others to adopt new identities and go into hiding until they someday had the opportunity to take Curare out of the picture, and afterwards the society would be re-formed. After they went off the grid, he physically destroyed the records of their existence.

Xue did as she was ordered, and her and several other assassins went off the grid, but shortly afterwards the Master also fell victim to Curare’s poison, robbing the society of its last surviving leader. While Curare was apprehended not long afterwards, it actually put her even FURTHER out of the hidden members’ reach.

But, as luck would have it, Curare would escape prison to build her OWN variation of the Society. Seeing an opportunity, the survivors all assembled, and after her Society had been put on the defensive by Batman, the original members and the new Society met in combat. And no substitutes were accepted- the original Society beat Curare’s, and she was finally taken out. Following their orders, the Society re- formed in silence and began to rebuild.

Being the youngest surviving member and the least experienced leader, she opted to go back to her former role of assassin as opposed to a role of leadership. For a year the Society began to piece itself back together, and Xue, being a veteran member, got some of the most lucrative contracts. But her most recent one handed to her by her superiors is an unusual request by an individual that identifies only as ‘Oracle’…


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Aqua Girl:

“The Waters are where Body unites with Spirit.”

Birds of Prey: Beyond Aquagirl_by_ma6-da6ismx

Name: Rhode Reagan
Alias: Aqua Girl
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Long Red
Skin: White
Eyes: Ice Blue
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: Atlantis Pacific Front, Birds of Prey
Attire: Atlantean armor  
Race: Atlantean

Good-bye for now and be put to sea.


Rhode is an angry, no nonsense, never-give-up Atlantean who doesn't give in to anyone. She has a strong sense of morality which her hardheadedness gives in to. She will pursue her cause no matter what or die trying. She is a patriot, almost to the point where she could even be labeled as a chauvinist towards Atlantis.

An extreme advocate for independence, she is one of very few women in the Atlantis National Army, and the only woman in the Atlantis Pacific Front, Rhode had always felt the need to prove herself. The one way she felt was appropriate was to percolate independence. She often refuses help, or even basic assistance. It has made her stronger, but it also distances her from her troops.


Superhuman Durability
Rhode's skin is resistant to sharp objects, bullets, and any physical harm if she is hydrated with water mixed with a high concentration of sodium to maintain homeostasis in her unique Atlantean body.

Superhuman Equilibrium
Because of her amphibious physiology, Rhode has an acute sense of balance. This includes balance in normal levels in the air, if there is a hint of alcohol, if someone cleaned up a room with chemicals, or if someone recently smoked, she can sense it.

Superhuman Stamina
Rhode is able to withstand an incredible amount of strain to her body as long as she stays hydrated. She can run for hours, swim miles at top speeds before she needs a break, and endure more punishment than the average human being.

Superhuman Strength
She has the ability to lift and/or press volumes of mass far in excess to that normally possible for a normal human being. In addition to this, thanks to her toned legs from constantly swimming she can leap over buildings in a single bound because of her increased strength, as well as sprint up to 80 mph on land.

Rhode can communicate telepathically to all creatures, including sea creatures. While she cannot hold a conversation with a fish, she can telepathically urge them to do her bidding.

Rhode has the ability to control and manipulate water through Atlantis' Military Magic. She briefly trained in Hydrokenisis, and various other magic arts, but water manipulation had always been her strongpoint. She can even extract the water from a subject or control the water in her body to levitate. Due to her water dependency though, she cannot levitate for long; not without an abundant source or body of water.

Not so alien like, just as a lizard can grow its tail back, it is possible for Rhode to regrow a limb if it was severed. In addition to this, she has a fast regeneration as long as she is well hydrated. Though serious injuries such as stabs, bleed outs, and severed limbs do require medical attention before her regenerative properties can take into affect.  

Leadership skills
From the militant training in Atlantis, Rhode is a born leader. She commands the Pacific Armies of the Seven Seas, granted access from Aquaman himself. She leads an Atlantean Battalion to preserve peace in the Pacific Waters.

Rhode commands the Architeuthis, she has exclusive control over him, but can only call upon him when the conditions of his appearance are met. The sun must not be in the sky, rain must be constant, and she cannot call upon him more than once in the same month. It does take a while depending on her location for his appearance. Architeuthis is a colossal squid, that's measures 80 feet long, and considered a super predator. It can swallow a great white whole.


Atlantean Spear
The spear that Aquagirl fashions is more that it seems. The tip can shoot out for offensive purposes or used as a grapnel. The string in which the tip is connected to is extremely thin, yet stronger than steel so it can coil into the staff of the spear. The Spear can extend and release explosive shocks of electricity to incapacitate hostiles.

Atlantis Captain Armor
Forged from titanium links, Rhode wears a chainmail underneath a fitted breastplate shell. She also wields a reinforced brace gauntlet on her left arm, that doubles her strength in that arm, which she often makes use of, since she is left handed. Her right arm has a segment of a black tentacle cut from Architeuthis, which allows Rhode personal control of the beast. It is literally infused with her skin, and also serves as minor armor against blades if struck against. Her right arm packs a vambrace which utilizes magic to increase her metaphysical abilities; including telepathy, regeneration, and Hydrokenisis. Rhode's skirt is made of scales of many fish infused with an iron and titanium alloy to increase the amount of punishment it can take. Her leggings are the same chainmail on her chest as well. The boots are designed with fins to allow faster swimming and has pockets to allow hidden blades. If Rhode pounds her left heel to the ground it releases the Voyager. Her right heel shoots a hidden blade at the tip of her boot.

The Voyager
An elongated knife with a serrated edge, used to cut rope and stored in her boot's ankle. It is made of a non-galvanized black titanium infused with a passive layer of chromium to prevent rust. Rhode's father, a scientist, had developed the blade in his lab specifically for her journeys in the Pacific, and was a parting gift. The sharpness and durability of The Voyager is incomparable to modern landwalker science.

Rhode was born and raised in Poseidonis, the Capital of Atlantis; she felt the innate need to visit the surface frequently. She envied her King, Arthur Curry, that he was usually above water, interacting with the men and women above. But unlike her king, she is full Atlantean and can’t last above water for too long. She spent her time trying to get close to Arthur, so she enlisted in the Atlantis Special Defense Force, where she learned that she was an excellent leader. She learned hand-to-hand combat, squad-based combat, and predatory combat. Rhode excelled in her field, so much so that she was drafted to the pacific seas the Atlantis Pacific Front.

There she proved to be a valuable asset and was quickly promoted to Captain, where she commanded a Battalion comprised of three Lieutenants and their underlings. For years, she commanded posts, and outfits. She stopped a fleet of pirates from overthrowing ships, aided in stopping oil spills, and stunted development in crimes against Atlantis.

Rhode now patrols the Pacific with her Battalion and a fleet of Tiger Sharks.

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Real Name: Barbara Gordon

Alias: Oracle

Age: 52

Gender: Female

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165lbs

Hair: Short Red

Skin: White

Eyes: Green

Alignment: Good

Affiliations: Birds of Prey

Attire: Button down shirt and jeans

Race: Human


Advanced Hacker
In the time she spent the time recovering from the shot to her acclimate herself with the art of hacking. Barbara was already skilled with computers and doing nothing in her adult life but familiarize herself with science and technology on her free time and at work when she was a librarian, filling herself with knowledge on whatever useful books she could find. She was overqualified when it came to applying for jobs in the force.

Her hacking skills have soon became famous amongst the small community and is known by them only as Oracle. Her firewalls are bounced through various satellites that lead to a secret computer owned by Blockbuster, this makes it impossible for her to he tracked, so impossible that even her gender is a mystery to the online world. Most hackers think Oracle is a man.

When Barbara does have to meet with others face to face she always uses the code name Cassandra, after the famous Oracle who once foretold doom amongst the people of her village, no one believed her and when her prophecy came true, the village blamed her.

Part of that story still resonates with the hacker. Barbara's skill can empty a bank account in a few windows, take control of a government satellite in several key strokes, and call any hero on the Justice League roster in mere seconds. Her database is filled with petabytes of information on heroes, villains, and even potential heroes and villains. Her hacking skills and abilities knows nearly no bounds.

Expert Hand to Hand
Despite the fact that she's bound to a wheelchair doesn't mean that she is incapable of fending for herself. Barbara practices daily with wooden dummy sets set around the dojo in her clock tower. She keeps escrima sticks and batarangs concealed in the wheels of her wheelchair.

She embodies the element of surprise in her current state, and usually always takes advantage of this. She stays active and avoids atrophy by using a special exercise for her legs. Having use to have been Batgirl, Barbara has also been trained by the Batman personally for two years in high intensity training courses; mimicking real life. In addition, Barbara is also skilled at pick pocking and slight of hand.

Master Technologist
Having graduated in Gotham University with a summa cum laude in Computer Sciences and Criminal Justice at an early age, it doesn't take much to figure out for Barbara what goes where, when it comes to new technology. The latest is like a second language to her that she's mastered, everything comes naturally to her even creating new advances in technology herself.

She will eventually grow so mastered and familiar with technology and computer science that she had the means to take down the entire internet to prevent Darkseid from using it against the Justice League and use the ünternet--developed by The Calculator--by means of connecting heroes. Her genius level intellect provides her with an advanced level of problem solving skills and even means of survival in a technological drought.

Eidetic Memory
Possessing the natural ability to recall images and sounds, Barbara's photographic memory helps in more ways than remembering birthdays. Documents, files, streets, avenues, buildings, sounds, even the way the light hit someone's face, anything that could be helpful during tight cases and missions. This is also a reason why she's so persistent, her memory can prove to be a major crutch in times of need.

It can be a blessing and a curse, as Barbara remembers the minor events of her day to day life. She actually has gotten black out drunk and has the capability to remember the events of the night prior. Barbara has the capability to recall particular things if she tries hard enough years ago, even the most exceptionally minute details.

Remarkable Willpower
Since the beginning, Barbara wanted to be a cop, she just wanted to follow her father's footsteps. But not only did he not believe in her, she didn't even meet the standard height requirements for the job. She didn't give up though, she went to The Justice Society for recruitment. They also denied her. She didn't give up then either, she dawned a cape and cowl and became Batgirl.

It took some convincing, because Batman and Robin were completely against her joining them, but she was apart of the Bat family for a good few years. That was, until the Joker shot her and crippled her for life. Crippled, and broken even, she still didn't give up. In an alternate universe, her Willpower was seen by the Guardians of the Universe and granted her a Green Lantern Power Ring of Will. It's merely a testament to her will.

Survivor Skills and Stamina
Since Barbara began hacking into more and more top secret and villainous computers, she had people invade her living quarters multiple times. She knows how to take on a group of armed guards when she's cornered, despite her lack of movement. She often knows how to use her surroundings to her advantage, in an otherwise impossible situation for any other cripple.

Barbara's stamina also comes into play in these situations. Having use to be Batgirl and only increasing the time of her training since she recovered, her increased ability to withstand prolonged physical and mental effort all was heightened during this time. Barbara has also trained herself in the event of an emergency to vault herself out of her wheelchair without the use of her legs; it has proven to be useful over the years.


Bound to a Wheelchair
Barbara has been paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by The Joker in the spine, limiting her mobility. This doesn't mean she can't get around, nor does it mean she can't still drive. Barbara has set up a car in which she can completely operate it by hand, and since she's been shot, Batman installed elevators and wheelchair ramps in the batcave. Still, being bound to a wheelchair and paralyzed from the waist down means she can only do so much. This not only crippled her, but it traumatized her as well.

Keeping the camera in a display case that Joker used to photograph her downfall the day she was crippled, Barbara fixates on the day as a failure of her, thinking she could have done something to prevent it. She sometimes dreams of the night it happened, often waking up in the middle of the night the moment the trigger is pulled. Her legs gets phantom pains as a result from the traumatic event, and they come at random. It's nothing more than a slight annoyance, but nevertheless it can still get in the way if she's busy or in a dire event.

Because of the trauma that was caused by the Joker, Barbara has become somewhat controlling. Wanting to do the best that she can to have any situation under control is her ideal comfort zone, though it could get to the point where it will consume her. Though when working with Batman, she still takes orders from him out of respect, but it still doesn't mean she doesn't do her best to control their ins and outs.

Barbara can be sarcastic and big headed at times, even at times when it's inappropriate. She usually doesn't let it get in the way of her work, but she has been known to show passive aggression when someone ignores her advice. It could prove dangerous.

Ends Justify the Means
With an attitude that the ends always justify the means, Barbara's Oracle persona has in fact taken money from multiple sources to fund her Birds of Prey project. She has no problem with illegally hacking into the US government's interface, in fact it's almost a daily thing for her.

Birds of Prey: Beyond Tumblrlmkmjfnbls1qhyhwto11280

Short haired, red head, Barbara is a fit woman. She sports a pair of computer optic glasses only due to sitting in front of a screen for so long. Wearing conservative clothing, she isn't one to show off.


Barbara Gordon is a spunky, fiercely independent, and energetic woman who's positivity will always bring up anyone's spirits. Batman himself is impressed with her, even calling her an inspiration to him on what the human will can accomplish. She doesn't see herself as a direct associate with Batman, some part of her never has. Her independence goes as far as not even having handles on her wheelchair, she doesn't like people pushing her around. Both figuratively and physically.

Barbara can also prove to be rather sweet, for the people she likes. Often, she will joke around in a jovial fashion, both on the job and off, depending on the level of relationship held with her. Barbara can be giving, especially since the money she spends usually isn't her own, borrowing from Justice League funds or from drug lords and criminal mob bosses. She can also be persuasive when she needs to be.

Barbara Gordon grew up in Ohio with her parents, Roger and Thelma Gordon, fantasizing with a childhood friend about one day becoming superheroes, she would make costumes and play dress up, having backyard adventures on a daily basis. Her Uncle James Gordon would come by trying to convince Roger to get his drinking problem under control, he would give them checks constantly, though Roger always refused due to pride.

One day, years later, at the age of 13, Roger and Thelma got into a car crash, killing them both instantly. James did eventually become the legal guardian over Barbara, but by then, James had already moved to Gotham. There were times when she would hide in James' office while Batman was inches away, or sneak on the roof to get a glimpse of the Dark Knight. The first time she met him, Barbara had a fight with James and ran away, only to get kidnapped by The Mad Hatter.

He dressed her up as Alice as she appeared in the Lewis Carol adaptation in Disney's animation and tried to get her to drink tea with a mind altering drug in it; though she was obstinate until the end, Batman came to save her just in time, and returned her to James. Seeing the worry in her surrogate father's eyes opened her up to James and from that day forth, she always saw him as her true father.

Barbara grew up admiring her father, as she graduated college at an early age that was paid for through scholarships, and working part time in the library, Barbara decided to she wanted to join the force with her father, who was currently on the road to a promotion to commissioner.

Instead of making it easier for her, he made it impossible. Her interviews made it clear that she didn't meet any of the height requirements for any field work. So she decided she was going to ask join the Justice Society and ask Black Canary to take her under her wing.

She went into the GCPD building, stole a code from her father's file cabinet, swiped Jason Bard's ID badge, and broke into the Justice Society's headquarters, avoiding traps, but leaving the cameras on. Barbara wasn't contacted by Black Canary though, she ended up meeting with Wild Cat, who told her stay away from vigilantism and masks.

This did crush Barbara's spirit for a while, which her father noticed. He invited her to a policeman's masque ball, almost out of pity, which she thought would be an opportunity to dress up as his "secret partner" to prove to her dad not to underestimate her. She didn't have the chance to do so, because Killer Moth crashed the party in an attempt to hold Bruce Wayne hostage, which the new named Batgirl came in to save the day. At first, Batman wasn't enthused with her, but as he constantly put her through his own tests, he saw the will and spirit she possessed, which opened up her crime fighting career.

Personally funding for all of her late night affairs, including several motorcycles and other vehicles, computers and other technology, and various weapons as well as an improved suit that granted her more mobility and better armor. She lived as a creature of the night for two long years, making a name for herself in the Gotham Underworld as the Dark Knight Damsel.

Thwarting such villains as Scarecrow, Bane, Penguin, Killer Moth, and Blockbuster to name a few. As her father came to figure out just who she was, Batman introduced Dick Grayson as Batgirl to Jim just as Barbara greeted him on the roof to relieve any suspicion he had. When a Killer Moth look-alike shot Jason Bard in the knee he began a private investigation service, from that point on he and Barbara became involved. Their relationship grew to the point where they got engaged to be married.

It all came to an end one night when Barbara was 19 years old, visiting her father's house. The Joker knocked on the Gordon residence, shot and crippled Barbara right in front of James, stripped her naked, and photographed her while she was still in shock in an attempt to drive The Commissioner insane.

The Joker was trying to prove that one bad day could drive anyone to insanity, though he failed through his attempt, Barbara was left paralyzed, and heading her way to the road of recovery. This left Barbara unsure about her fiancé and she broke off the engagement, even leaving Jason Bard at the alter. After being bound to a wheelchair she felt that Jason couldn't protect her in the state she was in.

Still, this didn't stop her strong sense of justice, wanting to do her best for not only Gotham, but the world, she spent her years in recovery, learning and perfecting her art in hacking and computer science. In this she was working in her own apartment, as a secret agent contacting Black Canary for solo missions and being an information broker for Batman.

Eventually she was invaded by a group who wanted to take her down when she realized she wasn't safe where she was and decided to move her operations in the Clock Tower in the Northern part of Gotham. Currently at this point in time, the only person who knows her identity as the hacker Oracle is Batman, not even Dinah Lance nor Dick Grayson knows of this yet for several years.


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