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Name: Noelle Carpenter
Alias: Carpenter
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire

Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Buzzed Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Red
Physical Description:  Being on the taller side, Carpenter has a toned body. She has sunken eyes from little to no sleep because she's constantly balancing night life and personal life. Her pale white skin is the result of avoiding the sun since she turned into a vampire, and she sports sharpened canines when she gives into her vampirism and her animalistic instincts. When you see her enlarged canines, an iris that sharpens, and glowing red eyes, it means she has no control over her actions. She use to wear her hair long, past her back, but now, Carpenter keeps her hair buzzed short for combat purposes. It no longer gets in her eyes, and no one can yank on it.


Combat Suit-
Hugging her skin, the combat suit is made of a flexible kevlar and actually does little for protection against knives, bullets, and explosives, not to say her suit isn't durable, it's just not offering full protection. It does however protect her from fire, water, and garlic (touch only). This however doesn't protect her from holy symbols, or the presence of silver. The keyhole in her suit is a sign of trust to her comrades, in the event of her going rouge and giving into her vampirism, her weakness is exposed for her friends and team to drive a stake through her heart.

50ml syringe-
Made of stainless steel, there are no other unique features to this medical device. Carpenter keeps it clean and uses it to extract blood from unconscious foes for emergency nourishment. Her thirst is usually kept at bay, but it's more of a safety net than a necessity. Otherwise, she drinks the serum given to her by her closest friend: Charles McNider, also known as Dr. Mid-Nite.

Day Walker Attire-
Wearing a duster that goes down to her shins, Carpenter wears boots, gloves, and a hat with a veil all in order to prevent what little sunlight reaches Gotham City. Underneath it all is black thermal underwear for further protection from the sun's deadly rays. It seems as if Gotham is the best place for a vampire to reside in.

Carpenter Unnamed

Super Human Strength-
Carpenter is empowered with ten times her own strength before she turned into a vampire. She can bench 800lbs with ease, and her strength doubles when she gives into her feral vampirism, though she is strongest when there is a new moon, as there is 0% sunlight during a new moon. However during the daylight hours, arguably when she is active in her social life her strength is reduced back to normal. Only when the sun has completely set does she regain her strength.

Superhuman Durability-
Being ten times stronger than her human counterpart, she is just as durable and can take more punishment than a normal human. It takes much more effort to pierce her skin and an insane amount of pressure to penetrate her with a blade, assuming the blade doesn’t snap against her skin. Smaller rounds of bullets such as 9mm and .22 bounce off of her, while .38 specials damage her, but not to the extent it would a human. A .50 caliber bullet would tear right through her. She, like everyone, has limits that can be broken.

Superhuman Speed-
In addition to strength and durability, Carpenter is also faster than the human eye can keep up with. Her top speed breached 200 miles per hour, normally jogging at a smooth 60 miles per hour. Thinking, reacting, and moving faster than normal, this makes Carpenter impatient in conversation. She has learned to wait for the most part, but when someone stutters constantly or stammers, she shows just how angry she could get to a complete stranger.

Medium Level Combat-
Mostly relying on her super human prowess, she doesn't need to be versed in martial arts. Though Carpenter has dedicated all of her free time to learning as much in fighting as she possibly could after she decided to become a vigilante in her nightlife. There are martial artists who can defeat her in combat despite her power level, such as Lady Shiva, Black Canary, or any other advanced martial artist.

Having worked at the Gotham Gazette for seven years, and writing a mystery novel has earned Carpenter journalistic knowledge and integrity. She still currently writes for the Gazette, and is even working on a new novel. She has promoted herself and her book as well as spreading awareness of metahumans and heroes alike.

Carpenter Under%20the%20Gun

Novice Level Vampire-
Not being a Lord Vampire, Carpenter doesn't share the same powers or abilities that Lord Vampires have such as transformation, telepathy, psychokinesis, teleportation, flight, or telekinesis. She also doesn't have the same weaknesses that Lord Vampires have; she doesn't rely solely on blood, she can walk around during the day as long as she's properly protected, and Noelle isn't repelled by crosses unless they're blessed.

As long as Carpenter consumes blood, she will not age beyond the physical state when they had first become a vampire. Vampires are also for the most part invulnerable to bullets, blades, and blunt objects, as they do little to no damage to her body. However, with enough force, she can get damaged, she still feels the same amount of pain she would have when she was a human, only that her natural vampiric physiology allows her to withstand more punishment.

In addition to being virtually indestructible, whatever damage Carpenter does in fact suffer can be healed through the consumption of blood. Regardless of drinking blood however, her body self regenerates faster than normal humans. If she is blown apart, loses limbs, decapitated, or suffers any other major injuries she cannot come back from that sort of damage. She has a limit to how much she can regenerate, that being the limit humans can regenerate at, only at a faster rate.

Like all Vampires, Carpenter has the ability to turn anyone she bites into a vampire, assuming she hasn't drained all the blood from her victim. The time it takes from when a person is bit to when they turn is roughly fifteen minutes to half an hour. Because the short span, Carpenter makes sure she doesn't bite anyone, less they turn and attack her. Most vampires who feed normally suck all the blood out before the vampirisim turns them.

If she were to describe herself in her own words, Carpenter would describe herself as a loose cannon. As mentioned before, she is impatient, easy to anger, yet easy to please. She knows the darkness and feels its grip, so she can sympathize with those who feel the same, though she doesn't want to revisit those emotions to the person she has become. Having killed her boyfriend of five years and new fiancé as she turned into a vampire, she hates feeding off people and having to resort to that. Because of this, instead of feeling sorry for herself she has taken up an addiction to heavy drugs and an insatiable sex drive, to forget briefly of her worries. None of her addictions have a negative affect on her body because of her regenerative abilities, and she takes full advantage of this fact. She likes to go clubbing, and often tries to get her piers to join her with her bad habits. Carpenter has gotten over feeling sorry for herself and concluded this is what her life is now, as a vampire. She embraces her curse and makes the best out of her situation.

While working with Dr.Mid-Nite and the Justice Society, her personality changes; it’s almost as if she has split personality disorder, as she's focused, diligent, and goal oriented. Her no kill policy wasn't instilled by the Mid-Nite, but it was enforced, and he does what he can to help her with her thirst for blood. She receives a dose of a medicine that helps her by making her body think that she has enough blood. Mid-Nite's connections also provides a donated amount of fresh blood once a week to keep her alive and at bay. Carpenter cares more about her team mates than her own self and puts their safety at her top priority.


Noelle lived a simple life, one that wasn't too much to brag about, but she enjoyed it. A youthful columnist for the Gotham Times, and author of a best seller mystery novel:Under the Gun, she lives fairly with an above average pay. She had a long time boyfriend, Troy, who was erratic for the most part their relationship worked for the five years they were together. One day out of the blue, he proposed to her, and she said yes. A week later the couple find themselves celebrating with a few close friends at a club in North Gotham. At the club a vampire had been luring bystanders out with his psychic abilities and killing them to feed his thirst. Noelle was soon under a trance and lured out to the alley in which the vampire was conducting his ritual. Troy followed his new fiancée to find out what she was doing breaking off from the group, only to find out she was getting attacked. Troy pulled out a crucifix necklace from under his shirt and ended up saving Noelle and repelling the vampire. He attempted to stop the bleeding and call an ambulance. It was then that Noelle woke up a vampire, with so much blood loss, she had an insatiable thirst for blood and attacked Troy, killing him and sucking all the blood from his body. Knowing full-well what she did, Noelle looked at her dead fiancé in horror, and ran away from the scene before anyone could get to her.

Back at her house, she began to cave herself in, boarding up the windows, fortifying her doors so that no one could enter, she planned on starving herself and dying on her own. Noelle's lust for blood grew more and more and she couldn't help herself. She began feeding off rats that crawled through her house.

Charles McNider, also known as Dr. Mid-Nite had been on the case of the Vampire Murders, and when Mid-Nite deduced that there was one survivor from the attacks at the night of the club. He sought after her, and when he found the victim’s house expecting to fight a vampire, he instead found Noelle, a broken, self-loathing, desolate who had given up, and given in. McNider took her in to his study, promising her that together, they would get the Vampire that did this to her. He nourishes her with blood donated from the hospital he use to work at, and gives her a syringe to extract blood from so she doesn't kill anyone or turn anyone she bites into Vampires, to keep her thirst for blood at bay.

During her time with Mid-Nite, she did a lot of soul searching, as she tried to figure out who she is. Noelle wanted to keep her job, and keep her old life, but she couldn’t deny that she was different now. She could relate with Charles as he too was a creature of the night, only able to see in complete darkness, and being a writer and journalist himself, they got together very well, becoming close friends. Noelle began joining him on his adventures in Gotham as a Vampiric hero, being a veritable powerhouse to protect him from enemy gunfire, taking down stronger enemies, and punching through steel doors to help him gain access to areas he wouldn't be able to otherwise get to.

The time she spent being a hero with Mid-Night, she found a love for justice, more so than when she was as a writer, though she still longed to write about her exploits as a vampire, and share her experiences to the public. For the time being, she kept everything a secret until she was no longer living with Charles.

Dr. Mid-Night then introduced her to the Justice Society of America and she was able to fit in the team as they made her feel welcomed; she dropped her name and is now only known as her last name: Carpenter. For a year she tried to write as a Gotham City Columnist from the Justice Society Headquarters and have a life with as a heroine as she grew with the likes of Dr. Fate, Mr. Terrific, Stargirl, Wildcat, Hawkman and fellow vampire, Looker. As she honed her vampiric skills, she trained her mind and body; she had a deeper understanding of balancing her personal life as well as her night life. Though they were never able to find the Vampire which granted her with her new abilities, it is something the both of them work on together from time to time.

During the day time, Carpenter is very active. She still keeps in contact with the friends that she has had in her past life for emotional support. Though her darkest of times, she experimented with shooting up heroin. Rationalizing that her new superhuman metabolism can take it without feeling the bad affects of the drug, she still got addicted to the highs. Carpenter has been good about keeping this secret from Mid-Nite, though she has asked others if they wanted to join her before.

Since then, Carpenter decided to go public, writing about her death as a human and becoming a vampire. She went on several talk shows, and gave the people of Gotham as well as the rest of America an inside look of what it's like being a hero. She's very open about her double life, and surprisingly gets along with the public. Carpenter has been on The Gleeson Show, The Late Show with Jack Ryder, and even out of state on Leno.

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