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Name: Matthew Roper
Alias: Zero
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Height: 5’9
Weight: roughly 150
Hair: sandy brown
Eyes: dark blue
Physical Description:
Hair always a mess, comes to just above his shoulders. Tall but reasonably toned- not ripped but not scrawny either. Sports a slightly darker skin tone then previous incarnations of the character. By all outward appearances, he seems to be a healthy young man. HOWEVER, if one were to look at his brain –with any number different types of scans and procedures that can do that- they would find a white- hot mess of scar tissue, a result of his powers spiking beyond his physical limitations before.
At this point, little more then a collection of various and assorted clothes and fabrics he’s managed to cobble together that resembles a uniform of some kind- a dark grey, tight shirt, under a dark blue trench coat. Worn but rugged black pants and boots. Wears beat up fingerless gloves. Also wears a pair of thick grey, laboratory style goggles. Unlike in previous incarnations, the goggles are purely for aesthetics- his eyes are perfectly healthy- but they do offer his eyes some protection against powder, sand and such. When working or out and about, he usually wears unremarkable street clothes- t-shirts, jeans and the like.


In good shape but not a powerhouse. Reasonably athletic and with good stamina levels but not on the same levels as other professionals out there in Gotham. He can hold his own in a fistfight with the average goon if he has to but he prefers to avoid a hand-to-hand conflict if he can due to having no martial arts training.

Zero is a rather powerful psychic. However, he lacks any form of training besides what he has taught himself and therefore his powers are unstable and lack real focus. In extreme cases of stress, He can even manifest an alternate ego entirely, a product of repeated episodes of spiked mental activity wreaking havoc on his psyche. His powers have manifested [or may manifest] as the following:

Using his mental abilities, Z can use his powers to safely lift about 400 lbs. without strain, but any heavier and he has to exert himself more. This limit could, in time, be increased with the right training.

Supression field
With significant focus, Z can use his powers to lay down a field that can stop attacks and objects that enter the field, which extends about three meters from his person. The field has a stopping limit of two thousand cumulative pounds of pressure, enough to stop a bullet in its tracks. However, once the 2000 pound limit is reached, the field will dissolve and fail. Also, the shield must be consciously activated maintained- if Zero's focus on the field is broken, or if he is ambushed before he can bring up the shield, it won't do him any good. Without it being broken, He can keep a field up for about ten un-interrupted minutes. Afterwards, it takes about fifteen before Zero can throw up another field. Of course, the wait time can be reduced with practice and training.

Force bolt
Zero can simply direct his telekinetic energies into a simple yet effective blast of force, equivalent to a flying brick. While it isn’t lethal against a perfectly healthy individual, it’ll still leave bruises and knock you off your feet. It has a range of about 75-100 feet, after which it’s effectiveness dissipates to a point of uselessness. Fully spry and ready to go, Zero can average about 15- 20 shots per fight before exhausting himself, and requiring time to rest and rejuvenate. 10 minutes of not firing will build up enough energy for another shot. As with most of his other abilities, the range, number of shots, and power could be increased with time and effort.

Not true flight, Z is capable of slowing long falls and a limited ability to hover in place. However, at current he can only levitate himself upwards only about ten or so feet from his current elevation before he ceases to go upward, having to wait several seconds before ascending again for a few more feet. Yet again, this has the potential to evolve into full fledged flight with enough work.

In intense moments of duress, Zero may unwillingly tap into deep, powerful reserves of energy, intensifying the levels of his powers. However, this cuts both ways- when his power spikes to this level, his body simply cannot keep up. Like an athlete pushing himself too far and tearing his muscles, power spikes cause physical damage to his nervous system, and may cause him to pass out, have temporary- or in extreme cases permanent- memory loss, difficulty moving, and other such complications. Like all of his others powers, with training this can be improved as well, and the threat of spiking can be lessened and, in time, eliminated in it’s entirety. HOWEVER, if left unchecked, continuously spiking over time can- and will- whittle away his mind. The only saving grace is that Zero can feel a spike coming before it happens. He can attempt to remove himself from a situation to nullify the risk of having a spike or- and it rarely happens- he can hasten the spike along so he can spike quicker.

Zero’s greatest foe is, quite literally, himself. Years of mental suppression and repeated internal struggles have led to a manifestation in his own mind that calls itself Infinity. When Infinity is the dominant personality, All of Zero’s kindness and patience is out the window, replaced by a sadistic, violent mind that revels in being a very, very bad boy. He is constantly in the back of Zero's mind, trying to coax Zero into letting him out of his cage so that he can relieve his boredom in a number of unsavory ways... [A separate sheet for Infinity is in the works]

While rather easygoing and kind on the surface, deep down he has his demons- literally. Years of incident after incident have lead to him having a relatively low opinion of himself, and as such he is reluctant to attach to people. However, if he does manage to break down his barriers, you’d find a reliable friend.

But ALL bets are off if his crazed alter- ego, Infinity, claws out to the surface from the deep recesses of his mind…

Even as a young child, Zero has struggled with his unstable abilities- ranging from accidentally levitating his sister to hospitalizing the school bully. His parents practically bankrupted themselves attempting to afford tutoring and therapy to keep his powers in check. But for all of their efforts, there was very little progress- after all, there were very few resources for the average family to access to train an unstable psychic child. However, repeated tries and failures caused Young Zero to stress himself, and when he injured the mayor’s son on accident with his first force blast, the Mayor threatened to have him taken away and sent to a mental institution. In sheer raw paranoia of being taken away from his family, he manifested Infinity for the first time…

And when he came to, he was on the streets of Gotham. Realizing that he had officially blown it- but not entirely sure how- he found himself disgraced and unwilling to go home, for fear of what he might have done during his blackout. He has since been eking out an existence in Gotham, having secured a job at the Black Swan, the establishment of one Ernie the Bartender. He has lived a relatively hollow existence for the last six months, but somewhere lurking under the placid surface, he longs to find some kind of direction to make his life worthwhile…  


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