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“My mystic powers tell me you are in need of a girl’s day out.”

-Zatanna Zatara to Dinah Lance, Black Canary Zatanna: Bloodspell

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Name: Zatanna Zatara
Alias: Mistress of Magic
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Magi

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Justice Society of America

Physical Description:
Soft faced, very approachable, she comes off as one of the only heroes in Gotham who appeals to the general mass. Majestic, beautiful, long black hair, and curvy, if Zatanna had the gusto to be seductive, she wouldn't have to work too hard, as she's easy on the eyes.

Zatanna can usually be seen in her stage getup, a swallow tailed tuxedo coat, fishnet leggings, a bowtie and of course her black top hat and wand. Zatanna is a public figure, she doesn't believe in wearing masks to hide who she is, this of course shouldn't matter in the slightest, as she can literally summon mystical forces at her very whim, she possibly the most powerful being in Gotham.

No one wants to mess with her in general, and though she has items that appear to have magical properties, they actually don't. Her wand for example is used to channel her magic through. Just like her wand, her hat could be used to project magical powers. This isn’t to say she can’t endow magic to items or summon magical items for her own use as well.



Zatanna is the Greatest Magic User in the DC Universe. Her knowledge and synergy with magic is beyond comprehensible. Whenever someone tries to explain the power level of magic and usage of magic, they always start with her going down. She feels like she is always trying to live up to the expectations of her father, the legendary Giovanni Zatara; though in truth, she has far surpassed him long ago.

Backwards Magic
By speaking or signing words or phrases backwards, Zatanna can essentially order reality to her bidding, whether it be stopping time, mind control, bending reality, or traveling dimensions. There is very little Zatanna could do, so much so, that Green Lanterns are put to shame. Of course if Zatanna has no way of performing such spells if she can't speak or make a hand sign, Zatanna is essentially powerless. Powerful enchantments against beings of magic, like gods, are able to restrict her as well, preventing her from accessing enchanted places or dispel the adverse charm.

All her magic is channeled through Backwards Magic, which she has mastered speaking backwards at a young age; she could essentially carry an entire conversation backwards if she wanted. Backwards Magic is essentially speaking a command backwards; Zatanna mastery of her skill is so vast she could practically do what she likes whenever she wants. She could transform a stack of paper into golden bullions. There are more powers than listed in the Spell List below, as the limits of her abilities are unclear. Whatever comes to mind, she could probably achieve through magic.

Spell List:

Mind Reading/Control
With the ability to read minds, Zatanna can hear the thoughts of anyone regardless of mental strength. She can not only read their minds, but manipulate their memories as well. She can lobotomize or erase memories straight from someone's subconscious. Zatanna has also been known to make her victim do her bidding, following whatever order she casts, having complete and total control of their mind. She does need to be in close proximity and focus her energy when mind reading, after all she essentially has to devout her mind to listen or manipulate her subject's mind.

At a young age, Zatanna has learned the power of flight without the use of backwards magic. She had floated to the top of Mount Everest as apart of her training. Since then, she can take off at over 50mph and has more control of her aerial projection. These are one of the very few spells Zatanna does not require backwards magic to perform, but it does take all of her concentration to pull off.

Zatanna is a powerful magician and has the power to effortlessly fling objects at great distances. It is unclear of just how large an object she can handle, but she can handle most any object she intends to move. If mountains or planets need moving, she would normally rely on the strength of Superman.

Instant travel, she can send herself or anyone anyplace at any time without any restrictions from time or space. The only restriction in time is for her to send her subject with backwards magic. She cannot instantly blink someone to a place she has in mind, she must physically say the place where she desires the subject to be.

Dimensional Portals
Zatanna can travel through dimensions via portals. This means she can allow others to follow her through. She has access to every possible dimension imaginable through her magic.

Reality Manipulation
Changing the outcome or shifting and altercating reality is one of the most powerful and godlike abilities Zatanna possesses. It seems like there is no limit to this magical ability. Keep in mind, when using this power it is only out of complete necessity.

Time Control
Having the power over time, Zatanna can move forward, backwards, or freeze time. She can have others join her moving through time or lack thereof. She can even freeze someone, isolating them in time while the rest of the world moves on.  

Zatanna can heal herself and whoever she chooses from most injuries. She cannot cure death or attempt to grow limbs, despite having the power to raise the dead, they are two different powers. Zatanna's healing powers are some of the most powerful however, instantly recovering broken bones, deep cuts, burns, and bruises, she can heal just about anything and make it feel better than it was before.

Zatanna can turn anything into literally anything else. She has been known to turn knives into flowers, bullets into paper planes, and changing clothes, hair, and appearance on command. She most often changes violent objects into harmless things.

Elemental Control
Having the ability to manipulate magical elements, Zatanna can also control the weather in smaller locations. She has been seen to control air, fire, ice, lightning, water, rocks, wind, lights, and shadows.

Magical Summoning
If Zatanna wants a magically endowed sword or an invisibility cloak, all she has to do is phrase it in a backwards magic spell, and her magic will create not only a construct, but the actual physical sword. Zatanna can summon what she wants whenever she wants to. She has been seen to summon a dress made of real stars.

Eldritch Blast
Zatanna can not only shoot mystical energy projectiles, but deflect them as well without loss of momentum or power. She can shoot through her hands or her wand, and raise or lower the power depending on the situation to suit her needs. The most powerful she could get is punching through solid steel.

Size Manipulation
Zatanna can change in size, growing tall enough to fight Giganta, or small enough to help the Atom with any of his various projects. There seems to be no limit to how large or small Zatanna could get, yet whatever the option, she can be as big or small as she needs to be.


Hand to Hand (Advanced)
With the greatest martial artist as a close friend, and close ties to the Justice League, Zatanna has extensive training in hand to hand combat. She excels in quickly knocking out an aggressor as quickly as possible, without the need of fumbling about or extending a hand to hand conflict longer than it should.

As a chronicler of magic, she possesses an extensive understanding of the occult lore, due to her mystic background. When Batman gets stumped, she is usually the first on his list of magic users to go to for a better understanding of mystical entities.

Zatanna is a chipper and happy person. Probably the most friendly person you could meet, though she can be seen as an introvert at times. When she first joined the Justice Society, she realized just how different she was in personality. She wasn't a poster boy for good, nor was she particularly brave, a hard-ass, or even a scientist. She was simply herself and if it weren't for knowing Black Canary prior to joining the JSA, she would have kept to herself. With a warm heart, and welcoming gaze, she works as a stage performer to support herself (though she really doesn't need it) and knows how to have mass appeal. She is witty, clever, and fast on her toes in conversation.

When it comes to working on a team in the JSA, her first day on the job she stopped the Key with little to no effort. She is light as ever, as most criminals of Gotham are simple to take down. When magic is involved however, her demeanor changes from her confident and bubble self, to a more determined and even somewhat dark. She understand serious business when faced with true adversity and she treats the situation with equal gravity. When someone hurts her friends or innocents, she can become vengeful, to the point where she is frightening to be around.  

As charming and popular as Zatara is, she is also very humble, despite her remarkable power. She has been seen to take time out of her day to perform magic to children and orphans for free after big shows. Feeling like she has never truly as good as her father was, she believes herself to be forever his little girl. Attempting to live up to the family name.


Zatanna has a powerful magical lineage. Going from Nostradamus and Alessandro, to famous alchemists such as Nicholas Flamel, and Evan Fulcanelli. She even has Arion, a Lord of Atlantis in her blood. She was raised by her father Giovanni "John" Zatara, after her mother died at her birth. Traveling with her father around the world, she assisted him in his stage magic before tapping into her own magical properties. Giovanna believed it was best for her to learn and practice in Backward Arts in self defense, as he too used his magic to fight crime and villainy. He taught her the mastery of Backwards Incantations himself but in order for her to reach her true potential, Giovanni signed Zatanna up with magical cultists in China who trained her mind and body.

They mystics worked with her for years, alongside with her father to hone herself to the rite of passage she ended up working for for what seemed to be a lifetime. At the end of her training, now at the age of 16, she found herself ascending to the summit of Mount Everest using only magical levitation as a test and celebration of her achievements. At the top she found a young girl her age, practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan. This is how she met Dinah Lance. Finding out Dinah simply climbed to the top to see if she could do it by comparison to her ceremonious origin, changed her. The tough as nails teen, Dinah, challenged Zatanna to climb the way back down instead of using magic, as she herself began her decent. Using the ropes and hooks that Dinah left behind, she made the campsite and toughed it out the hard way alone.

Following in her father's footsteps, as she felt like she has always been; she made a name for herself as a stage magician, and settled in Gotham City to be apart of a team that Dinah had reformed, known as the Justice Society of America. Being apart of the team introduced her to the world of organized heroism, and had become an imperative component to the Gotham based team of heroes. Occult and magical mysteries swarmed Gotham's underworld, and her presence had put a serious damper, as they crawled back into the shadows in fear of the Mistress of Magic.


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