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"Don't be a baby. You'll live, which is more than I can say for anyone else who trusted me tonight."

-Selina Kyle, Catwoman: Selina's Big Score

Catwoman CTW-Cv63

Name: Selina Kyle
Alias: Catwoman
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 135lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Physical Description:
The true definition of a femme fetal, Catwoman is as dangerous as she looks. Professional, rarely seen with a proper posture, her short haircut is to make it easier to tuck her hair into her cat suit’s cowl. With voluptuous curves, sharp eyes, rosy cheeks, and full lips, the moment you lay eyes on Ms. Kyle, there seems to be an instant attraction, regardless of gender. Selina is well aware of her good looks, and toned body, she uses it to her full advantage.


Cat Suit
Catwoman, true to her name, spent all her money on a cat suit in order to sneak around unnoticed. The silicon boots allow her to walk and even run in complete silence, and while she squeezes into her suit, it allows her to squeeze into tighter places. It is by no means bullet resistant, so she usually intends on avoiding as much confrontation as possible. Because of her limited storage space, she doesn’t bring a lot with her to outings; usually only enough to haul whatever she is stealing, and her whip. Anything else would simply weigh her down.

With almost supernatural control, Selina has impeccable aim and perfect control of her whip. Other than it being a leather-bound whip, there is nothing special about it. She can use it to attack, pull knives or guns from an assailant’s hand, or even use it to hoist herself up and use it to leap from building to building.

Iron Claws
Built into her gloves, Catwoman has a pair of iron claws that have multiple uses. The pinkies on each hand can be doubled as lock-picks, and using the full hand of claws act as glass cutters. She could of course use them offensively as well, even leaving Carmine “The Roman” Falcone, a present, scratching him along the side of his face, scarring the Roman for life.



Cat burglary
Breaking into locks, safes, vents, and buildings is Selina’s specialty. Since she was a young girl, Selina has made it almost second nature. Slipping out of sight; her ability to break in, burglarize a place clean of its valuables, and leave unnoticed is a skill learned and mastered on the streets of Gotham. She is for hire, and takes any job, regardless of the situation, unless it has anything against her views on animal rights.

Martial Arts
Selina has had minimal martial arts training from a secret ninja academy that she broke into and joined. While she advanced in the few weeks she spent, she is competent enough to retain the knowledge in her time at the academy, and smart enough to create her own amalgamation of martial arts. Using karate for punches and kicks, judo for grapples and take downs, pencak silat for traversal and dodging, and ninjutsu for clandestine disappearing and hiding.

Slight of Hand
Similar to the art of burglary to an extent, the skill of slight of hand is more than just her stealing; it is a practiced and important skill Catwoman can achieve. She can swipe your watch and replace it with a replica without you even noticing, take your wallet from your breast pocket, or even steal the rings off your finger as you shake her hand. Selina not only uses this on people, but on objects as well. She can make valuables from laser guarded, weight protected displays look easy.


Seductive at heart, Catwoman likes to play with her food, bringing someone in with her feminine wiles, and going in for the kill, whether it is swiping their watch, keys, or ID cards. She isn’t at all reserved and wears her heart on her sleeve, very apparent, and easy to read, Kyle doesn’t like beating around the bush unless it’s a ruse she uses in order to unlock bigger more complicated safes than that of the heart of man.

Being damaged at a young age does make her a spiteful and untrustworthy alliance if you so choose to work with her. She has been known to betray and backstab those who she works with if it means she gets to make a clean getaway. Offering a sacrificial lamb isn’t outside of her M.O. and the hate and vengeance that boils in her blood can be rivaled with other vengeful Gothamites to a point where others see her as a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t have a heart of gold; rather, she has a heart of oil, which is liquid gold. So close enough.

Not growing up in a poor house with abusive parents, Selina grew up with her sister Maggie. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was abusive. One day after coming back home after school, she found her in the bathtub with her wrists slit. The suicide affected her father more so than it did her or her sister. He became more violent, as Selina looked too much like her mother; the pair ran away and was living on the streets of Gotham in the Bowery. Getting themselves into trouble and earning her money by pickpocketing, Selina was eventually picked up by the police where she learned that her father died of alcohol poisoning and was thusly sent to an orphanage.

While at the orphanage, she learned that the mob was using Saint Mary’s Cathedral as a front for exhorting money. Selina stole documentary proof on the embezzling money and stole several stacks herself before calling the police, and sending the files. Again, she ran away from the orphanage and continued her life on the streets. Her hits began to get bigger, smarter, attempting not only to steal off the random passerby, but following rich looking folk back home, analyzing their security and planning a full on one-woman heist. Breaking in, stealing valuables from mansions, homes, museums, and banks Selina saved up enough to buy herself an apartment with her sister.

As she grew older, she broke into a museum stole a valuable totem; her escape had been interrupted by a hooded ninja who took the totem to be a highly valued item for himself. She followed the ninja into what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse and which turned out to be a secret martial arts academy. The ninja, known only as Kai, told his Sensei that she is an intruder and a thief and must be severely punished. However, after seeing her fast reflexes, the Sensei politely asked her to join the academy so that she can harness the martial arts skills, in which she accepted.

Selina advanced in the academy, her fighting skills increasing at an alarming rate, when she saw the Batman scare several thugs into submission with just his appearance. She believed that she could do the same thing, dawning a costume for herself. She bought a cat costume using all of her savings and resumed her stealing profession using her brand new costume and ability. Her first hit was atop the Falcone penthouse, where she stole a family brooch and was nearly thwarted by the Dark Knight himself. Not before leaving three scars across his face. As she was attempting a robbery at a local store, she was stopped by a group of security guards and one of them called her "Catwoman." Selina loved the name and thus, the Catwoman persona was born.


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